STENDRA (avanafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

STENDRA (avanafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost
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Stendra (avanafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

Stendra (avanafil) is a drug used to increase potency and treat erectile dysfunction. One way to save money on the Stendra retail cost regardless of income and insurance status is to use Stendra coupons or discount cards from RXCoupons. Use this Avanafil coupon at this online pharmacy and receive up to 75% off the sale price.

Stendra pharmacological properties

Stendra (avanafil) is a drug used to increase potency and treat erectile dysfunction. Avanafil is a strong inhibitor of PDE5 similar to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. This substance is able to increase blood circulation in the pelvic organs and blood flow into the penis. It helps control premature ejaculation, increase potency, and normalize seminal fluid production.

Unlike other drugs and brands, Stendra works faster (in just 15-20 minutes). Its duration of action ranges from 6 to 8 hours. This drug is characterized by high efficiency and a very small number of side effects and contraindications.

Stendra benefits

Stendra (avanafil) has a number of important benefits:
– Sexual arousal lasts up to 8 hours;
– This drug can be taken 15 minutes prior to sexual activity;
– Stendra makes orgasms more vivid;
– The tablets are both cold-resistant and heat-resistant.

How to use Stendra

It should be borne in mind that Stendra (avanafil) is used in men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Such sexual dysfunction may be associated with psychological factors, or physiological problems.

Take the drug only in accordance with the instructions and after consultation with your doctor. Ask your doctor for advice if you take other drugs that stimulate sexual function.

Stendra (avanafil) tablets can be taken at any time, regardless of the meal (on a full or empty stomach).

Take this stimulant for at least 15-20 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. The standard dose is 100 mg (1 tablet). Do not exceed the daily dosage to avoid side effects or allergic reactions. You may also reduce the dose to 50 mg or, if necessary, increase to 200 mg (consult with a specialist).

Drinking small amounts of alcohol when you’re taking Stendra tablets doesn’t lessen their effectiveness.

Do not take more than one tablet per day, and you will avoid unpleasant side effects.

What should I know about Stendra contraindications?

Stendra (avanafil) can be used only in men. It should not be used by women or children. In addition, do not take Stendra if you are suffering from the following diseases: leukemia, recent myocardial infarction or stroke, epilepsy, stomach ulcer, glaucoma, anemia, renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Stendra is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the components.

This drug should be used with caution if you have sudden rise in blood pressure, as well as other problems with the cardiovascular system.

What should I know about Stendra side effects?

Potential side effects are very rare. As a rule, common side effects include headache, redness of the skin, dizziness, skin burning sensation, catarrhal inflammation, lower back pain.

Stendra interaction with other drugs

Avanafil metabolism and excretion may be reduced when it is used with other drugs.

Do not take this drug with nitrates, which are most commonly used in the treatment of angina. Patients who have already taken avanafil should wait at least 12 hours after the last dose of the drug.

In addition, you should consult with your doctor if you are regularly taking the following medicines:
– HIV medications,
– Antifungal medications,
– Certain types of antibiotics,
– Other drugs to improve potency,
– Alpha-blockers,
– Medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure.

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