BECLATE INHALER (beclomethasone) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

BECLATE INHALER (beclomethasone) Coupons, Discounts & Cost
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Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) pharmacologic effect

Beclate (beclomethasone) is an aerosol inhaler. Beclomethasone is a hormonal drug (glucocorticosteroid) used as the base treatment of bronchial asthma.

Beclate has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. It inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, reduces exudate formation and improves the patient’s response to bronchodilators.

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) indications

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) for inhalation use: treatment of bronchial asthma (including cases when bronchodilators are ineffective, as well as hormone-dependent bronchial asthma in adults and children).

When to avoid Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone)

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) possible contraindications: severe asthma attacks, acute bronchospasm, frequent nosebleeds, bleeding diathesis, systemic infections (including tuberculosis, acute respiratory infections, herpetic eye disease). The drug is contraindicated for children under 6 years of age and women during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

How to take Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone)

Patients should be aware that Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) should be used for the prevention of disease and therefore it should be taken regularly, even in the absence of asthma attacks.

Inhalation use: adults – 500 mcg two times daily or 250 mcg 4 times a day. The daily dose should not exceed 1000 mcg (2000 mcg allowed only in very severe cases, with the daily dose divided into 4 doses). Children from 6 years – 50-100 mcg 2 to 4 times a day.

A more accurate dosing and duration of treatment should be determined by the physician.

If there is no improvement after application, it is necessary to revise the treatment plan.

How to use the Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone)

Check how Beclate inhaler works before use.

  1. Remove the protective cap. Make sure that the inhaler is free from dust and dirt.
  2. Hold the inhaler in an upright position. Shake well before use.
  3. Firmly hold the tube. Make a slow deep breath. Press the top of your inhaler to release a dose of medicine. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply.
  4. Remove the inhaler from the mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds.
  5. If you want to take more than one dose, wait about a minute and then repeat the procedure again.

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) side effects

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) can cause unwanted reactions, in particular, such as sneezing, coughing, irritation of the throat, hoarseness, rarely – paradoxical bronchospasm, eosinophilic pneumonia, dizziness, headaches, high intraocular pressure, cataract, lymphopenia, hypoeosinophilia, leukocytosis (long-term use at high doses), allergic reactions (rash, urticaria, pruritus, erythema and edema of the eyes, face, lips and throat).

Infections: oral thrush.

Immune system: allergic reactions including angioedema, dyspnea or bronchospasm, cough, anaphylactic reactions, urticaria, rash, pruritus, erythema.

Endocrine system: systemic effects, which include Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal suppression, growth retardation in children and adolescents, disorders of bone mineralization, cataract and glaucoma.

Respiratory system: hoarseness, sore throat, paradoxical bronchospasm.

Psychiatric disorders: anxiety, insomnia, depression, aggression, behavioral changes, including hyperactivity and agitation (mainly in children).

Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) specific guidance

Women in the II and III trimester of pregnancy and nursing mothers should use Beclate inhaler (beclomethasone) with caution. They should stop breastfeeding during lactation.

Beclomethasone is not prescribed for the relief of acute asthma attacks. It also should not be used in severe attacks of asthma that require immediate treatment.

Beclomethasone should be applied with extreme caution and under close medical supervision in patients with adrenal insufficiency.

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