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As the online pharmacy claims, *your trusted international mail order pharmacy* is or that’s the pharmacy’s logo so as much as it seems, the pharmacy claims to be all trusted and reliable, something that I’m searching for, and that’s being confirmed, also by their claim, of having 60,000 of satisfied customers since 2006 and they are still counting. Except for this pharmacy claiming of being reliable and having 60,000 of satisfied customers since 2006 and still counting, they also claim that you can purchase here generic which can save you up to 80% and these are *super savings that will make you smile*. So far, all this sounds very good. their website also seem to be very well made, it is user friendly and customers can sign up an account an login to them. the website is verified and secured by and that by ordering here, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. They claim that their reliable source for all prescription medications are offering the following: security and privacy; no risk guarantee; worldwide free shipping as well as support 24 hours, 7 days. Also to mention: as soon as I have entered their live chat function consultant asked me if they may help me meaning that they are open to talk with everyone interested in their pharmacy. Their pharmacy offers the customers to change the currency and the language on the website which can help the foreign customers to understand it all better. The pharmacy also claims that can be followed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and the pharmacy also mentioned their exact address which is located in Hounslow, UK except for mentioning being online since 2006. Although the pharmacy shared an exact address in UK, there’s information such as *our Canadian pharmacy online etc.* suggesting they are a Canadian pharmacy, and that’s strange. selection of medications and prices for them

When I have entered the front page of this online pharmacy I have noticed that they are offering *drug categories* meaning that you can search for drugs by your health condition. Also you’re able to use the search function available on the website for searching the needed drug or, I also noticed there are *prescription drugs* and *over the counter* and this means that you can search exclusively for prescription or OTC drugs and also, I can assume that this means they are requiring a prescription for all drugs found in *prescription drugs* category. Since there’s a long list of drug categories including drugs for: diabetes, hypertension, anti cancer, cholesterol, erectile dysfunction and many others I can assume that this pharmacy is having a wide selection of medications. I have been mostly interested in checking the drugs prices for which I accessed ED types of drugs. There I found Levitra, Viagra and Cialis and so I can say that the prices are moderate, or I could even say slightly higher compared to other online pharmacies as it is 1.46 USD per pill if you buy 128 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg, as an example. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on shipping page available on the website, I found out that this online pharmacy is offering shipping worldwide to all countries (as it was previously mentioned) and they are offering a single shipping method which is *standard shipping*. It does offer tracking online but only where available (and there’s a list of countries that support tracking), the price claimable is 0.00 USD it is delivered to door step and generally, delivery time is anywhere between 5 to 21 working days. According to the information about payment options, they are accepting only Visa as credit cards as all others (American Express, Master Card, Discover etc.) are having high processing fees and they also accept e-check (but only for American customers). Customer Support Service

According to the information on the contact page, this online pharmacy is having the following methods of getting in touch with them: they have shared 2 exact addresses (in UK and in Mauritius) which you can use for mailing or maybe even for paying a visit there. there’s also contact form available, 2 different emails available, there is a phone and a fax number available (same number), or, lastly, as I mentioned, the pharmacy also offers live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

According to the information on their website, each drug is going to cost you less per pill the more quantity you’re going to purchase so that’s fairly good. plus to that, as I said, they are offering free shipping to everyone around the globe so that’s good too. 2 other things that I can mention here is that this pharmacy is offering a special offer: coupon code which offers you discount of 5% on all orders by entering #876543. Plus returning customers get a discount of 10%. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews other sites than their own website where I have found testimonials. Reason I do not take those testimonials in count is because there’s a high chance of them being fake reviews. But searching for reviews on external/ independent sources I got disappointed and that’s because I couldn’t find any. I got even more disappointed seeing that it is considered a rogue internet pharmacy by meaning that it doesn’t follow all the requirements to be considered a legitimate internet pharmacy. plus to this, said that a malware report has been detected for this website. Although these 2 things doesn’t automatically make it an scam online pharmacy, there’s also nothing and nobody to confirm that it is a legitimate pharmacy and an pharmacy worth purchasing medications from.


In the end, this online pharmacy has good claims and fairly good offers. Nevertheless, although it has moderate prices for medications, they are definitely not the lowest that I’ve seen compared to other online pharmacies. and found some problems going around this pharmacy and there’s no customer review which is a problem as well. This is why I rate it 2 out of 5 and I would say that buying here implies a good risk of losing money.

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