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Another online pharmacy to be reviewed it is which claims to be on the market since 2010 which means that it has a 7 years of experience. Inspecting the site I have seen that you can find there pretty much medications for nearly all types of health conditions. A bit of more research has revealed that this online pharmacy is offering medications both brand and generic name from a big variety of manufactures, generics from Indian manufacturers as well as drugs from ‘big pharma’ such as Pfizer, Abbott and many others. Plus to that they claim to have herbal remedies as well. As much as it seems, the headquarters of Clear Sky Pharmacy is located in Seychelles, however the shipping can have their start point from different international locations (even though, it seems that most of the products found in their drugstore are from India).

ClearSkyPharmacy drug selection

Already mentioned – a quick research thorough this site shows that they have medications for a lot of health conditions. They don’t seem to have a focus on just one type of drug, although I can see that their special offer gives you kamagra 100 mg oral jelly (sildenafil) for 1.19 USD per sachet. You can even find sports health medications, HIV drugs, vitamins and drugs for cancer. As usual, I would pay more attention to their ED drug selection and by searching for ‘Viagra’ in their search box I’ve been given a list of different Viagra products – starting from generics to Viagra from Pfizer. Drug selection doesn’t seem to lack anything so we’re now going to our next big question

What are the prices at ClearSkyPharmacy?

The lowest price for Viagra by Pfizer is 12,91 USD but that’s only if you’re purchasing 24 pills and pills are 50 mg. the highest price per pill is 19,49 USD per pill when you purchase 4 pills and the pills are 100 mg. from experience I can say that this is quite a good price. pretty much as they have good prices for generic Viagra (Suhagra by Cipla, a very big pharma in India) which is 0.42 USD per pill the lowest price and 1.50 USD per pill the highest price. Also quite a good price. I’ve checked online a random medication which was Topirol (it was a completely random medication, I don’t need such a medication since it is an anticonvulsant but I wanted to compare the price) and I saw that they sell it the lowest price at 0.32 USD per pill while I’ve found it at 0.10 USD per pill somewhere else online. In short the prices are fine, but they could be better.

So if you still want to purchase, what are the payment options?

Ordering anything from this online pharmacy means that you need to pay via the following payment options: Credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card and Maestro – to be honest, I haven’t seen in a long time an online pharmacy to accept Maestro), e checks (only for the US customers), SWIFT bank transfers as well as cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. And in addition to that, Clear Sky Pharmacy offers you another option which is ‘virtual visa card’ that you are able to purchase through your regular credit card and created using entropay. Payment options are quite enough, if you ask me.

OK, so I decide to pay, what are the shipping options?

Well, delivery times, as much as this online pharmacy claims, are usually anywhere between 3 to about 20 days, mostly depending, again – as they claim, on the customer’s location as well as customs procedures depending on the customer’s country. As much as I can understand, the delivery time is between 3 to 20 days if you decide to go with the regular airmail which would cost you 15 USD and it doesn’t include a tracking service. However they also have EMS (express mail service) which I can assume that it does include a tracking service, it takes less than 20 days to reach its destination, however I cannot say what would cost you this shipping option since they don’t have EMS shipping option for all countries.

If I have problems – what about customer service?

You are able to call them by the following numbers (+1-630-2339851 or Toll-Free from the USA +1-888-979-4711) or you can also contact them by email ([email protected]). I couldn’t find information about the refund and reshipment but seemingly they don’t have this option, at least for free. The reason I came to this conclusion is this part I found on their site: *Add just USD 19.99 and get comprehensive insurance coverage with guaranteed re-shipping* which means that in case your parcel gets lost or whatever, they don’t reship or refund, unless you pay extra 20 USD. They do, however have full refunds for unprocessed orders. For more questions you are able to talk with them 24/7 via live chat function that I already used, asking a few questions and the operator kindly answered them.

Do they require prescriptions?

Based on the information I found they do: * You must send us a prescription to [email protected] before your order can be dispatched.* I’ve also found that they have their own pharmacist which can guide you through your needs and they claim that this service is free of charge. They would need a prescription based on the country you’re in and based on the medication type you’re ordering.

Is ClearSkyPharmacy a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to ClearSkyPharmacy is a rogue pharmacy:

So what do other people say about it, ClearSkyPharmacy reviews?

As usual, there are different types of reviews, some being positive some being negative but there’s a clear thing that some people had some problems with this pharmacy. The one that got my attention is a person who said that money were withdrawn but the order wasn’t shipped. The person has reported that online pharmacy as fraudulent website business. Other people complained on shipping time and quality of medications. Many were happy with this pharmacy from A to Z but those exceptions are making me think twice before ordering from here.

I’m interested in ClearSkyPharmacy coupons and special offers?

No they don’t. Either they assume that nobody deserves it or I don’t know but they don’t have the coupons codes, don’t have free shipping, don’t have any special offers at all, only except for the one I mentioned earlier: Kamagra 100 mg oral jelly at USD 1.19 per sachet. To be honest, that’s not a special offer to take into consideration at all.


You might end up with your order, you might not, if believing the reviews I read. That is why it is quite a risk shopping here. But since many people did have got their orders I am not sure if this online pharmacy can be classified as ‘scam site’. That’s why, even though we can say that it is all legit and good, I still can’t say that it is more than 3 out of 5 rate. This means that you can shop here, but there are better pharmacies out there.

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