| Cincotta Chemist Reviews & Coupons is an Australian online pharmacy and I could easily conclude this by checking it domain address name which ends in .au. I will try to confirm this by checking the information on the website and so I have accessed their main page where I saw a very user friendly, to my opinion, website, which seem to have well arranged information on the website all of which makes it easier to navigate through their site. Also, the customers of their pharmacy are able to register their account on the site and sign in. I managed to find information suggesting that you can find a store nearest to you with the help of their site, (but I can assume this option is only for Australian customers), the are offering free shipping, they are offering everyday low prices, according to the information on the site and they also offer *specials*. According to the information on the site, Cincotta Discount Chemist has been a leading pharmacy in the suburb of Merrylands in Western Sydney, Australia since 1951 so that’s a brick and mortar pharmacy for a long time ago. There’s also an exact address given on their site. The pharmacy’s site seems that it has been created in 2009. They claim to be known for their expert health advice, competitive prices, wide range, unmatched services and innovative after hours trading. They claim to have high quality services on the internet and they are now offering over 10,000 products online. The site is Comodo Secured meaning it is safe to purchase here and you can also *stay connected* via Facebook or Twitter. Currently, they claim to have more than 120 staff members and they offer: expert health advice from experienced professionals, cheaper prices; huge range of products and superior service and advices. You can read their history on the site if interested and there’s information suggesting they have more than 20 stores in Australia. Selection of medications and prices

According to the information on their website, you can search for the products that you need by using the search function on their website, plus to that, you can search for the medications by using the categories of medications (all of which have sub categories) and they go as: prescriptions, medicines, first aid, vitamins, baby care, hair and body, cosmetics and fragrance as well as household and vet products. Since they claimed to offer more than 10,000 products I can assume that the selection of medications is really wide here. For checking the prices I have been searching for the Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, I have then concluded that the prices at this online pharmacy are pretty high. for example, there is no branded Viagra, however there is generic Viagra named Vedafil tablets 100 mg 12 tablets and this pack costs 25 $ which I can assume is 25 AUD. Nevertheless, this is quite a high price for these medications, to be honest. Since the medications are categorized in *prescription drugs* I can assume that this online pharmacy asks for a prescription for those drugs in that category, so make sure to have a valid prescription before trying to order those products. Shipping and payment methods

I was not able to find very much information on their website about shipping, however on the checkout page I could see the list of countries to which they are shipping medications and it seems they do ship world wide, or at least there’s a bit list of countries on their page to choose from. There is no information anywhere on their website suggesting the delivery timeframes and delivery fees and that’s because, as much as I can assume, they depend on the country selected. But I calculated shipping fee for USA which is 21 AUD. As in terms of payment methods you can pay via credit card or through PayPal and these seems to be all the methods available. Customer Support Service

In order to get in touch with this online pharmacy, the customers are offered several methods and among them I can mention here: the contact form on their website, you could use the postal address to write them a mail, you could call them at their 2 numbers or write them through fax numbers. Lastly, you could visit one of their stores yourself in case you live in Australia. By calling make sure you do this in their working hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

According to the information on the site, they are offering low prices but as much as I could see, they are only offering low prices on certain products as there are some products with discounted prices while others are not. In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering free Australian Shipping for orders that exceed the order sum of 99 AUD. Except for some products having discounted prices and this free shipping I couldn’t find anything else like free bonus pills, coupon codes or anything else. Reviews

This online pharmacy seems to be pretty popular among buyers and that’s because it has customer reviews on different reviewing sites such as,, yelp and others. Although there are not a lot of reviews on each website, that’s still fairly good. Now the problem is that I got mixed reviews. There are people who said they used this pharmacy and they are really happy with the services they have got, however there are others saying something like: *terrible customer service or greedy company, or very bad experience * and others. All in all, the company seem to have a high trust rate, meaning that it is indeed reliable and legitimate, and that’s especially since it has brick and mortar stores. Nevertheless, a lot of customers are negatively sharing their experience about this pharmacy.


This Australian pharmacy has been operating for a long time now and therefore it has a big popularity with 20 brick and mortar stores in Australia. All of this is very good exactly as it is the fact that there are positive reviews. But the fact that the prices are pretty high, there are negative reviews and there are no coupon codes are negative things. Therefore, I will rate this pharmacy with a rate of 3 out of 5 score.

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