| Cigna Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the official website of Cigna health care insurance company. Cigna it is an American world wide health service organization that is currently having its headquarters in Bloomfield, Connecticut and is a company that has been founded very very long ago in 1792. According to the Wikipedia page an approximate number of employees is 41,000 and the *products* this company is offering are: health plans, Group Disability, Life and Accident insurance as well as Disability and Worker’s Compensation. I have entered their official website and there I have found out that you’re able to change the location to different big countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Turkey and many other countries. Plus to that, when you’re online you can also register an account and them of course, login into it. With the help of their website you can also find a doctor as well. I have seen they are having information about *understanding health insurance* you can see dental plans, view supplemental plans, check the health plans and others. Before checking the health plans you need to select the state and so, it seems that Cigna medical plans may not be available in all areas. It is obvious that such a big company should have social media accounts and according to their website it seems they have a lot of them including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Also it seems they claim the website is Norton Secured but I am not sure if it’s possible to pay for the plans online. You can find a lot of different information on this website. There are tips, articles a lot of different information about different specific medications and so on and so forth. By browsing the website (which is pretty well done and user friendly) you can find a lot of different information there. Overview

There’s nothing I could talk about selection of medications and prices for them since this is not an online pharmacy and they are not selling medications. I am also, unfortunately, not able to talk about the insurance plans as they are individual depending on your state, on the needs that you have and so on and so forth. So I can’t say anything about selection or prices. I can’t also say anything about shipping and payment methods unfortunately, but I can assume that you can pay via credit cards (and not sure if there are other methods) but it seems this insurance company has a home delivery pharmacy option as well. However there is no information about delivery costs. They just claim that initial delivery may take 5 to 7 days while refills are usually done in 2 to 5 days and the delivery is done only within US. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this insurance company should be extremely easy as you can use the mail address to address the mentioned to write a mail or you could use their social media pages to write them and I assume this would get you answers as well. You could also go yourself in person to one of their offices I can assume and get answers. It is obvious that you can also use the phone numbers that are listed on their website, the email function etc. just make sure that you’re going to dial the right phone number as there are different numbers for different needs.

Is Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything being offered by this health insurance company. Regardless of what a company is offering, I think that they are able to offer discounts and/or coupon codes as well as any other type of offers. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything being offered by Cigna. It seems that they think their health insurances are so advantageous there’s no need for them to offer anything. Not sure if that’s true but it would be better to talk with customer support first. Reviews

Since I am not having insurance here and since I personally don’t know of anyone having an insurance here, it is impossible to for me to judge this insurance company simply by checking its offers and its website. However the customer reviews that I might find online can greatly help us determine whether having an insurance at Cigna is worth it or not and this is the reason why I have searched for Cigna customer reviews and surprisingly, I found a lot of them, extremely much customer reviews on different websites. But I have bad news for people who had expectations for getting a good insurance here. that’s because the customer reviews weren’t good at all. On different websites there are different people complaining on a lot of different things and on all websites there are anywhere between 30 to 100 customer reviews and on all website the average rate given by all people is 1 out of 5. With this being said, it was extremely hard to find any positive customer reviews but I found a lot of negative ones with people saying something like the following: *Do not do business with these thieves if at all possible.* also: *Worst insurance coverage you can have* and such *If I could give Cigna (as a whole) zero stars, I would.* including many others bad words. People have complained on way too many things like worst customer service, not keeping their promises, not paying for medications and many others. There are people saying that their medications would have been cheaper (monthly) if paying out of pocket than paying for the insurance and the rest out of pocket. As much as it seems, all people are saying the same in the end – do not do business with Cigna insurance otherwise you would regret it.


Although this is such a popular and big insurance company, as much as it seems from reading customer reviews – doing business with them will make you have big regrets and will most likely make you lose more money than spending less for medications (as it should be). Since everywhere the average rate of Cigna on all websites based on all customer reviews is 1 out of 5 that’s the rate I guess it deserves!

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