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While I’ve been searching for erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra or Cialis I have found a website with a name of such a medication: As soon as I entered this website I realized that it is a very familiar website and that’s even though I knew that I haven’t ever entered this website in the past. After browsing it for a while I have realized that this website it owned by the more popular website and online pharmacy: and seem to be a *part* of that website. The website itself seem to be user friendly, everything is clear and you can easily navigate through the website as everything is easily understandable. Their *copyright* on suggests that this pharmacy has been opened back in 2010 and either this means that the has been opened back then or as well I am not actually very sure. According to the information I found they are located in Newark, DE, USA and by purchasing something from them you’re going to enjoy the lowest prices and quick shipping and discreet packaging, hopefully that’s true but we’re going to find out if it’s worth ordering here or not and we’re going to find out other details as well which I am going to explain here.

What is the selection of drugs on

One obvious thing is that this online pharmacy is selling Cialis and that’s by the name of it. However I have checked to see if they are selling anything else other than Cialis and they do sell other medications but all of those medications are for men’s health. The entire selection of drugs on this online pharmacy includes drugs for treating ED such as Cialis (treating ED), Viagra (treating ED), Levitra (also treating ED) and others and there drugs like Priligy (which is also for men’s health but it is treating PE – premature ejaculation). There are also Combo Packs, however these packs include same medications that I just mentioned. Others that I haven’t mentioned include: modafinil, female Viagra, super zhewitra, tadapox and a few others. As it was expected, this online pharmacy doesn’t sell anything else other than pharmaceutical products that are treating just sexual issues related problems. They do not seem to have branded names for these medications and only generics. Even if they are all only generic medications, this pharmacy claims that every medication that you can get from this website is FDA approved and therefore you shouldn’t be worried about the safeness or about the effectiveness of those medications.

What are the prices on

As soon as you enter on this website you can see such a message: *Buy Cialis online for cheap! 200 Cialis pills x $0.89* and I can assume that this is the lowest price that you can get Cialis for. I checked their *Buy Cialis* page and I found offers of purchasing 500 tablets of 20 mg Cialis for 399 USD and that’s 0.79 USD per pill. Therefore this is the lowest price per pill for Cialis. Viagra 100 mg 500 pills has the same price as Cialis 20 mg for 500 pills and strangely but Levitra 20 mg 500 tablets is priced the same as the previously 2 medications mentioned. They have a number of combo packs which is priced anywhere between 99 and 599 USD. These are good prices although I have seen online pharmacies charging less for pill. Nevertheless these are still fairly good prices as in the same time I have seen online pharmacies that were a lot much more expensive than the prices for medications on this website.

Customer Support Team on

Their customer support team seems to be the same as on because when you click n *contact us* you’re redirected on page implying that there’s a single customer support for all of them. What’s sad is that in my opinion, their customer support service seems to have a lack of methods you can contact them because you can do it only by filling a form and then waiting for a response back into your email. There are no phone numbers and there is no live chat online function. So anyone who has any questions needs to write them by the form and wait for a response back. Or to write a mail to their mail address which is even longer.

Cialis Bit Payment methods

They made it clear that you cannot use PayPal as it prohibit direct purchases for prescription drugs from online pharmacies. However they do accept credit cards (only VISA and Master Card) and they also accept Bitcoin which they seem to suggest to everyone because you’re being given a discount 25 % off your order sum if you purchase with bitcoins. Bitcoin as a payment method with 25% off is really good.

Cialis Bit Shipping methods

There are 2 shipping options: express shipping with tracking that has a delivery time of 7 to 10 days, it costs you 39 USD but it is offered for free for orders above 150 USD. There is also regular shipping with a delivery time of 10 to 18 days, it doesn’t have tracking but it costs less – 29 USD and it is offered for free for orders over 80 USD. They are not shipping world wide but only to the United States. Parcels that are getting lost in transit, they get damaged or stuck in the customs are getting a free a full refund or reship!

Cialis Bit prescriptions requirements

To be honest I was thinking that this online pharmacy is an pharmacy that does require a prescription to order, however information that I found on their website suggests that a prescription is NOT required to order their products, so whoever wants might get them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes or discounts on

This online pharmacy seems to have a number of special offers like those that I have already mentioned earlier in my review: 25 % off discount for everyone who wants to pay via Bitcoin. Also they offer free shipping for orders above 150 USD and 80 USD (regular and express, accordingly). They also seem to offer a bigger discount per pill for those who are ordering bigger quantities of pills. Lastly they also have coupon codes as well which people can enter that coupon code upon checking out and getting an additional discount. Plus the combo packs which is also a nice way to save some extra dollars. reviews

This online pharmacy claims to currently have 5671 certified customer reviews on which is proving their credibility. That’s obviously very good but since this is being showed by the pharmacy itself, I wonder if those reviews aren’t paid reviews? I really hope they are not but you never know. In addition to that, except for I haven’t been able to find any customer reviews on other independent websites. Obviously the customer reviews on that website are all positive. This looked strange so I continued my research on scam warning websites. Legit Script said that this is an ROGUE Internet Pharmacy Website and agreed saying that browsing and buying in this website it is not recommended. However, had a trust of 86% which is really good. In addition to that, scamadviser suggested they have not hidden their real location and they could track it that it is from USA, which coincides with what the pharmacy said and that’s very good which adds in credibility of this online pharmacy.


There are some good things but there are some bad things as well. They do have customer reviews and scamadviser rates it with a high credibility rate. That’s very good as it is the fact that the prices are fairly good and they have a number of good deals. But they don’t have any other reviews anywhere else on the internet except for the website that they recommend clients to take a look for. Plus to that there are 2 out of 3 of scam warning websites which do not have trust in this pharmacy. Therefore I rate it with 4 out of 5 saying that I am not very sure if it is worth purchasing here and that’s why I cannot recommend but I won’t recommend to stay away. All I can say is that you order at your own risk if you want to.

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