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An Australian pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing it is Searching for information about this pharmacy I have found out that this is a big pharmacy online which has been founded a long time ago in 1973. So this is a pretty popular pharmacy company in Australia with has a 8000 total number of employees, or at least that’s the information I could find on the Wikipedia informational website. With this being said I think that the chances that this pharmacy is scam greatly drop down. As soon as I’ve entered the website I have seen their claim of: we beat everyone’s prices: Australia’s cheapest chemist. So it seems that I have found a nearly 100% legit pharmacy which won’t scam with good prices, but either is this true or not I’m going to find out later. They guarantee to be having the lowest prices and be the Australia’s no. 1 online pharmacy. While you’re online you can see a very well made website, which was expected, where you can create an account and login there. In addition to this, you can also find their store locations and the business hours for them. They claim to have a number of Chemist Warehouse stores located around Australia which you can find with the help of their website. There are featured products and if you sign up you would get hot offers and huge savings, as they claim. This is all very good but let’s check it further. selection of drugs and prices

Their drugs are categorized in different categories like: fragrances, vitamins, beauty, skin care, medicine, prescriptions, cold and flu, dental, household, baby care, protein and many others. Assuming that they are such a large pharmacy and checking these drug categories I can only assume that selection of medications at Chemist Warehouse is extremely wide with all medications for everyone and I can assume that if you WON’T find the exact medication that you were searching then at least an alternative for it. Except for searching for drugs by categories you’re able to use the search function and this is exactly what I have done in order to search for Viagra where I have seen Viagra being categorized in different doses or quantities. As in regards to the prices for this medication I have seen that 4 pills of Viagra 50 mg would cost you 13 USD while 12 pills would have costed 33 USD. To be honest, compared to other online pharmacies, this is by far not the best price for this medication, although it is fairly good compared to local pharmacy stores. This online pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering prescription drugs here.

Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I could find (select shipping destination) it seems that they are offering shipping all over the world as there’s a very big list of countries including some very few countries. With this being said I can assume they offer world wide shipping. I couldn’t find how to change the shipping option and for this reason I can assume that their only shipping option is standard, which, to USA it costs 30 USD, but it seems to change depending on destination. You can track your order online and delivery frames depend on where you order but the longest I can see is 12 days (international destinations) while the shortest – 1 day (to Australia). This online pharmacy is accepting the following payments: PayPal, AliPay, Visa or MasterCard, Visa Checkout, BPAY.

Customer Support Department

It is very important that they have a good customer support department since I assume that many people might be having many questions. So, for contacting them you are able to do it by different methods. One of them is, of course, via phone call as they have 2 phone numbers. They are also having a fax number, an email indicated and you could use the mail at their PO box. If you live in Australia then, of course, you could go to one of their stores in person and ask questions. coupon codes

In the time that I have been searching for coupon codes or anything which can make you save money I have found out that the shipping is free over 99 USD, and they have voucher codes. I am not sure how to get it but it seems this code would make you save money. Plus, as I said, they claim that signing up would make you receive great savings and big offers, which they haven’t shared them online. Reviews

Except for the employee reviews that I have found on different websites such as, and others, I have also found actual customer reviews which is very important and what’s even more important for me is that I have found a lot of customer reviews on a lot of independent/ third party websites which greatly helps us understand whether it is worth purchasing medications here or not. I have found those customer reviews having big hopes that I finally found an indeed perfect pharmacy but it seems I was wrong. On there are 923 reviews and the big problem is that 670 out of them rated this pharmacy TERRIBLE! Here’s a review from a verified customer: terrible customer service, the lowest price guarantee is a scam (which indeed I’ve seen pharmacies with lower prices), and it has been almost 2 months now and she still didn’t got her refund. I found some reviews rating it with 3 or 5 stars out of 5, but most of them rated it with 1 out of 5 with people being angry at many things.


It does seems that this pharmacy is very popular and it does seems to be legit with nearly no traces of being scam (especially when it has some locations in Australia). It has some special offers and a wide selection of drugs. But the prices here are not as good as claimed and in addition to that (most customers 670 out of 960 customers) said that this is a terrible pharmaceutical company which needs to be avoided. I will rate it with 3 out of 5 because of its moderate prices, some special offers and being an authentic/ legit pharmacy.

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