| Chem Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I have found while I’m doing my pharmacy reviews and it seems to be an online pharmacy that looks promising by only checking its main page. As soon as I have entered on I have realized that this seem to be a pharmacy which is actually selling chemicals. But I have also noticed they are offering a very well done website that is user friendly and to my opinion that’s something very good and very important. The website is offering a shopping cart which you can add items to but it seems that the currency is in EUR and I do not see any methods of changing the currency. I have only found that people can login or create an account here and with the help of google, you can change the contents on page in different languages. They are offering an About page where I found information suggesting that they are considered to be one of the most popular and trusted of research chemical vendors. They, therefore, claim to provide their customers the highest quality products. Sadly, I couldn’t find information there, or anywhere else on their website, suggesting where this online pharmacy is having their headquarters and for how long they have been online. Although that’s not an extremely big problem, especially since scam warning websites usually can help with such things, I still appreciate the pharmacies sharing such information. The pharmacy claims that they are offering secure payment with 128 bit security technology. They are *trusted* which therefore means *used* all over the world and they have 100% guarantee delivery on tracked orders as they claim, and they also claim to offer fast shipping world wide as well as low prices *price match promise*. So far, this is all fairly good. Selection of medications and prices

When you enter their website you can see that people can research chemicals and there are such chemicals as: 3- MMC, 4 -CMC, AL-LAD and many others. People here can also use the search box function available on the website or, as much as I could see, they can also *shop by country*. Clicking there you can see a list of countries but there definitely aren’t all countries (among which there is no USA) and with this being said, I am not sure if they are shipping world wide. By choosing a country you are offered the list of chemicals that you can order. The chemicals seems to be categorized: benzodiazepines, pellets, wholesale, cannabidiol, branded, etc. chemical 3-FEA 100 mg pellets 25 pellets would be 100 EUR. It is obvious that I have no idea whether is this a good price or not as I’m not expert in such kind of chemicals. I am also not sure if whoever wants can order here as there are chances that only people who have knowledge can order here, something like a prescription, but either their require something like this, I am not sure. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their shipping informational page, they are shipping worldwide from Spain and the Netherlands and therefore I can assume they do ship to USA as well. according to the information that I found all of the orders are having a single shipping option which is airmail and it has a fee of 5 EUR with no tracking or reship. However there’s tracking option which costs 15 EUR but only in EU and no insurance reship. The last option is insured which is 30 EUR that comes with tracking and insurance and it excludes high risk country and also only in EU with maximum order value for insured shipping being 750 EUR. Their estimated delivery times are 5 to 10 days to Europe and 10 to 15 days to rest of the world. They accept the following payment methods: bitcoin, bank transfer and (visa and master card). Customer Support Service

I might be the only one, I am not sure, but to my opinion those people who would try to get in touch with this online pharmacy might get deeply disappointed. That’s because there are only 2 methods but both are basically the same method: via email. You can only use their email to get in touch with them or you can use the contact form but both of them are basically the same method and that’s not enough. Coupon Codes

There are coupon codes offered by this online pharmacy and you can go on their blog and see other things as well. The coupon codes are going to give you discounts, exactly as paying with bank transfer or with Bitcoin would because this offers a discount of 5%. Plus to this, there are only a limited categories of products on their website which the pharmacy offers 10% discount on them while stock lasts. They do not seem to offer anything else. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews on independent websites I did have found some and that’s amazing as they are greatly helping in determining its legitimacy and if it’s worth ordering here or not. I checked the information on where I found out that the site is popular among customers and it also has a high trust rate as much as it seems. Nevertheless, the owner of this website has decided to use a service to hide their identity and that’s something I do not like. On there’s a reviewer who said that had an horrible experience with a product he tried from this vendor. On it has an average rate of 3 out of 5 rated by 6 reviews. Many reviews where in other languages than English but the ones that I translated or were in English, I have found out that having trust in this pharmacy might not end well.


I personally do not have a very high trust in this pharmacy even though there are some positive reviews. The negative ones suggest that they are scammers or that the products are not working well. nevertheless, the average rate from customer reviews is 3 out of 5 and I am not going to change this rate.

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