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By doing my research for a good online pharmacy which has cheap prices for medications I have found one with the name and by entering this domain address my first thought was that the website is down for maintenance, however I was wrong because it was actually working. The reason why I thought like this is because the website has an empty appearance, it seems to be very cheaply made (I guess that’s why it is named CHEAP pharmacy) and generally there’s no information, no data or anything about this website, about this pharmacy or anything. There’s no details, no information and nothing at all, except for a list of medications which you can see on its front and single page of this website. The only information that you can see is: *we have – online pharmacies – here! great deals – no need to look any further* and that’s it. You can see the list of medications from A to Z or searching for them by using the search box. The only other page of this website is Privacy Policy with some information. The website is generally super strange and I am not very sure if I would ever use such a site but I still continued doing a bit more research about it checking what it has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices

According to the number of medications that I’ve found on this website, it seems they are carrying lots of medications. All of those products are being listed in one long list and as I said, they are all arranged alphabetically from A to Z. While there I found that they are selling lots of medications including some which cannot be found everywhere such as: Ultram, Valium, codeine, Wellbutrin and others. They were also having erectile dysfunction medications such as Levitra, Viagra and Cialis. Now the strangest part is that when I tried to find out more information about their products (like what kind of medications are there and what are their prices) I’ve seen that there’s absolutely nothing more than a little bit of product description and that’s it. You cannot order it, there is no prices listed or anything. By clicking on any product on that long list of pharmaceutical products you’re only going to be given a very short description about that medication and that’s it. What’s the point of keeping online such an store I am not sure but to be honest I think that it is already closed since there are no prices and no way of purchasing any medications. I am not sure if it used to be a working/ operating online pharmacy in the past but it is clear that right now it is not selling anything to anyone so it is not serving anyone right now. This is an empty website with absolutely nothing than a long list of medications and a brief information about each medication. Plus to that, I have a big doubt that it has been turned into an informational website because the information about each product is way too little.

Shipping and payment methods

It is obvious that I can’t write anything here. The website isn’t offering any services and seemingly they are not selling anything, if this used to be an online pharmacy it clearly doesn’t work right now and that’s why there are absolutely no shipping options which I could talk about or payment methods.

Customer Support Department

I thought that maybe I could find like a phone number or any contact information which I could get in touch with someone and ask what happened to this website. Maybe it is under construction and it will soon be opened or who knows what else might be. Unfortunately, regardless of how much I tried to search for information, I simply couldn’t find any ways to get in touch with them which is another clear sign that this online pharmacy got closed (or as I said, maybe it is under construction). Coupon Codes

I doubt that an online pharmacy that is not having any prices and is no offering anything can have coupon codes but I still tried to check it. as it was expected, there are no coupon codes available for this online drugstore as much as there are no discounts or anything that makes you save some money. It was pretty expected to see that this online pharmacy doesn’t offer absolutely anything when they are not having any prices or anything else.

Customer Reviews

I was trying to search for customer reviews about this online pharmacy which I was thinking that could make me understand what happened or what it is still happening to this online pharmacy. again, it wasn’t a big surprise for me seeing that there isn’t a single customer reviews about this pharmacy with the simple reason: how could it have customers when they are not selling anything? Whatever the case, even if they would ever start or re start selling anything or whatever, I would still not risk going there. the fact that there are no customer reviews also made me think that, most likely, this online pharmacy has been closed for a long time now. Anyhow, I still checked to see what suggests about this website and to be honest I got a bit shocked seeing that it gave a trust of 100%! The website is believed to be from France! I checked what does and has to say and these 2 scam warning websites weren’t having as much trust in this website as since both of them recommended to stay away from this online pharmacy.


Although has full trust in this website, I think that it is because they are not selling anything and I would recommend against this website. and didn’t had trust in it, there are no customer reviews, the website is super strange with nothing in it and they are not selling anything. I personally do not have trust in it and I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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