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When I firstly accessed Cheap RX I felt like I had déjà vu. I realized that it is a very familiar site but I couldn’t realize where I’ve seen it before. I understood a few seconds later when I read their logo “pharmacy mall”. I’ve got to the idea that this is the same site but under different domain addresses. Either it still has other domain addresses that this pharmacy can be reached I don’t know. But so far I see there are 2 domain addresses that pharmacy mall can accessed. So this is a pro claimed nr. 1 drugstore as their logo claims and they claim to be nr. 1 since 1997. If the online pharmacy indeed has 20 years of experience then I assume that it is indeed actually a very good online pharmacy. I’ve decided to look a bit closely at it, maybe there are some changes. General lines – pharmacy claims to be adhering to MIPA and CIPA Rx regulations, it is a site that passed Pharmacy Checker verification, it adheres FDA regulation, verified by VISA as well as it is VeriSign Secured. Or at least that’s all information you can find on the website.

Cheap RX Drug selection

Since it is called pharmacy ‘mall’ it was expected that this online pharmacy to have a big variety of drugs. Indeed, I’ve found a big variety of drugs for a lot of different health issues as how the drugs are being categorized (by health condition). I’ve closely inspected the ED drugs and it is not hard to realize that this pharmacy *mall* is mostly popular for the ED drugs. This pharmacy has a lot of types of drugs for erectile dysfunction. Brand or generic, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, different types etc. might not have absolutely all drugs ever found on this planet, but it definitely has enough of them.

Cheap RX Drug prices

To be honest, carries one of the lowest prices that you can find on any other online pharmacies. I checked for prices on other sites for my preferred drugs (erectile dysfunction) and they aren’t as low as they are here. Indeed, might be so famous because of its low prices. To make an example, lowest price you can find Viagra for is 0.27 USD here on this site, while on other sites you would find it, the lowest price, at 0.40 USD or so. Even prices for brand Viagra are still good. There around 10 currencies that you can change at your preference.

Does Cheap RX require a prescription?

No they don’t. I think that another reason why this site can be so popular is because they do not require a prescription for any drugs, meaning that whoever wants might order from this online pharmacy.

What about customer support?

To be honest I wasn’t happy to see that they don’t have live chat function. But at least you are able to find them by writing an email (or submitting a form) or by 2 phone numbers that they listed on their website: +1 718 487 97 92 or +4420 3239 70 92. The customer department speaks only English but their site supports 5 languages.

What are Cheap RX payment options?

All their customers are able to pay for the drugs on this website via debit and credit cards of Visa and Master card only. Unfortunately, there are no payment options which might pose a problem for some people. Seemingly, site owners decided that VISA and Master Card is enough.

Shipping details in case you want to order?

When I proceeded to shopping cart I’ve been given only one option of shipping: Airmail which is standard service. What I’m trying to say is that they, unfortunately, do not have an express mail service for those who are in a hurry of getting their medications. They say that the delivery may take anywhere between 2 to 3 business weeks for the delivery to arrive. The tracking is not available. This standard airmail option would cost you 9.95 US Dollars and they ship world wide. They have an offer – free airmail shipping for all orders that are above 200 US Dollars.

Do Cheap RX have some discounts, coupons or special offers?

The only discounts this website offers is when you purchase big amounts of pills. Like for example purchasing 360 pills of Viagra (or any other ED medication) at once gives you big discounts at which you can get Viagra for as low as 0.27 USD. They also do have coupons code which is amazing as you can also get extra discount for all your orders and I personally prefer this. Another marketing strategy is offering their customers free shipping, as I have said earlier, on all orders that are above 200 USD when you order on cheap One other and last special offer is free pills, mostly ED pills with every order that you have on this site. I would say that they have quite enough special offers and discounts.

What do other people say? Cheap RX Reviews

As usual, you can’t say anything about a site without checking what do other people who had actual experience with the website say. I’ve found a lot of reviews on a lot of different sites and most of them where positive feedback. I found reviews saying that the online pharmacy charged more than they should out of their card or people who complained on medications that they have got from the site. Some other people complained on the delivery time. on general lines, few people complained (around 90% or so of all reviews where positive) and even fewer said that they are scammers (but there were indeed people who said to stay away from this site and said that they are all scammers). But with all of the above in mind I can answer the next question.

Is Cheap RX a scam or legit online pharmacy?

From the amount of positive reviews online I can say that it is legit and this pharmacy, most likely, will sell the medications that you have ordered and most likely the medications are going to be ‘legit’. however, on some sites like scam adviser and some others, this site is believed to be a ‘fake online business’ with very low trust rate. Some other sites are calling this online pharmacy ‘dubious’. My conclusion, based on all the information, is that this is a legit online pharmacy, but sometimes it can have some problems and plus to that, I wouldn’t put too much trust in it.

What’s the conclusion?

The site is having very good prices, a lot of special offers and a lot of good customer reviews. These are very important in my opinion. But there are sites which are recommending staying away from this and suggesting that ordering here can be a very big risk of having unpleasant consequences. Nevertheless, I still think that deserves 3 out of 5 rate.

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