/ Cheap Online Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which, according to their logo, this is a drugstore for men. There is also information suggesting that this is a cheap online UK pills shop which means that this is an UK online pharmacy and what’s more important is their claim that they are no. 1 site for male enhancement with such information as: Cheap Online UK Pills Shop is the world leader in natural herbal medications. They claim that one of their best achievements is that this pharmacy has already serviced more than 700,000 customers from North America, Europe and all the rest of the world with a level of about 80% of refill levels and by saying this, the pharmacy is trying to mention the fact that most of their customers are happy with the services/ prices/ medications that they have got by using this online pharmacy. The website isn’t having the most user friendly interface to my opinion comparing to other online pharmacies, but it is still fairly good. In regards to their pharmacy, they claim that the headquarters is located in London, UK but what’s strange to my opinion is that their copyright information suggests: 2003-2009 so if the pharmacy has been around since 2003, why 2009 then? let’s just hope that they simply forgot to update the information.

Selection of medications and prices at

This online pharmacy doesn’t have their medications categorized by health condition and there is not a search box function available on the website where you can search for the needed drug. And there’s not a special page with products. The only products that I could find are listed on their main page and there’s a total of 6 different products, are intended to treat sexually related problems. 5 out of those 6 products are meant for men while one is for women. There are only the following products:  Max Viagra (generic) 100 mg which is from 0.88 USD per pill, Pro Calis+ (Cialis alternative) from 0.91 USD per pill, Soft V 100 mg Softabs from 1.20 USD per pill, SoftCialo Softabs from 1.20 USD per pill, Last Longer – premature ejaculation cure from 0.55 USD per pill and the last product for women – Diva, Viagra for women, from 0.66 USD per pill. I have mentioned here all the products and all the prices for their products. These are the cheapest prices if you’re purchasing in bulk, purchasing less would result a higher price per pill. This pharmacy claims that all of these products are having non prescription, OTC formulation and therefore they do not require prescriptions from their customers.

Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping to all countries and seemingly there are 2 shipping options: registered and express. Delivery times are 2 to 3 days for express and 3 to 6 days for registered. Registered has a shipping fee of 15 USD while Express – 30 USD. They haven’t mentioned anything about tracking, unfortunately. They offer money back where you can send your products back within 60 days and you would get a refund. They mentioned that they do not deliver to PO boxes. As in regards to the payment methods, this online pharmacy is only accepting credit cards and they only accept: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Carte Blanche.

Customer Support Team

As soon as you enter the website of this online pharmacy you can see there’s a Customer Support Telephone which you can dial and get in touch with this pharmacy’s customer’s support. However they have shared their hours of operation so make sure that you are going to get in touch with them only during those hours. Except for the phone number there is also an email listed where you can talk with them as well. Except for the address in the UK there’s also another address in USA, Tucson, Arizona, where you’re able to write a mail. There are also 2 phone US numbers. One last method is using the contact form on their own website, which is basically the same as using their email address. Coupon Codes

There’s just a single offer that I was able to find by searching for coupon codes. While they do not have the coupon codes policy, the offer that I mentioned consists of +50 % extra free pills with every order. To be honest, that’s a lot of free pills. another thing that I noticed is that if you’re going to order a bigger amount of pills then registered shipping is going to be for free, but big enough orders might make your express shipping for free either. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews as it is very important to read them since people who had actual experience with the pharmacy, shares that experience with us and this is very important. I did have found some testimonials on their own website but very often those are fake reviews so there’s a high probability that the testimonials on this website are fake either and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend anyone having trust in them. Instead there are customer reviews on third party websites (independent websites) where people share their experience with the pharmacy. The problem here is that this online pharmacy failed to gain any customer reviews on independent websites and that’s a big problem in my opinion. For this reason I use some platforms which helps us determine more information the pharmacy and evaluate the pharmacy’s domain address. Went on to find more info and I got very surprised seeing that it had a trust of 100%! Plus to that, domain age is 13 years which is quite a lot. Nevertheless, its popularity is not known.


This UK online pharmacy seems to be safe according to and that’s very good, however I just don’t like the fact that it lacks customer reviews on third party (independent) websites and to my opinion that’s a big problem. For this reason I will rate it with 3 out of 5 but I would gladly rate it higher if there would appear positive customer reviews online.

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