/ Cheap Meds 24 Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy and as much as I can understand from its domain address name, this online pharmacy claims to have cheap medications and plus, their logo suggests to have the best quality medications. I can mention that I do like the design of the website that has user friendly features and languages to choose from if English isn’t your native language. You can change the language to: German, Spanish, France and Italian. You can also choose from a multitude of currencies so this should make it easier to understand the prices if US Dollars isn’t the currency used in your country. I wanted to find out more information about the pharmacy itself and I went on their about page, however I couldn’t find where their headquarters is located and I was also unable to find when they have started to operate this business. They just claim that all their products are certified and approved by WHO (World Health Organization) and they are providing the best prices for those medications because you can save up to 90% off the cost of many well known medications, or at least that’s what they are claiming. selection of meds with prices

Unlike many other online drugstores, it seems that their bestsellers aren’t ED treating medications on the most part as their bestsellers are: Strattera, Medrol and only after that comes Tastylia (with active ingredient Tadalafil and this is an ED treating medication, truth is that I’ve never heard about Tastylia which on their site it seems to be the best sold ED product) then it goes Provigil and others. Anyway, seems to have, as a lot of other online pharmacies – a lot of different medications treating various conditions. They have such medications like: hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, pain relief and many other, of course, including ED treating medications. It is obvious that most of their ED medications (which are a lot) are generics, however they also do have the branded names for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. I am not sure if all other medications treating other conditions have both branded names and generics. The prices are really good too, at least in my opinion and at least for the ED treating medications such as brand Viagra costs 2.01 USD per pill (at the lowest), brand Cialis costs 4.08 USD per pill and brand Levitra 3.52 USD per pill. Compared to the prices for the same medications that you can find in your local pharmacy these are very cheap prices and compared to other online pharmacies – these are pretty good prices. If you don’t like these medications you can find a multitude of other medications treating ED condition and as I said, if you need other medications for other conditions than ED, most likely you will find it here. Customer Support Service Quality

In my opinion, it shouldn’t be hard at all to get in touch with these people in case you would have some problems or questions to ask. That’s because they have a multitude of options that you can choose from to contact them. Like for example, of course, there is the usual way of filling up a form and writing a message which you should wait for a response in your email, however there are other faster ways to get the answers to your questions and that’s by calling them by the 2 phone numbers, one of which is US phone number and the other one is Canadian number. But in case these 2 ways of getting in touch with these people isn’t actually very suitable for you (like they aren’t for me) then you also can contact them via online live chat support, which I have done and I have discussed with a woman who seemed to know what she’s talking about (when I asked her something about the medications) and that’s very good. All my questions were asked, nevertheless, the real customer support service quality is noticed when you have some delivery issues and you contact them.

Cheap Meds 24 Payment methods and shipping options

This is an online drugstore that offers their customers a number of payment options and that’s very good in my opinion because different people might choose to pay in different ways, unlike other pharmacies which only offer credit cards and that’s it. well, offers their customers to pay via: Bitcoin and if you choose this option you’re getting a discount of 15 % off your total amount. Of course they do have the credit cards (VISA and Master Card) but you don’t get any additional discount by choosing this payment option. Plus, they also have Bank Transfer as a payment option which offers a discount of 10% by choosing this method and in addition to all of this, there is SEPA online bank transfer too and this one also offers a discount of 15% discount! In short, the pharmacy seems to recommend their customers to pay with whatever other payment method except for VISA and Master card. Unlike the payment methods which are pretty different compared to other online pharmacies, the shipping methods aren’t different at all compared to other online pharmacies. As usual, there are 2 shipping methods: international unregistered airmail that costs 10 USD and has a delivery time of 10 to 21 days without a tracking and the second one, as usual, is trackable courier service with a delivery time of 5 to 9 days, does have tracking but it is not available in all countries and costs 30 USD. They seem to offer shipping worldwide to all countries and the unregistered airmail is offered for free to all who have orders above 200 USD.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

This is an online pharmacy that, besides all those discounts offered depending on the payment method that each customer decides to pay with and free shipping offered for orders above 200 USD, they also do have the coupon codes which you can enter right on the checkout page and this is going to save you some extra money too. In addition to all these facilities, they are also offering special offers for packages of Viagra and Cialis pills. Like for example they offer 10 pills x 100 mg of Viagra with 10 pills x 20 mg of Cialis for 55.04 USD. And yeah, the prices for a single pill are getting cheaper then more pills you buy meaning that you get discounts for bigger quantities of pills ordered. Reviews

In case you like everything about this online pharmacy, like for example, the selection of medications, the prices, the payment methods, shipping options and all the special offers they have then you can go and actually make the payment BUT, not until you’re going to check if this is actually an online pharmacy that is safe to use. Online Pharmacy Business it is considered to be a high risk business and that’s why, prior to use any pharmacy you should very carefully analyze it. There’s no point in purchasing something from an online pharmacy when you don’t like the prices or medications sold there, of course, but when you do like these then checking if the online pharmacy is safe to use is mandatory. Usually, other people reviews help us understand whether is the pharmacy worth using or not and when I checked for customer reviews in google I didn’t found any. I mean, I haven’t found a single customer review at all and this make me question if they actually had real customers who ordered from them. I’m talking here about customer reviews on independent websites as *Testimonials* aren’t in my opinion worth listening as they are often fake reviews. Due to the fact that the pharmacy doesn’t have customer reviews and in addition to that, it has no trust from scam warning websites with suggesting the website is Ukraine based (a high risk country because a big number of scam/ fake online pharmacies are coming from that region) – everything suggests the risk of paying here is high.


There is nothing that is actually suggesting that this online pharmacy is actually a scam, but there’s nothing that it is suggesting that it is actually a good online pharmacy that actually keeps its promises. But due to the fact that there are no customer reviews and scam warning websites don’t have trust with a high risk country all this means that staying away from would rather be the best idea. With this being said, I can’t recommend this online pharmacy to other people and I won’t risk myself. In case there will actually be brave enough people, please come back sharing your experiences. As for now, I rate with 2 out of 5 because of the reasons I mentioned above.

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