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Certified-Drugstore-Rx.com is an online drugstore which is mostly focused in selling generic medications at good prices and claims to be a *trusted pharmacy*. I’ve tried to find more information about the pharmacy itself, but due to the fact that the website didn’t had an *about us* page or anything in this matter, I couldn’t find out where they are located or when they have started the pharmaceutical business. To be honest, I personally am feeling more comfortable when I know some information about the pharmacy itself but this one seemingly don’t want to share such information. The website itself seems to be pretty well made with user friendly interface and features. Like for example you can indicate the country that you’re living in and the website is going to change the language as well as the currency according to your country and that’s a really good option for all customers in my opinion. So, I’ve been searching further for what kind of drugs and prices you can find here.

Certified-Drugstore-Rx.com selection of drugs and prices

There is a *categories list* where you can find the medications that you’re searching for and those medications are categorized by the health condition. You can find there such medications that are treating such conditions as: arthritis, HIV, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Anticonvulsants, Antidepressants, Migraine and a lot others. But if you know the exact name of the drug that you’re searching for then you are able to use the search box where you type the keyword and you’re given the list of drugs with that keyword. I’ve used this function to search for Viagra and I have been given a big list of medications with the term *Viagra* such as brand Viagra by Pfizer which the pharmacy showed a price of 9 USD, generic Viagra which pharmacy showed a price of 0.69 USD and many others. I’ve also used the same function and searched for Levitra and again I was given a list of drugs with Levitra: brand Levitra, generic Levitra, Levitra soft, professional and super force. Brand and generic were priced: 10 USD and 1.50 USD respectively. Then I used the category list *erectile dysfunction* to find a very bi list of medications that are treating this condition. Therefore I can say that certified-drugstore-rx.com has a very big list of different drugs for different conditions and the prices are fairly good compared to other online pharmacies.

Certified-Drugstore-Rx.com payment methods and shipping methods

There are 2 payment methods and those are one of the best methods to my opinion. You can use a payment method: bank card and they are not accepting only VISA and Master card but any other bank card that you own. Plus to that, you can also use Bitcoin as a payment option in case you don’t like to use the bank card as a payment option. The combination of bitcoin as a payment method with any given bank card is very good because I doubt someone should find it hard paying here. As for the shipping methods – in case you ever used an online pharmacy or been following my reviews then you wouldn’t see anything new, 2 methods: international unregistered mail with delivery time of 14 to 21 days, costs 10 USD and doesn’t have tracking and the other one is trackable courier service with delivery time of 5 to 9 days, costs 30 USD and does have tracking. Certified Drugstore Rx offers world wide shipping with international unregistered mail but trackable courier is only for US customers.

Customer Support on Certified Drugstore Rx

As soon as I have entered their website I have seen 3 phone numbers listed there: 2 US phone numbers (one of which is US toll free) and one UK phone number that is for European customers, in my opinion. Went on their contact us page and I found there the inquiry form where you enter your name, email, subject and the message so they would contact you back. They claim that their operators are working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and although websites supports multiple languages, their operators speak only English. You can also complain on their customer support on an email if you have some problems. Besides writing them an email and calling them they also have the live support function where you can access it and start chatting. I have discussed with one of their operators (by chat) and the person seemed to be polite, he answered all my questions and seemed to know what he’s talking about. Either are they going to be so polite in case there would be some problems I am not sure.

Is Certified-Drugstore-RX.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on certified-drugstore-rx.com

As soon as you enter the domain address in your browse and click on enter the first thing you would see is: *Get 5 % off on holidays! Use 5OFF Coupon on billing! Happy Thanksgiving Day!* and that’s because the banner is big enough that it is hard NOT to notice is. Therefore I can say with certitude that this online pharmacy does have coupon codes that you can use to get 5 % off now during thanksgiving holidays. I can assume that they have seasonal discounts. On the bottom of their website I found a page indicating all bonuses: you can get free pills, 4, 10 or 20 gift of generic Viagra pills with every order more than 20, 60 and 100 pills, respectively, of any erectile dysfunction pills except for brands Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). Another thing is that you can get free standard airmail service, this option is given to everyone who order more than 150 USD. Plus to that, you can take a survey and you would get additional 5% discount. More discounts is given to returning customers: 5% discount on your second order and 7% discount on your third and further orders and there’s one more way to get additional discounts: tell your friends. The more friends you’re going to invite the more the discount and it can be up to 10%! To be honest, I doubt that I have seen an online pharmacy with more offers and ways to save money than this.

Customer reviews about certified-drugstore.rx.com

I was really happy to find an online pharmacy that has such a vast selection of drugs, such good prices for those drugs and so so many discounts and coupon codes possibilities that make you save money! But my happiness didn’t last long, that’s until I started to read the customer reviews. I have found very few customer reviews online, except for their testimonials which I am not paying attention to, and sadly all of them were negative. A person recommended to beware dealing with any company that you cannot get in touch with and that person tried to contact them by phone numbers and nobody responded. I did discussed with them but not by phone numbers. Another person named Barbara said that she has ordered something for her dog and she didn’t got anything and the company doesn’t respond her questions. So in the end she got no medications but got charged from her credit card. Another person named Luka had a similar situation – got charged from the credit card and no response from the company. ScamAdviser.com recommended to stay away from this website – had 0 trust rate in it and said that the website is most likely from Ukraine, a country involving high risk!


I am honestly disappointed by certified-drugstore-rx.com and that’s because it looked promising – polite people answering my questions on chat function, good prices and a lot of deals with coupon codes that saves you money. But in the end, what does scam pharmacies do? They try to seem legit and to offer best deals just to snatch your money. According to scam analyzing engines like Scamner, ScamAnalyze, ScamAdviser and others as well as according to the few customers reviews that I have found about certified-drugstore-rx.com on independent websites that’s exactly such an online pharmacy – trying to snatch your money. This is why searching for details about an online pharmacy before actually ordering from there (regardless of how good the pharmacy seems to be) is just so important. With all of this being said, all I can recommend is to stay away from Certified Drugstore Rx because there is information suggesting they are scammers/ fake website so I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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