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I have already wrote a review about CVS pharmacy being the largest pharmacy in the United States, however there is also CVS caremark with its domain address of For those who don’t understand what’s this – CVS caremark it is the prescription benefit management subsidiary of the CVS health which has its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Therefore the parent organization (company) is CVS Health, the number of employees according to Wikipedia at CVS caremark (in 2005) was 13,628. This company has been founded in 1993 and it is currently second largest prescription management and pharmaceutical services business in the United States. The vision of this company it is to reduce the pharmacy expenditures of the plan and at the same time to improve the healthcare outcomes. The company is so big that it is operating a network of more than 68,000 retail pharmacies that are located all over the 45 states of US. The website itself is user friendly with good features. You can create an account and login to which you are going to get access to your pharmacy benefits on such as: manage prescription, order status, costs & coverage as well as saving opportunities. The web site supports Spanish language as well. In addition to that, Caremark can be found as a mobile application on both iOS an Android smartphones. I guess there’s no need to mention this company is 100% legit with lots of accreditations like: NCQA, URAC, VAWD, VIPPS etc.

Customer Support Department CVS/ Caremark

It is very easy to get in touch with this pharmacy as you can do it by going to contact page and fill up the contact form and then wait for a response back from the pharmacy. Another method to talk with them is by calling the phone number or by writing them in social media pages that they have. I guess writing a mail is something old fashioned but you can still do it at their PO Box. I am not sure how good/ quality of customer care department they have, but getting in touch with this pharmaceutical company should be extremely easy.

Selection of medications, prices, shipping and payment methods CVS/ Caremark

Since this is such a big pharmaceutical company, selection of medications, in my opinion is so big that you need to find nearly all drugs that you need here. There are no medications or prices listed on the website, but as much as people know, the CVS carries of the biggest prices for medications (or at least for meds like Viagra). Shipping is done only within US borders and I am not sure if they feature express shipping options. Payments are done in credit / debit cards or cash if you’re going to one of their stores but either there are other payment methods I am not very sure. The pharmacy obviously accepts insurances too.

Is Caremark a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Caremark Coupon codes

I’ve been trying to search for something that people would benefit of in terms of saving money. However I have failed to do so. I wasn’t able to find any kind of coupon codes or anything like discounts/ free shipping or something to make you benefit of savings. There is nothing on their website. However, in case there is somebody who is very interested if this pharmacy has something to offer then I n can assume that you can call them and ask whether there are discounts in case you have a large order or if you get discounts in anyway.

Caremark Pharmacy Reviews

As it was expected, Caremark has a lot of customer reviews everywhere online with a lot of people saying a lot of different things about this pharmacy. However, by analyzing CVS Caremark Pharmacy as a whole, I can say that there are more negative reviews about it than positive and that’s easily noticeable. Like for example, on yelp it has 40 reviews and average rate is 1 out of 5. There’s even a person who wrote on a blog: winner of the worst service ever: CVS Caremark with some people agreeing with that. on it had a slightly better rate of 3 out of 5 but still, many people were very mad with their services most of which complained on delays, rude/ unprofessional staff and not responding to the emails and phone numbers. There were some people saying good things about CVS Caremark, but still the negative reviews where much more. What alarmed me even more is that CVS Caremark pharmacy got its way to with 218 total reviews and only 4 of them got resolved. It has a rate of 1.5 and the average monetary loss according to this website is 858 USD. People lost money because, according to some people, they paid an X amount of money and they canceled their order WITHOUT refunding back their money. Many people even called them liars and robbers. This is obviously a big problem.


There’s no doubt that CVS Caremark is adhering all regulations and that they are legit and 100% authentic. The problem is that besides being legit the pharmacies need to make sure to take care of their clients which CVS Caremark doesn’t seem to do. For this reason I am going to rate it with 3 out of 5 as there are too many people who lost money by having business with this Caremark, even if its 100% legit.

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