/ Can Drug Store Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which is providing medications from Canada as “can” from the domain address stands for Canada and as we can see – drugstore. They claim that the pharmacy business has been started back in 2002 and if that’s true, a pharmacy that has 15 years of experience should know very well how to please their customers. Plus to that, the website claims that they have already filled more than 1.000.000 prescriptions since then. They claim that this is a website which works only with registered pharmacists in Canada but all around the world too. They claim that the website is offering medications that can be up to 80% lower than the prices for same medication in their local pharmacies. According to the information I found on their site CanDrugstore is located in Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada’s west coast and according to pharmacy checker the company name is True North Management Inc. The pharmacy claims to have the best products at the lowest prices so hopefully that’s true.

What’s the drug selection on this website?

According to the information that I found on pharmacy checker about they are having more than 500 of only prescription drugs but they are also having other pharmacy products which includes Over the Counter products, products for pets, V&S and Dx. They have generic alternatives as well as brand names. They have categorized drugs: prescription drugs, over the counter products and pet medications so you should access whatever of these you need. The drugs then are categorized depending on health condition: pain relief, stomach care, dermatology and many others. Drug variety seem to be good so I went further searching for what I need: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They had each one of them in both brand and generic form. So drug selection seem to be good and I went further investigating the prices.

Drug prices you can see on

So the prices I’ve seen, at least for the ED (erectile dysfunction) medications were very and very good. indeed has one of the lowest prices. I’ve seen few online pharmacies carrying these medications at these prices. For me, they are on the top online pharmacies with the lowest prices for ED medications. Like for example, Viagra by Pfizer, 4 tablets (of 50 mg each) would cost you $ 44.90 and that’s a really good price. There are lower prices but that’s still a very good price. I’ve checked generic Viagra as well (sildenafil citrate) and so, for 88 tablets of 50 mg of sildenafil citrate you would need to pay $ 37.75 and that means that for a generic Viagra you need to pay $ 0.42 and that’s a fair price. It is not the lowest on the market as I’ve seen lower, but it is surely one of the best. So, prices, although not the best, are really good. Prices for other ED medications (Cialis and Levitra) are good too. Not sure what about other medications.

Candrugstore Prescription requirements

This is an online pharmacy that is not going to send a product that requires a valid prescription without you sending by mail or by fax a valid prescription from a licensed physician that is capable to prescribe drugs in Canada or in the USA. If you live in other country then you need to check for the drug’s availability in your own country. If you don’t send a prescription after ordering a medication that requires one, your order isn’t going to be completed.

Candrugstore Payment options

I couldn’t proceed to payment without registering on the website. Also there’s no information listed on their website about payment options so if you’re not going to register, you won’t be able to order from here. All the information I found on payment methods are from pharmacy checker which suggests that they are accepting the following payments: Amex, Other, Does Not Accept Credit Cards, Electronic Check, Personal Check, International Money Order. it would be really strange if they do not accept credit cards. Plus there’s no bitcoin to pay. I personally would find it hard if I would want to order something from this online pharmacy.

Candrugstore Shipping details

They are shipping worldwide as the information I found earlier suggested, however the information according to pharmacy checker is that they are only shipping to US and Canada only, and according to the information that I found on their site, all of the orders are being shipped via priority service and all packages are being insured. Usually, the price for shipping on orders that are within United States are 9.95 USD, however it is not known what the fees anywhere else are (in case they do ship). They offer free shipping for orders that are above 99 USD within United States. I guess there’s no free shipping outside USA regardless of how big your order is (again, in case they do ship). No information on delivery times. customer service

They have listed 2 phone numbers on their website: Toll Free phone: 1- 866- 444- 6376; International Phone: 1- 604- 872 -3144. They claim that their call center is always open. You can write them an email at [email protected] or you can also submit a form too plus there’s a mailing address either. They also have a service in Spanish in case you want to talk in Spanish with them. Unfortunately there is no live chat function which I really miss as it is my preferred way of getting in touch with online pharmacies customer service, but it shouldn’t be too hard to talk with them if you would need to.

Candrugstore Coupon codes, discounts or maybe some special offers?

Unfortunately this is a site that doesn’t have any of these. No discounts or coupon codes so there’s no way to save something except for the free shipping within USA for orders that are above 99 USD. To be honest, I would say that this is not quite enough and to be honest, I do think that there should be at least something. I’ve seen online pharmacies having only coupon codes and to be honest, that’s a lot much better because coupons are always saving you money.

Is Candrugstore legit or scam?

The site doesn’t seem to be a rip off or scam since there are good reviews. But I never ordered from here so I can’t say with certitude. Usually dealing with online pharmacies means that you sign up that you’re ready to get scammed. You never know if you’re going to get your order or not and although doesn’t seem to be like a scam site, you never know.

Candrugstore Reviews?

Other people seem to have very different opinions about this site with some people saying only good things while others do not have anything else to say than just bad things. There are people who complained that they have got their medications in 2 months and there are others saying that the medications they have got from this site doesn’t work at all meaning that they have only got a chalk or something. But there are other people who said that everything went smoothly as promised and said that the medications worked wonderfully. There are people having big complains on their customer support while there’s another woman saying that she had a great experience with their customer support.


Based on everything that I mentioned earlier I can’t say that this is a fully trustworthy online pharmacy and that’s why I think that this is a 3 out of 5 pharmacy site. It would be better if there weren’t multiple negative reviews and if there would be some discounts or coupon codes.

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