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One very unpopular drugstore has its domain and I call it unpopular because I could find very little information about it online and even fewer reviews about it. *Can* stands for Canada and therefore this is a Canadian drug store and the first thing you see by entering that site is Canadian flag. They are online drug store that is selling medications online and as they claim: at the best prices. They claim that the products are shipped from Cananda all around the world. They claim that they have started their activity back in 2004 which means that this is an online pharmacy with 13 years of experience but that’s something I can hardly believe since there are so few reviews and little information online about it. Even though they claim to be Canadian drug store, on their site they write that their registered corporate office is in London and in Panama, Republic of Panama. selection

I’ve started to search for what kind of drugs do they have in their drugstore and it seems they don’t lack absolutely any form or type of drugs as they, seemingly, have drugs for all sorts and types of human known diseases and health issues. Even though I wasn’t able to find some popular medications for diseases like pain (searched for codeine and no results) and ADD/ ADHD (searched for Adderall and no results), I was able to find what is really of my interest: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. To my observations, they do have generic Viagra and brand Viagra. They have manufacturers from Turkey, India, New Zealand and of course Canada for these medications. On their drug info page you can see prescription category of medications based on health issues: acne, ADHD, allergy, angina, aids and hiv and many others.

Drug prices compared to other online pharmacies

Since my drugs of interests are Erectile dysfunction drugs I’ve only checked the prices for such medications. I’ve most closely inspected Viagra and the lowest price that I could see is from Indian manufacturer, generic, 50 mg, 88 pills for 125 USD dollars (by the way, although it is a Canadian drug store, on their site you can see: All prices are in US dollars.). That’s a really big price because compared to other online pharmacies, that’s at least twice the price you can sees somewhere else. For Viagra by Pfizer from Canadian manufacturer, 25 mg, 8 pills they charge 149 USD. That’s a fair price but it could be less. Having this said, the prices to my opinion are ok, however they are still a little bit too expensive, taking in consideration that we have other online pharmacies where we could save some dollars.

Is requiring a prescription?

With a bold text under each drug information you can find this message: * For Rx products, we require a valid prescription from your physician* so yeah they do require a prescription. This is a site that won’t send you the pills if you don’t show a valid prescription. I guess you can do this by their fax or their email. Each medication on their site has added information whether is that an Rx medication or not. if you don’t have prescription and there’s *Rx* then you should move along. But it seems that they can write their own prescriptions, although I am not sure if that’s the information I got right.

CanDrug Payment options

Very restricted information is given on this question. the only information I could find about it is on FAQ page and there’s Q12: How can I pay for my order? and the only information given here is * accepts personal checks and International money orders. Please write it to Candrug. * seemingly they don’t accept cards. Other information on payment options and methods isn’t dispatched.

CanDrug Shipping options

They claim that they are shipping to most countries in the world which means that there might be some countries which might find unable to order something from this online pharmacy. Also the information on the site implies that they are only having regular ground ship which means that this would take some weeks until their customers would get their medications of need. The charge for a shipping process is 14 USD and I guess this doesn’t include tracking. No info on delivery times, but as I assume, since they have only regular ground service, this must take some weeks.

CanDrug Discounts, coupons or maybe special offers?

There doesn’t seem to be anything in this matter. All that they claim is that you are going to save up to 90% of saving on some specific medications mostly on anti inflammatory mediations. Sadly I don’t see any savings, discounts or special offers on ED medications. I don’t see any shipping free policy regardless of how much you are ordering. I don’t see this site to have any coupons policy as well which is very convenient either. Unlike other online pharmacies, there are no deals, additional offers or special coupon codes, as sad as it is.

CanDrug Customer support

Sadly but they do not have live chat function which is something I personally prefer. I had some questions to ask but since I’m not a talkative person, I wanted to chat. No such function. Haven’t called. Although if you want you can at the following numbers Toll Free Tel: 1- 888- 488- 3784 (1- 888- 488- 3784). Also there’s Toll Free Fax: 1-866-364-9985 and lately their email: [email protected] Good thing they have a phone number (as I found online pharmacies which only had one single email and that’s it) but I personally miss the live chat.

Is CanDrug a legit pharmacy or scam?

That’s a very hard question to answer and that’s because of lack of people reviews online. I didn’t wanted to take the risk myself and that’s why I can’t say anything from experience however the site claims that they adhere all regulations of CIPA and IPABC plus they passed the security metrics vulnerability scan. All this implies that it is an actual legit pharmacy, but it is hard to give an exact answer.

CanDrug reviews

The biggest lack of this site is the lack of people reviews.  Everything else seem to be fine, but as I said in the beginning of this review, this is a very unpopular online pharmacy. Very little reviews, however there were some and they weren’t actually very good. there were people complaining about the quality of this drugstore’s products (5 people) and there were 2 other complaints who said that they had delivery issues. overall there are nearly no real users feedback and this is a major drawback, especially for an online pharmacy that claims to be on the market since 2004. Trustworthiness on scam – finding sites is also very low. All of this implies that ordering here might lead to consequences.


As I said, the site itself seem to have little lacks – a bit of higher prices than it would be satisfying, lack of live chat, lack of EMS or express delivery and few other issues and that makes me take one rate out of 5, but the lack of trust and big lack of reviews (again, even though the drugstore claims to be on market for many years) makes me take out another rate out of 5 and that makes me think that this online pharmacy doesn’t deserve more than 3.

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