| Cancer Cure Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the pharmacy that I have found and will be reviewing now, this pharmacy, as much as we can see from its domain address name, is a pharmacy that is oriented in finding a cure for cancer, or at least they should have medications for cancer which I will check later. As for now, I will check more and try to find more info about the pharmacy. the first impression when I’ve got on the front page of this pharmacy is quite good since everything seems to be easily accessible and the user friendly interface of the website make it easier to navigate through the site. Customers of this pharmacy are able to create an account and log in to their account here. Also, as soon as I have accessed the front page of this pharmacy I have noticed the following: is a specialty Drugs Pharmacy that is focused on Oncology (anti cancer) drugs and drugs for other critical disease medications such as HIV/ AIDs. They claim to offer the most comprehensive range of Branded and generic anti cancer and HIV/ AIDs medicines for a purchase from their International Licensed Pharmacies. They are an online wholesale pharmacy that is focused in both branded and generic anti cancer drugs which is operating from Hong Kong and they claim to be in business since 2012 and they ship medication from Canada, India, Turkey and few other countries. Selection of medications and prices

Searching for medications at this online pharmacy can be done through the search function that’s available on their website, you can also search for drugs by brand names of generic names. One last method you can search for drugs is by disease conditions: bladder cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, leukemia and others. With this being said, the pharmacy indeed does seems to be an online pharmacy that’s oriented in selling only such types of drugs and no others forms of drugs except for HIV and AIDs. They have generics and they have brands as well. The selection of drugs can be considered wide only if talking exclusively about cancer drugs. I am not an expert in such medications so I am not going to be able to talk about prices here nevertheless, I am able to give an example. Before giving an example of prices I can say that *All the medications on this website require a prescription from a licensed Doctor* so before ordering make sure you have one. So just to give example of price I went on *breast cancer medications* where I found quite a lot of them and I’ve taken the random medication I’ve seen there called Femara and I could choose between generic and brand Femara. I’ve chosen generic and prices goes as: 186 USD for 300 tablets and maximum: 1329 USD for 2400 tablets. Again, not sure if this is an indeed good price or not. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I was able to find on this online pharmacy the pharmacy is only shipping medications to countries that are mentioned in the Permissible Countries list (and you can see the list yourself on the website – a very big list of countries which means the pharmacy, if not shipping world wide then they ship to a very big variety of countries). The pharmacy claims that the flat shipping and handling cost is 30 USD for all destinations irrespective of the quantity and the number of medicines in the order. It seems there is just one shipping option available here. as in terms of payment methods I can mention that can accept: *e-checks / Online NetBanking Transfer / SWIFT Transfer and Debit – Credit Card processed payments.* Customer Support Service

People who want to get in touch with this online pharmacy can do it via different methods such as: contact form online or email address which is basically the exact same method because you’re going to get responded back in your email. You can also contact them by adding them in skype as they shared their skype contact. Except for that you can use their mail address if you wish, the address is in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The last method to talk with them is via whatsapp message or phone call at the same phone number (but only in working hours).

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This pharmacy is offering discounts for bigger amounts of pills ordered as the discount can get up to 11 %. Plus to that, the pharmacy claims to offer lowest price guarantee where they give you a 5% discount/ better price compared to the pharmacy that beat their price. Except for bigger amount – bigger discounts and lowest price guarantee I was able to find only one last thing: *11% Additional Discount applicable on Online Banking / Wire Transfer Payments.* Nothing else than these as much as I could find. Reviews

Searching for customer reviews is extremely important as they can greatly help us determine whether the pharmacy is worth using or not. Although I did found some reviews I definitely expected to see much more in order to have full trust. There is just one review on and the review is quite good with a rate of 4 out of 5. The only other reviews are on facebook – 20 reviews and all positive with 5 out of 5. Although there are not a lot of reviews, I am very glad that they are positive. According to the trust index rate is 77% which isn’t perfect but it is *fine*. The one very big problem is that the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity and to me that’s a big problem.


This pharmacy seems to be reliable, or at least that’s believing the customer reviews that I found online although there are not a lot of them. The pharmacy sells cancer cure medications and people who ordered seemed to be happy. Nevertheless, I still cannot forget the fact that the owner uses a service to hide their identity. With this being said, the pharmacy can disappear any minute. So I rate the pharmacy with 4 out of 5 since people are happy with the services here, however the pharmacy might disappear any minute and so you never know the risk you take.

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