/ Canadian Viagras Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which, obviously, is selling Viagra but besides Viagra this online pharmacy also is selling other types of erectile dysfunction treating medicines such as Cialis, Levitra and others. From its domain address name I would say that this is a Canadian Pharmacy but I’m going to try to find out if they mentioned it on the website or not. By entering the main page of this presumably Canadian pharmacy I’ve seen a list of products and few other pages that the customers can access and get the information they need. Generally, this online pharmacy seem to have a good and user friendly interface of the website and that makes it much easier to navigate through the website which, in my opinion, is very important. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about this pharmacy as they do not offer any information about their own pharmacy and that’s why I couldn’t find out where they are located or for how long they have been in the business. Scam warning websites might help us more with this. As for now, I have decided to go further searching for as much information about what this pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As I have mentioned a bit earlier, this online pharmacy is selling erectile dysfunction medications and this confirms the list of products they are offering: many forms of Cialis, Viagra and other ED medications like Kamagra etc. In fact, there seems to be a very big list of erectile dysfunction products and some very few products that are NOT meant to treat ED such as Zithromax and Amoxil, whatever the case, more than 90% of total number of products (and there seems to be around 50 or so) are for ED condition. Since all their products are easily seen in the products list right from the main page, there’s not a search function. So this pharmacy has a wide selection of drugs but specifically only ED drugs, if you have other conditions this pharmacy might not be suitable for you (as it was expected from its domain address name). In order to give you an example of price I can mention that Viagra generic (they seem to have only generics by the way) 50 mg 90 pills would cost you 108 USD – 1.20 USD per pill and while that’s a really good prices, I’ve seen some online pharmacies offering same medication at the same dosage and quantity for a slightly cheaper price. This online pharmacy is requiring a valid prescription for ordering some medications from them.

Shipping and payment information

Shipping is done from India and they are accepting orders to most countries in the world except only for some Asian countries. There are 2 shipping options: standard and express. As they mention, the usual term of delivery is 10 to 17 days, in some cases, a delay of 5 more days can take place. Delivery fees depend on your shipping option, country, and the amount of products you order. In terms of payment methods they are only accepting credit card and they only accept VISA, Master Card and American Express.

Customer Care Department

This online pharmacy doesn’t offer a contact us page, however I assume that’s because on their main page (and any other page) you can see 2 different phone numbers listed on the top of the site and there’s also Live Support Online which you can click on and start chatting with their customer care department. I’ve done it and I have asked a few questions which I have got answered, I’ve asked if this is indeed a Canadian pharmacy (been said yes) if they are having brand medications (been said no, except for brands like Kamagra) and few other things.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Those online pharmacies who are offering coupon codes or at least some discounts/ special offers are the best in my opinion because the reason why we resort to online pharmacies are because of their cheaper prices compared to our local pharmacies and when these online pharmacies are offering discounts and/ or coupon codes you can save an even bigger amount of money. has a page named *bonus* where you can see all their offers. They are offering free pills and the bigger number of pills you buy, the more free pills you get. They are offering free standard airmail service shipping if you order more than $ 150 from this pharmacy. And lastly they do have discounts: 5% for your second order and 7% for your third and further orders. In my opinion only coupon codes lack here. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy and I’ve noticed that it is not actually very popular among buyers and that’s not a good sign because lack of customer reviews indicates lack of buyers and this, therefore, indicates that the pharmacy isn’t actually very good or trustworthy. My words were confirmed after I did found only a couple of customer reviews on such site as where Jason said that he paid for his goods and he didn’t got them and the response from the pharmacy was that they couldn’t refund him. Except for Jason, there’s another reviewer who said that he has ordered from and so far he got no pills and nobody answers his phone calls. I’ve checked information on where I found out that the owner of this website is using a service to hide their identity and that’s really alarming me. says that it looks safe, but according to the reviews I wouldn’t say it.


The fact that this online pharmacy’s owners are using a service to hide their identity it is done for a reason and usually the reason is to disappear without being tracked down. And according to the few customer reviews I found online about this pharmacy that’s true, and most likely this online pharmacy is only looking at scamming you around and for this reason I am going to rate it with 1 out of 5!

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