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Another Canadian pharmacy that I have managed to find is and from as much as you can understand, I said this is a Canadian pharmacy due to its name. As soon as I have entered this website I found a user friendly interfaced website where everything seems to be clear and easy to understand and navigate, something which is very important. Another important thing to mention is that this pharmacy claims to be offering trust, savings and safety since 2004 meaning they are in business for 14 years and that’s very good if true. Another thing I noticed is they have a Facebook and a Twitter page so people who wish might follow this pharmacy there. But truth is that the last pharmacy’s activity on these social media platforms where back in 2013-2014. They claim to have already served thousands of satisfied customers. I also found out that they claim to be a top rated pharmacy and site secured by GeoTrust. On the bottom of their website I found out their online pharmacy address which is in Vancouver, BC, Canada. But what’s more important than this is the fact that the pharmacy claims to be offering savings up to 80% by ordering their medications online and I truly hope this is true as saving money is what I am actually searching for.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

Most other online pharmacies are having categories of medications where you can browse through those categories (by health condition, usually) and search for the medication needed. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be offering their customers a list of medications. You can only find a drug that you need by searching by their name or by searching through the first letters of drugs. with this being said, I am not sure how vast/ wide selection of medications they are offering, but according to the information on about this pharmacy, they are having over 500 drugs so that’s fairly good including pet medications as well. In order to check the prices I’ve searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all of which seemed to have generics and brands and the prices range were the same for each of them. So to give example I can say that getting 48 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 59 USD. Although this is not the best price online, it is fairly good. Same thing goes for all other ED drugs so I assume for all other drugs found in their drugstore. The pharmacy made sure that everyone sees it – they require a prescription for sending such kind of medications.

Shipping and payment methods

Unfortunately, for getting on the checkout page it is mandatory to have an account on their website but I used the FAQ page to find out the answers to my questions. They seem to be offering international shipping but not sure if world wide or not. The international shipping fee is 40 USD but for US customers the standard shipping fee costs 15 USD with a delivery time of max 20 business days. Expedited Shipping service costs 40 USD and has a delivery time of max 10 business days. But there’s an option to pay one time 50 USD and you get free lifetime shipping for all future orders. The payment options here includes: VISA, Echeck, personal check, or international money order. Except for these payment methods, this pharmacy doesn’t accept any others, unfortunately.

Customer Support Service

Those people who wish you talk with this online pharmacy to ask questions or whatever else then they are able to do so by calling them the phone number, by writing them to the fax number, by writing them by email, or using the mailing address is also available. One last method to talk with them (and my favorite) it is live support online.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Some things that I am able to talk about here which saves you some money is the fact that they are offering free shipping for all new customers. So the fee of 15 USD is excluded for everyone at their first order. Plus to that, as I mentioned earlier, those people paying once 50 USD for the shipping, they get free lifetime shipping. One more thing I can mention here is that people who decide to pay with pay by check are going to get 5% discount. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any coupon codes or anything else here capable to save you money. Reviews

I have found a lot of customer reviews by searching only for to my surprise. I mean, I was expecting and hoping to get some reviews, but I found a lot of them. On there are 54 feedbacks and the average rate of those 54 people is 3 out of 5. I have found there reviews saying that this online pharmacy is the best because it helped them save money and got good quality medications. However there are people who said this (quote) * A total scam!* so such comments aren’t very good. There is a single customer review on BBB (and this is not BBB accredited business) and it is negative, written by Beverly who recommends not to fill your prescription here. According to there are 400+ reviews about this pharmacy and the average rate is exactly the same – 3 out of 5. So we have 2 different places with many reviews but the rate is the same. Doubt that this is a coincidence. Although there are people saying that this is a very good pharmacy, there are still a lot of people who are complaining on a lot of things: delays in getting drugs, not getting anything, charged more than should, not getting what expected and many other things.


In the end, I have never ordered here so I can’t be a judge of the pharmacy, but there are nearly 500 other judges online with an average rate of 3 out of 5 so I doubt that I have the right to change this rate and that’s what I would rate this pharmacy myself. In the end it seems that you have 50 % chances of being happy using this pharmacy and 50% regretting it, but I don’t want to play *Russian Roulette* so no thank you.

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