/ Canadian Pharmacy Meds Reviews & Coupons, as the name suggests, is an online Canadian pharmacy and while I’ve been doing the research for a reliable online pharmacy, this is the one that got my attention today so this pharmacy is the one I’m going to be reviewing today. The pharmacy claims to be *providing affordable international medications* or that’s they logo. Also information on their website suggests that they are exactly as your local pharmacy, except with better prices. I truly hope this is true because finding online reliable pharmacy is hard and I would really like to add one to my trustable list of online pharmacies. This online pharmacy claims to have some accreditations such as CIPA approved member, IPABC member and site which is McAfee secure. I have went on to check if that’s true, however information said that this online pharmacy does not appear in the CIPA member database. Unfortunately. So the pharmacy was lying about their accreditations and that’s not a very good thing. Tried to find out for how long they are on the market and the copyright information suggests: 2004 – 2014 and I am not very sure what that means. They started their business in 2004 but stopped in 2014?  Those are questions I never found an answer to. selection of drugs and prices

Right on the front page there is a list of some drugs like Celebrex, Crestor, Evista and a few others, those are considered to be the Canadian Drugstore Popular prescription (RX) Medications. But you should find the drug that you’re searching for by using the search box function and that’s what I have done. I’ve used this function to search for Viagra and I did have found a list of Viagra products being categorized by: brand or generic, number of pills and strength of pills. 88 tablets of 50 mg of generic sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) would be 199 USD. 4 pills would be 40 USD and that’s 10 USD for a generic tablet! Brands are of course even more expensive 4 tablets of 50 mg Viagra brand is 97 USD and to be honest, those are unbelievable high prices compared to any other online pharmacy. I’ve also searched for Cialis and Levitra and everything was exactly the same as for Viagra = categories, prices etc. etc. So this online pharmacy seem to have lots of medications for a lot of different conditions both branded and generic versions, however the prices are very high. Plus to this, requires their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering from them.

Shipping and Payment options

Due to the fact that I wasn’t able to go to checkout page without creating an account and logging in, I had to search for information on FAQ page. A shipping fee of 10 USD per package is added to each order. All of their packages are coming by regular Postal Service mail. The delivery times are: 8 to 12 business days delivery for Canadian orders and 14 to 18 business days for international orders from the time they are receiving your order and prescriptions. They have not mentioned either or not they ship world wide. I couldn’t find out what payment methods they are accepting on this online pharmacy.

Customer Support on

The online pharmacy claims to have live support available 7 days a week but only at given hours. you can call them by their toll free telephone, international phone or you can write something at their 24 hr toll free fax and 24 hr international fax. Besides this you can write them an email at the one you can find on their website or to contact them via contact form. There’s also listed the exact address of their headquarters which is in Richmond, BC, Canada This is all fine, however there is no live chat function, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

The only thing that I was able to find in regards to this online pharmacy that makes you save at least a little bit of money is some coupon and promo codes that I found while searching online for coupon codes and I haven’t found any other ways like free pills, free shipping or anything. At very least the coupons are the saviors for those big prices. Reviews

I have tried to see if this online pharmacy has ever been used by other people and I’ve tried to do so by checking the customer reviews on foreign sites and yeah, I did have found some customer reviews, however they were not the best reviews for the pharmacy and that’s because most of them were negative. On it has an average rate of 3 out of 5 but there is a single person who wrote a review saying that her email has been spammed by Canadian pharmacy so they called them a scam pharmacy. In addition to that, also got its way on with a person also mentioning that their prices are really big and he recommends to *beware* what you buy and know the risk you’re taking when buying from Canada. I have then went on legit script to check its legitimacy and I found legitscript saying that it is a rogue internet pharmacy. Plus to that, suggests that the site has been threat listed and yet, they have a 68% trust rate, they suggest that the website has a lot of visitors and the website domain age is nearly 15 years and that’s really good.


I can’t recommend the online pharmacy because of their prices and because there are people who call them scammers and is not legit according to Nevertheless it has good sides such as: lots of visitors, domain age is 15 years and the person who said that they have big prices, he said that they are still sending the medications, the problem is that the prices are too high, plus to that, there are few deals that you can enjoy. All in all I doubt that this pharmacy deserves more than 2 out of 5.

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