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Another Canadian pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacies is and as much as you can see from its name, the reason I called it Canadian is in its name. As soon as I have entered the website, I have noticed that this pharmacy claims to save up to 40% to even 80% on your medications by using their services and if that’s true this is very good as the reason why I am searching for online pharmacies is because I want to save money while getting my quality products. seem to be having an user friendly interface which is very good to my opinion as it facilitates the understanding and makes it easy to navigate through the website where everything is easy to access and go through the website finding the information that you need. According to the information I found, the pharmacy is being headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was not able to find information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been around, however there is information on their website suggesting *why buy from them?*. they claim to provide the following: better prices; better service; larger selection; faster shipping; quality medication and fair prices; fast service, quality product and caring staff. The pharmacy claim to be all confidential online pharmacy. the website of this pharmacy claims to be secured by Geotrust and that’s very good as you know that your information is safe, in case it is all true. They claim that people who want to save up to 80% on purchasing medications then is the best choice and now I am going to try to find out as much as possible to see if this is true or not. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have said earlier, this online pharmacy claims to have a wide selection of medications, or at least they claim to have a larger selection of medications than most pharmacies. For searching the medications that you need you would need to use the search function available on the website as they are not having categories of medications being offered to customers on the site. I have used the search function to search for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra where I found all of them. they also have some examples of other medications such as: Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Zyrtec, Lexapro and many others. Anyway, having trust in their words they do have a wide selection of medications for different health needs. As in terms of prices, I would say that they are really high, at least twice more expensive (and maybe even more) compared to other online pharmacies. That’s because generic Viagra 50 mg 88 tablets would cost you 196 USD while on other pharmacies you can find it for less than 96 USD. Same dosage/ quantity. Ordering prescription drugs require a valid prescription, if you don’t have one then you cannot order from this pharmacy. Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims that they are not shipping medications internationally and this means that they are only selling medications to USA and I am not even sure if they are offering shipping to Canadian customers. I have found out that the shipping and handling has a fee of 10 USD per package. Seemingly, they are not offering any other shipping options than regular post and this option requires a time frame of 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Not sure if this online pharmacy is offering tracking as there’s no such information being mentioned on their website. For more information about shipping go to their website. As in terms of payment methods this pharmacy is accepting the following: personal checks, certified checks, E-checks, and International Money Orders. All charges are in USD with the exception of Discover which is in CAD. customer support service

In case the FAQ page is not enough for you to get the answers to all your questions then there’s the customer support service which should help you. There is a toll free phone number, there’s a toll free fax number and an email as well. you can reach them by fax and email 24 hours, but via phone number you should search for their working hours. They also offer service in Spanish at a different phone number. Lastly, there is contact form available and there’s the mailing address as well.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes but I was not able to find any being mentioned on their website. But the biggest problem is that I was not able to find anything else on their website. They have, as I earlier said, quite big prices for medications compared to other online pharmacies, and nevertheless, they do not offer any coupon codes, any discounts or free shipping or free pills. The prices are better if ordering in bulk, but that’s still not good. Reviews

As I said, there are reliable online pharmacies and there are fake online pharmacies and for determining whether the pharmacy we are currently dealing with is among the first or among the second pharmacies type, the customer reviews come at help. According to the very few customer reviews that I have found online, Canadian Pharmacy Link is among the second type of pharmacies – fake and not reliable pharmacy. Having trust in an online pharmacy where customers of the site called it a complete scam is nearly impossible. I have still checked its reliability on and yet, it only confirmed the fact that ordering anything from can end up very bad as you would most likely lose your money.


This online pharmacy claims to be offering good prices and claims to be all reliable, but by checking its prices and its special offers and coupon codes (which are non existent) I wouldn’t agree with that. Plus to that, the pharmacy has bad records online where customer reviews and scam warning websites are saying this pharmacy is scam. A scam online pharmacy will get a rate of 1 out of 5 and I strongly recommend against this pharmacy.

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