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One Canadian online pharmacy that I have found and will be reviewing today is and it is pretty easy to understand that the reason why I think this is a *Canadian* pharmacy is because of its name, but I’m going to try to determine this later. There’s information on their website suggesting that *in a pinch, Canadian HealthCare Mall is an all rolled in one source to give you the bigger picture of worthwhile products and best places to buy them*. this surely sounds very good but I’ve often found pharmacies that are lying so I hope that this is not such an pharmacy. I’ve been trying to get information on their website and see if they have shared an exact address to confirm this is a pharmacy located in Canada, however no exact address was given and no information about what’s the year in which this pharmacy has started to operate. I just hope that later, scam warning engines are going to help us determining these points. The website of this pharmacy is user friendly, it is easy to navigate through the site and to get the information that you need as everything is very clear and that’s very good to my opinion. The pharmacy is claiming that by using their services, people are having some benefits and some benefits that were described by this pharmacy are: a put together, clearly structured database of drugs available online; a platform for grading and comparing prices and costs; an alert service for hot deals, paperless coupons, sales, etc.; a comprehensive educational and informational resource; a drug overview board for peer reviews; a mediator for drug purchase facilitation; and lastly a warrant of secure and confidential shopping. All of this sounds very good but I am going to see if that’s true or not. Selection of medications and prices

As soon as you enter their website you can see on the left side of their main page that there’s a list of categories of medications which means that many medications are being found in the category according to the health conditions. Therefore, although there is not an exact number of drugs being found here shared, I still can assume that there’s a wide selection of medications and that’s because there’s a big list of categories of drugs which includes: pets, stop smoking, weight loss, pain relief, anxiety, cancer, cholesterol and many others. With all of this being said, there are lot of drugs as much as it seems. In order to determine what are the prices at this online pharmacy I am going to check ED medications prices as I am familiar with those prices and I would assume that all prices for all other drugs are pretty much the same as these ones. So I can say here that the prices are somewhere *moderate* even compared to other online pharmacies. Pretty good. like for example 90 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 116 USD – 1.29 USD per pill. According to the information on their site, only those people who have 18 years or above and a valid prescription can order from them. shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is offering shipping of medications all over the world which means that everyone is able to order their needed drugs here regardless of where they live. But before ordering, people need to choose their shipping method as there are 2 of them: airmail service that is cheaper but slower or trackable service that is more expensive but faster. Regular service costs 10 USD and delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 days without tracking but express courier delivery costs 30 USD and delivery timeframe of 7 to 15 days with tracking online. They are accepting credit cards: VISA, Master Card and as of recent they also started to accept e check. Customer Support Service

To my opinion, it is essential that an online pharmacy has a very good service for customer support and that’s because a lot of people might have a lot of questions to ask. To be honest, I got pretty disappointed when I have seen the methods to get in touch with them and that’s because they include only emails and contact form, both of which are pretty much the same things. No phone numbers, live chat or anything else.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As soon as you enter the website you can see that this online pharmacy does offer their customers the coupon codes policy and that’s the fact that they can use the coupon code: chcm10 and therefore they would get 10% off from their order sum. In addition to that, the pharmacy is claiming that people can get a free standard shipping if they order more than 200 USD and 10% discount for all next orders. Lastly, the pharmacy seem to offer free bonus pills either. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to check and by checking the customer reviews about this pharmacy my theory got proven. That’s because according to all the customer reviews that I have found using this online pharmacy is unsafe and you might get disappointed and scammed. Or at least according to around 50 different reviews on that’s what is going to happen. Plus to this, the pharmacy is considered rogue by and it seems that the reason why this pharmacy has not shared their exact address location is because they only claim to be Canadian but they are operating from Russia, or at least that’s what it seems according to so, after checking all this information, it seems that the pharmacy is not legitimate and no customers who have ever used this pharmacy were happy. There are a lot of them suggesting something like *Canadian Health Care Mall is well known spam pharmacy*.


I’m definitely not going to recommend this online pharmacy with such customer reviews and all of the information that I have found online when checking its legitimacy and whether or not it is worth purchasing medications here. As much as it seems, it is not, and that’s because, as stated earlier – that’s a spam pharmacy and a spam pharmacy receives a rate of 1 and I recommend to stay away from it!

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