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As soon as I have entered I have seen that something is not right and I was right – there was nearly no information at all on this pharmacy’s website. as much as we can understand is a Canadian online pharmacy which, again from its name, we can understand their claim that they sell the best prescription pills. As soon as you enter the main page of this website you can see that this pharmacy mentioned that they are selling generic pills without a prescription and while this might be a good thing for some people (who really want to get some meds but they cannot get prescriptions for them) this might be a sign of illegal pharmacy activity and that’s often not a really good thing at all. Whatever the case, something felt wrong on this website and I guess it is the fact that there are not any other pages than main page; about us (where they shared a bit of information about the pharmacy and answered some questions) and 6 different page with the following names: BUY XXX ONLINE where XXX is clomid, zithromax, cytotec, doxycycline, nolvadex (tamoxifen) and prednisone. There’s absolutely nothing else on this website except for a single banner and the strangest  thing is that by clicking on it, it seems that you’re redirected to the same website but with an ending – and this changes everything – you’re redirected to a completely different website, with different design, pages and so on and so forth. Funniest thing is that I’ve seen such design for some different other online pharmacies. Anyhow, I still continued doing my research.

Selection of drugs and prices for them on

Unlike main page of the website where it seems that they are only offering 6 medications, by going on the *shop* design of the site you can see a list of different medications in their drug catalog and by analyzing how big that catalog is – they, assumingly, should have a lot of different medications capable of treating: hair loss, heart disease, muscle relaxants, anxiety, arthritis and many other conditions. Selection of drugs seems to be good so I went further checking for the prices (more specifically about Cialis, Viagra and Levitra). I’ve found all of them in both brand and generic forms and to be honest the prices are really attractive for all 3 and for their generics and brands as well. As an example, 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viagra would cost you 84 USD – 0.94 USD per pill. Honestly that’s a very good price in my opinion, especially taking in consideration that the price can get even lower by purchasing a bigger quantity. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy indeed doesn’t require a prescription.

Shipping and payment methods

There are 2 shipping options available: express which costs 20 USD, has a delivery time of up to 14 business days, does have a tracking but it cannot be used by customers in all countries. However there’s a second option which is standard airmail, by using this shipping option they deliver medications World Wide, the delivery is anywhere up to 2 – 3 business weeks and it doesn’t have an online tracking. But it only costs 10 USD and can be offered for free for orders above 200 USD. There’s just a single payment method, via credit card, and they are only accepting VISA and Master Card.

Customer Care Department

On the contact page of this website you are only able to fill up a contact form and wait for their response and you can also see the claim that they only speak English. But except for contact form there are 2 different phone numbers which, calling them, should bring you to their customer care department. There is no live chat function available on the site and there’s not an email or an exact address for you to use the mail method. Coupon Codes

By writing my review, I have already mentioned some methods that this online pharmacy has which can make their customers save some money and that’s the fact that purchasing in bulk is going to give you bigger savings. In addition to that, I already mentioned, the pharmacy offers free shipping to orders above 200 USD. They are also offering free bonus pills (ED pills) with every order. And lastly, they do have the coupon codes available on their website which you can apply upon check out. Reviews

The good prices and the good special offers this online pharmacy has it is all good, exactly as it is their claim that they have a wide selection of drugs and all of this can be super attractive for someone who doesn’t have a script and this pharmacy offers whatever medications in whatever quantity without a script. However this is all not worth anything as long as the pharmacy is only a scam pharmacy and as I said, the first page of this pharmacy is super strange this alarms me. For checking out whether is this an authentic pharmacy I went on to find info but they don’t have info. I have then started searching for customer reviews on independent websites (they do have testimonials but to my opinion, most testimonials on a pharmacy’s own website are fakes) and I have found none. Absolute zero, not a single review. In fact, google had so little information about this pharmacy that I think it is not worth using it, already. suggested that this online pharmacy has been created (domain age) 236 days ago, so that’s surely not worth it. More of a risk – site is Russian Federation based but may also be from China too.


With all of the above information that I have mentioned I really doubt that using this online pharmacy it is worth. There is not a single customer review and that’s a sign of alarm, but the site might be from a high risk involving country and that double alerts me exactly as it is the main page of the site which tripe alerts me and lastly – domain age is less than a year which is just enough for me to never buy anything from this pharmacy and to recommend my readers doing the same. Rating this pharmacy with 1 out of 5.

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