/ Canadian Quality Drugs Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that, as much as we can understand from its name, is based in Canada and it offers quality drugs. The pharmacy’s website seem to be pretty well made, it has good user friendly design with options to choose from different languages and currencies that the website supports and that’s really good for foreign customers in order to understand it better. The website features a lot of pages and options you can find the medications that you need. I went further to find out more about the pharmacy and I found them claiming to have over 7 years of experience online with a 100% delivery guarantee. Also there I found information suggesting that the pharmacy’s first priority is to make each and all customers happy and satisfied by providing highest quality generic drugs and the best prices. The reasons why this pharmacy claims to be one of the best are: fast and free delivery, safe and secure payments, highest quality generic medications, money back guaranteed and free pills with every order. These are all very good claims there and I really hope that the pharmacy keeps its promises as it all sounds good. But in the meantime, I’ve got to talk about the services that this pharmacy is offering.

Prices for medications you can find on Canadian Quality Drugs and what’s the selection of drugs there

You can find the drugs that you need, as usual, by writing the name of the drug of your interest in search box. Also you can find the medications by searching for them by their first letter. However there are also, of course, categories of drugs. There are such categories like Anxiety, Arthritis, Hair loss, Heart Disease, Pain relief and many other types of drugs and near each of these category of medications there is a number and I guess the number means how many drugs they have in that specific category. Like for example in anxiety there are 15 medications, antibiotics 42, allergies 28, asthma 24 and so on and so forth. As for erectile dysfunction medications, well there seemingly are 45 medications (and there is also ED sets having 3 types of meds). I started to analyze the erectile dysfunction meds prices (because the selection of drugs, as I said – there are 45 different medications among which there is Levitra, Cialis and Viagra and all 3 of these medications have the generics and the branded names). I found out that the cheapest price per pill of generic Viagra is 0.35 USD and the cheapest price per pill of generic Cialis is 0.77 USD and the generic Levitra is priced 1.15 USD per pill. Although these aren’t the absolute best prices that I have ever seen compared to other online pharmacies, they are definitely among the lowest prices so I could say that they are competitive at the least!

Canadian Quality Drugs Customer Support

On contact page you can see a location which they shared, seemingly that’s in Czech Republic, in Praha, with an exact address given. I am a bit shocked to see claimable a Canadian pharmacy with office in Praha. I guess you can go in person to that location and talk with them if you need some support if you live somewhere near or in Praha. However for all the rest you need to call them by the 2 phone numbers I found on their website: US number and EU number or by writing them an email via filling the form. They promise that they are going to respond your email in 48 hours. There is no live chat function so you either call them or write an email (unless you live in or near Praha to visit their office). Not able to comment on the quality of the customer support service because I never ordered from them and never contacted them. Shipping and Payment methods

As around 90% of all online pharmacies, there are 2 shipping and as usual that’s registered airmail shipping with an estimated shipping period of 2 to 4 weeks, this option doesn’t have tracking, it costs 15 USD and this option is available word wide to all countries, or at least that’s what the pharmacy claims. The second option is called EMS (express) and it is not available in all countries and it is more expensive – 25 USD, however it is faster 3 to 8 business days and it does have a tracking number as well. You can add a delivery insurance which would cost you 10% off your order sum and that’s going to guarantee you a reshipment in case the order fails to arrive for whatever the reason. As for payment options there are 4 options you can choose from on the checkout page, however as I usually say, there are only 2 of them and that’s because the first option is via credit card (and they consider 3 different payment options because among credit cards they accept VISA, American Express and Master Card) and the second option is Bitcoin. I personally prefer Bitcoin, but I know that a lot of people use credit cards.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Discounts, bonuses and coupon codes on

This online pharmacy is offering a number of different bonuses and discounts such as: 5 % discount on second order and 7 % discount for third and further orders. In addition to that you’re getting free pills of ED medications at your choice: Levitra, Cialis or Viagra. Plus to all of this, the pharmacy is offering free airmail delivery and free traceable delivery but the order sum must be more than 200 USD and 300 USD respectively. I have tried to search for coupon codes, however this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to have the coupon codes policy so all the offers and bonuses that I just mentioned are all that you find on this pharmacy. Customer reviews

The prices, the offers and the selection of medications among with the payment options and shipping options are fairly good and me, as a potential customer, had real interest in using the website, but before doing that I’ve learnt my lesson that firstly I’ve got to search for customer reviews and generally to check how safe/ unsafe the online pharmacy is. There is a number of customer reviews on the website but it wasn’t a big surprise for me to see that all of them were positive. The problem here is that I don’t actually trust those reviews and that’s because I have a strong feeling that the testimonials might not be real. In addition to that, there are high chances that people might write negative testimonials but they simply do not appear on the website. Like for example I wrote a review myself on this website and it didn’t appear 24 hours later! With this being said, I am more than sure your negative customer review will never appear! I’ve tried to see what do people say on external websites where administrators of this pharmacy can’t remove the comments, however, I didn’t found any! There are no customer reviews on external websites anywhere online. That’s why I went further checking for what do scam warning website tells me. and didn’t had any trust at all in this pharmacy. had trust as high as 83%! And that’s way much more than I expected. With such a high trust index, scamadviser comments: looks safe but this is a new site and according to the information there, the domain age is less than a year so that’s not very good.


I personally do not tend to believe new online pharmacies and that’s even though does have some trust in this website. Besides the fact that it is new, it doesn’t have any accreditations, 2 other scam warning engines do not have trust, there are no customer reviews anywhere online (this may be due to the website being new) but they have lots of testimonials which are most likely fake. Believe a new online pharmacy which writes fake reviews is extremely hard. Only thanks to that had a high trust and because probable origin of site is Canada as suggests I rate it with 2 out of 5 instead of 1. But even so, I think that ordering from this online pharmacy poses a too high risk to try it out and that’s why I don’t recommend and I won’t try.

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