/ Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews & Coupons, as the domain address suggests, it is a Canadian online pharmacy which is dispensing prescription and OTC medications at discounted prices. This online pharmacy had the *CIPA* sign and the sign which means that they are accredited member of CIPA and top rated with 5 stars by I checked if that’s true and indeed, I found it on being accredited member and I found this pharmacy being rated with 5 stars by The pharmacy claims to be located in Surrey, BC, Canada and they claim to have been opened back in 2006 and since then they are providing their customers with quality products and excellent prices through this website. These are the claims made by the pharmacy. The website is user friendly and you’re being offered to sign up and login. I personally like its design and features. selection of drugs and prices

I went on their *category* page where they have listed a big list of category of drugs. Those categories were also categorized by the first letter. The number of categories were extremely big in my opinion which makes me think that they have drugs treating absolutely all human health conditions which means that if they don’t have the exact drug you are searching for, they should have its alternative. Went on their erectile dysfunction category drug and I found there the following medications: Caverject, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy, Staxyn and Viagra so that’s pretty good. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra were all having their generic equivalents. I have checked the price for generic equivalent of Cialis of usual dosage 20 mg. there you can choose between 12 to 88 tablets and country – India or Canada. Like for example, 88 tablets of Indian Tadacip by Cipla would cost 47 USD. 88 tablets from Canada – 195 USD. 12 tablets of Indian tablets – 20 USD. Lowest price would be 0.53 USD per tablet and to be honest, that’s a really really good price, among the lowest prices that I have ever seen online for this product. This online pharmacy is requiring a prescription for this type of medication and for all medications requiring one.

Contact methods

For talking with their customer support department you need to call them by their toll free number, you can also send them a fax by toll free number, you are able to write them and email, write them a mail at their mailing address and lastly, by filling up a form on their website which is basically the same as writing them and email directly. You need to make sure that if you call them, you do it in their hours of operation. Unfortunately, the online pharmacy doesn’t offer online live chat to their customers.

Shipping and payment methods on

Due to the fact that I was not able to proceed to Checkout page without creating an account and signing it, I can’t say anything else about these except for what I could find on their FAQ page. There I found out that they are accepting VISA, Master Card, checks and International Money Orders. They made it clear that they are not accepting US ONLY money orders. As in regards to the shipping options: there is just one shipping method: standard ground shipping. They do not offer next day shipping. The delivery time is going to take anywhere between 10 to 14 business days for Canadian orders and 14 to 18 business days for international orders. They are shipping to most countries in the world which means that there are few countries that won’t get shipped to. The shipping fee may dependent on country, but a minimum shipping charge is 25 USD. They claim that they are not having return policy because laws are against it.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

Right before clicking on check out and showing that I can’t go further without logging it, I have been at *shopping cart* page where the pharmacy asks: have a coupon code? And I was able to apply it there. Well, the pharmacy seems to have the coupon codes policy which is very good for saving money. They also offer free shipping to all orders within US and Canadian Orders. Except for free shipping and coupon codes, unfortunately, there are no other offers. reviews

This online pharmacy, according to has a lot of visitors, and yet, they are not popular on other foreign websites, or at least I failed to find customer reviews. It is very important the customer reviews on independent websites and I didn’t found any. I just found that has 61% trust in it and 21% trust, with no trust calling it rogue. And yet, I found a single customer review on their Facebook page. It was written by Ellen in May of this year. She said that she has sent the prescription and they *forgot* about it and without apologizing for her waiting 3 weeks with no avail, they told her to wait another 3 weeks. Other customer reviews were not available anywhere else.


To be honest, what I really appreciate about is their honesty. They have one customer review which is negative on their Facebook page and they didn’t remove it although they could easily do it. Plus to that they are accredited member of CIPA and 5 stars by and they also carry good prices for medications. Although they do not have customer reviews and only one which is negative, I still rate it with 3 out of 5 because of their honesty. However this doesn’t mean that shopping here is absolutely safe so better watch out.

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