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There’s an online pharmacy with a big name and that’s because the address of it is and I assume that this pharmacy has such a name suggesting that this is a *king* in Canadian pharmacy business. They claim to provide medications for more than 10 years and they are trusted and reliable online pharmacy. They are based in Surrey, British Columbia and they are a certified member of CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) with also a 5 star rating given by the website itself seem to be easy to understand and use, however the speed seem to have some flaws as it is not working smoothly.

Canadian Pharmacy King drug selection

According to pharmacychecker they have a variety of more than 500 drugs, they also have OTC (besides prescription drugs) and pet drugs. They are having a list of medication categories and there is a 10 category list and I assume that they have chosen the most popular drugs (anti depressants, arthritis, men’s and women’s health, blood pressure medications and a few others). I have searched for Cialis, Levitra and Viagra and they seemed to have all of them both in generic and branded name version. And with this being said I went further for their drug prices search.

Drug prices compared to other online pharmacies

They don’t share the lowest price and I had to search for lowest prices myself. That’s why I’m sorry if I missed something but it seemed to me that the lowest price for the generic Viagra was Indian generic Suhagra by Cipla which is 70 USD for 88 pills of 50 mg. that means that for a pill of generic Viagra (at lowest price) you would need to pay 0.79 USD. For lowest price of Viagra by Pfizer (Turkey) is 99 USD for 8 pills and that’s 12.37 USD per pill (50 mg). Lowest price for generic Cialis – 1 USD and that’s because you need to pay 65 USD for 64 pills of generic Cialis of Indian Tadacip by Cipla of 20 mg. For Cialis by Cipla (Turkey) 20 mg you need to pay 169 USD for 8 pills. These are fair prices, but these are by far not the best prices I’ve seen on online pharmacies. but since they are not exaggerated as I have seen on other online pharmacies – that’s still fine.

Canadian Pharmacy King Customer support

You’re able to contact them by their single telephone showed: 1-877-745-9217, by their fax 1-866-204-1568, email: [email protected] or by their mail address. There’s no live chat online, however a telephone listed on the site is already good. make sure you want to contact them in their hours of operation (listed on the site) otherwise you won’t find anyone answering your questions.

Canadian Pharmacy King Shipping options

The only countries to which they are shipping are the following: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand and Mauritius. They are having a shipping fee that’s 10 USD and there’s no other shipping option than regular. This means that the delivery times are anywhere between 10 to 18 days and usually it doesn’t have tracking.

Canadian Pharmacy King Prescription requirements

This online store does require you to have a valid prescription in order to process those orders that have prescription medications. if your order doesn’t include prescription medications (only OTC) then it is processed without additional problems.

Canadian Pharmacy King Payment options

You can pay via Visa, Master Card and Echeck (echeck for only USA customers). These are the major credit cards and that’s fairly good, but I personally would want the Bitcoin payment method to be added.

Is Canadian Pharmacy King a Legit or Scam Pharmacy?

According to Canadian Pharmacy King is a rogue pharmacy:

Canadian Pharmacy King Coupon codes

Usually online pharmacies want to attract their customers (old or new) with some discounts or bonuses, however this doesn’t seem to be the case for Canadian pharmacy king as they don’t have any bonuses, no discounts whatsoever and absolutely no promotions or coupon codes. That’s really sad because you won’t be able to save any amount of $.

Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews

Even though this is a CIPA member and is a pharmacy approved by, there are other online scam software’s like legitscript and scamadviser that are showing quite lower trust rates. The pharmacy does seem to be a little bit popular, but it still doesn’t have too much customer reviews. From those that I could find this seem to be a pharmacy that has made some people happy, but there are others complaining about it. I would really think of this pharmacy better if there were more independent reviews, however there are very little of them saying good words about this pharmacy.


They do have few customer reviews implying this is a good online pharmacy and they have good prices and these are pretty much the only good things about it. That’s because it has only very FEW customer reviews, other online scam software’s are showing low trustworthiness, they don’t have no coupon codes or discounts which doesn’t seem to be like a good sign. I think that deserves 3 out of 5 and that’s only thanks to those few customer reviews which looked to be satisfied with the pharmacy and their products. This seem to be like a good pharmacy in general, however it is still quite a doubtful pharmacy in my opinion.

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