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Another Canadian online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacies is and as much as you can see, the reason I said this is a Canadian pharmacy is obvious by its name. I have accessed the main page of this website and I found quite a well done website being user friendly and everything seem to be easy accessible and understandable, but the problem is that this pharmacy has an interface/ design of the site that is very familiar to me and that’s usually not a very good sign. Nevertheless, I still tried to find out more information about the pharmacy so we could know what they are offering and whether it is worth, in the end, to purchase medications here, or not. According to copyright information 2008-2018 the pharmacy has been online 10 years, however on their *about us* page they claim to have only 3 years. But even if they have 3 years then that’s still good. the pharmacy claims to be a Canadian pharmacy as much as we can see, nevertheless there’s no information about their exact address of headquarters. The pharmacy only claims to guarantee 100% customers satisfaction, the fact that all your personal data is safe and they claim to be a totally legal business which means that they are selling exclusively only high quality medications so there’s no need for you to worry about it. also by analyzing the website for a bit I’ve seen the pharmacy claiming to offers special offers, bonuses and free stuff. All of this, so far, sounds good. The pharmacy hasn’t shared any accreditations on their website. selection of medications and prices for them

This online pharmacy, as much as it seems, has a wide selection of medications with a range starting from medications dealing with allergies, Alzheimer’s to Cancer, weight loss and many other medications. People can search for medications by browsing by letter, using the search box function or checking through the categories of medications. There seems to be quite a good number of categories of medications and that’s why I concluded that selection of medications seems to be wide. More important than selection of medications, to my opinion, is medications prices and for this I checked ED meds prices. there I found out that the prices for ED meds are not the best, for example 90 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would be 1.53 USD. I can assume that such a price applies for all other medications where they are *moderate* compared to other online pharmacies. The pharmacy claims that there are some medications which you can find in their drugstores that requires a prescription and without a valid prescription for them, you won’t be sent any prescription drugs. Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to offer 2 shipping options. One of the can be used world wide which is international unregistered Mail. It has a flat fee of 10 USD and has a delivery timeframe of 14 to 21 week days, it does not have online tracking available. But there’s the trackable courier service which can be used only in the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Austria and Belgium which does have online tracking, it has a fee of 50 USD per package and a delivery timeframe of 7 to 9 days. They claim not to accept payments via Paypal and webmoney, they just accept credit cards and debit cards: visa, visa electron, master card and discover. They also accept echeck, but I assume this option is available only for USA customers and lastly, they also accept bank wire transfer as well. Customer Support Service

As soon as you enter the website you can see the pharmacy’s claim that they are having a 24/7 customer support service which you can get in touch with in the following methods: by using either one of their 2 phone numbers (US and UK phone numbers), by contact form available on their contact page online and that’s it. There are no other ways to get in touch with the pharmacy except for using their phone numbers or contact form available on the website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes when I have found out that they are having a few offers which include: orders above 200 USD would get a free shipping and orders above 200 USD seem to have a lower price for trackable service shipping. Except for free shipping they offer free bonus pills as well and ordering in bulk would make you save some money as well as price per pill gets lower. Lastly they offer -10% discount from any other online pharmacy price if you find a pharmacy with prices lower, but to be honest, I did found lower prices for medications at other pharmacies. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews and any other information I could get about this online pharmacy and except for the fact that I found out this pharmacy is considered non legitimate (rogue) but, I also found out this pharmacy does not have any customer reviews on independent websites except for the reviews on their own website which are most likely bogus reviews just to manipulate with people. No customer reviews on external websites except for bogus reviews on their own website with rogue internet pharmacy considered by isn’t a good combination but the fact that does not have trust in this pharmacy makes me think that indeed, the pharmacy has a high chance of being a scam. I cannot say this with certitude, but the chances of this being true is too high and that’s why I won’t risk with my money just to find out.


As I just said, I am not going to order here due to the high risks of this pharmacy being scam since it has no customer reviews and no trust from scam warning websites with it being considered rogue pharmacy. This is exactly what I will recommend other people to do – do not order here since you might get your money lost. I rate the pharmacy with 2 out of 5.

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