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When I firstly entered I knew that I have seen this pharmacy and yet, I have never accessed this domain address. Then I realized that this is an online pharmacy which has multiple domain addresses that you can reach the same pharmacy. Well, I’ve still went further to what this online pharmacy can offer and as soon as I entered the website I’ve seen the pharmacy banner claiming that the prices you can get medications here are like 70% less than the prices you can find those medications at a local pharmacy. I’ve also read their banner calling themselves *one of the best drug stores* and I really hope that’s true as I would like to find a very good online pharmacy for my needs. A few minutes of analyzing their front page I realized that they are mostly selling medications treating male impotence such as Viagra, Cialis etc. as they seem to have special offers selling these medications and their bestsellers are also such kind of drugs. I’ve also seen that you can change the website language from English to 4 other languages. You can also change the currency if you like to. As usual, the information on about us page suggests that they are supplying customers all over the world with medications of the best quality at the lowest prices.

Canadian Pharmacy Customer support team

A reliable online pharmacy should be able to answer every and each of their client’s questions that’s why customer support is very important. You’re able to contact them via 2 methods: either you submit a form right on their website (on contact us) and then you wait for a back response from the pharmacy or you’re going to give them a phone call. Depending on where you live, they have an US phone number (of course, for USA customers) and also an UK phone number (of course, for European customers). There is no online chat so you either write them by email and wait a response or give them a phone call if you want to get an immediately response, or you don’t have any other ways to talk with them.

Canadian Pharmacy Selection of Drugs

Even though, as I have already mentioned, they are mostly focused in selling ED medications (as the special offers are offered to those purchasing such kind of tablets and their best sellers are also such kind of tablets), they still do have lots of other drugs in their drugstores. You can find the medication that you need either via typing the name of the drug in the search box (like for example Viagra), by the first letter of the medication or by category of drugs. There are cholesterol lowering drugs, gastrointestinal medications, heart disease, anti viral, pain relief, sleep aid and a number of other drugs in different drug categories. I’ve checked what kind of drugs do they have on Erectile Dysfunction and there are a lot of them including all sorts of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. There are also other things like Nizagara, Zenegra, Aurogra, Caverta and many others. If this online store doesn’t have the drugs that you were searching for, they surely should have an alternative for it.

Canadian Pharmacy Prices of drugs compared to other online pharmacies

I’m not an expert in prices for other drugs than those treating ED. As per example I found such drugs as Zoloft which is sold at 0.31 USD per pill or Effexor XR with a price of 0.7 USD per pill. These are anti depressants. Or there are weight loss meds like Xenical with a price of 0.89 USD per tablet or Slimex with a price of 1.81 USD per tablet. The problem is that I am having no ideas whether are these low, moderate or high prices for those pills. But what I do know, is that the price of 0.36 USD per tablet of generic Viagra and the price of 3.8 USD per tablet of brand Viagra are really good prices. They are one of the lowest prices that I have seen (the absolute lowest price was 0.27 USD per tablet of generic Viagra) so as you can see this is an amazing price.

What are the Canadian Pharmacy payment methods?

There are 2 payment methods the customers can choose from. In fact, there are 2 payment methods for USA customers because one of these methods is eCheck but eCheck is only available for USA customers. The other option is credit card (only major credit cards like VISA, Master Card and American Express) which is available for both – USA customers and all the rest of the world. So European customers don’t really have options to choose from.

Canadian Pharmacy Shipping methods

In my experience, approximately more than 80% of all online pharmacies have 2 shipping methods (the rest have either 1 or more than 2) and this is not an exception pharmacy. Nothing new here: the first shipping option is regular which has a delivery time of anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks, this service cannot be tracked but it is better in terms of money – shipping fee for this service is 10 USD. The second option, as usual, is a faster option EMS (express) shipping option that is not available in all countries and it is more expensive. However for those countries that do have this option they are promised to get the package they ordered in 3 to 8 business days and they can track the package as well. The shipping is free for orders above 200 USD (regular shipping only).

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Are there some coupon codes or discounts on

Yes there are discounts and yes there are some special offers, but sadly there is no coupon codes policy. As for discounts and special offers: 10% discounts for orders that are going to reach them sum of 200 USD per order and extra 10% discounts for people who are going to order from this pharmacy more than just once. After you’re first order you’re given a discount number which you can use on your second order to get the extra 10% discount. As I said, 200 USD orders are getting free standard shipping. They also seem to give discounted prices per pills for people who are ordering more pills. Like for example generic Viagra costs 0.36 USD at the lowest if you purchase a large quantity of pills (360), however if you buy only 30 then you’re going to be sold a tablet for 1.45 USD. So the more you buy the more the discount. And lastly free pills with every order regardless of how much you order, however bigger orders get more free pills (ED pills). Reviews

When I’ve searched for customer reviews about this website I remembered where I’ve seen this website and I remembered why I couldn’t remember about it from the very beginning – I simply got it out of my mind because I placed it on my black list of online pharmacies. The reason for me doing that is the customer reviews that I have found online and the scam analyzing websites which recommended to do so. There are very few customer reviews on independent websites (they do have testimonials, but I am not paying attention to those) but even those few reviews all said that this pharmacy isn’t reliable. A person said that he got fake Viagra, another one said that he is getting medications from Bangladesh by ordering here which pretty much means the same that they are fake and another reviewer said that he hasn’t got his medications at all and got no refund of his money because there’s nobody to respond his phone calls and his emails meaning that as soon as he paid – there is no response back and no package. And plus to that, there is no scam warning sites like, or that wouldn’t agree with this. None of them have trust in this


If there is something that an online pharmacy MUST do is to try to keep satisfied every single client and especially after the client has already paid. But what else can you say about an online pharmacy, that is taking your money and doesn’t send your package and doesn’t give your money back, other than that it is a fake online pharmacy? That’s exactly what I’m thinking about and I’m thinking that since there are only negative customer reviews about this website (except testimonials which I usually assume that they are all fake) and scam warning websites do agree with this then there’s no reason for me not to agree with all of them and so I place on my black list of online pharmacy calling it fake and rating it with 1 out of 5!

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