/ Canadian Overnite Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of the online pharmacy which I am going to review now. This is a Canadian online pharmacy (by its domain address name) which claims to care about every client. Plus to that, this pharmacy claims to have a wide spectrum of quality medicine for all age groups. In addition to that, their professional staff is going to help you out with any question. At very least, these are the claims made by the pharmacy which I could read as soon as I entered this domain address and checked their front page. The site of this pharmacy seems to be pretty well done, user friendly interface and everything is clear and understandable. The website also features a good option for foreign customers: you can change the site’s language. Next I tried to find out more information about the pharmacy itself however I couldn’t, unfortunately, as there lacks an *about us* page, unfortunately. With this being said, I was not able to find out where this online pharmacy is actually located and for how much time it operates. To be honest, I don’t really love such *mysterious online pharmacies* but you might find out more information about this by asking their customer support team or also, I hope that scam warning websites would help me more with this. Anyway, I went forward checking what this online pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices for them

For finding the medications that you need you are able to use the search box function available on their website or by browsing through their categories list. There are erectile dysfunction, men’s health, antibiotics, pain relief, skin care, weight loss and other categories of medications and by checking all of this I would say that selection of medications is pretty wide as it was promised with medications for different needs and types. After I saw that they have a wide selection of medications including both generic and brand medications I checked the prices and I found out the following: cheapest prices for generic medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra were: 0.67 USD per pill, 0.89 USD per pill and 1.81 USD per pill accordingly. But those are prices for highest quantity of pills and lowest dosage per pill. Honestly talking, this aren’t the best prices online pharmacies are offering. This online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering any kind of medications.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to ship internationally and I can assume that they are shipping world wide to all countries. They are having 2 different shipping options: registered mail and EMS (express mail service). EMS has a delivery time of maximum 15 days while registered mail has a delivery time of 15 to 30 days with no tracking ID. Delivery fees depend on delivery method, country where you ship etc. in terms of payment methods this online pharmacy is only accepting a single payment method: credit cards  (Visa, Master Card, JCB and Dinners club). There are no other payment methods, unfortunately.

Customer Support Department

There are too little methods of getting in touch with this online pharmacy in my opinion because you can only talk with them by calling a single phone number listed on their website or by using the contact form available on their website on contact us page. Except for these 2 methods to get in touch with them there are no other options, unfortunately. I personally would really miss the online live chat function which online pharmacies often have.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, regardless of how much I tried and I searched, there are no coupon codes available at and in fact, I couldn’t find anything at all. Sadly but there are no discounts or special offers available on the website or anywhere else on the internet. I think that those online pharmacies offering discounts, coupon codes or anything at all are pharmacies which actually care about their customers and unfortunately it seems that this online pharmacy isn’t among such pharmacies as they don’t even offer free shipping or anything. The only thing is that they claim to offer discounts by ordering in bulk. Reviews

This online pharmacy doesn’t have a testimonials page with fake reviews as I call them so, to be honest, I appreciate this, and this is due to the fact that in my opinion the pharmacy is honest and doesn’t write fake customer reviews as lots of online pharmacies do. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we should all rush purchasing medications here as we should firstly check customer reviews on independent websites. I got disappointed to see that I couldn’t find any customer reviews anywhere online only except for a single website. On there’s a single customer review and it has been written 3 years ago and the worst part is that the review isn’t among the best. The person with nickname Santa said that he has ordered meds from and his order was partially received in 50 days which is too much! In short, this person said that they are SCAM, false advertisement, not trustworthy and recommends to stay away from them. Except for this review there are no other customer reviews anywhere online. I checked and I found a number of alarming things like: site has been said to be ROGUE pharmacy by, malware report, owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity and site operates from a high risk country.


Well, to be honest, I don’t see any reasons why we should purchase from this online pharmacy. The prices aren’t the best, there’s little information about the pharmacy, there are no discounts, coupon codes or special offers, scam warning websites suggests there’s a number of reasons why we should stay away from it and there’s only one customer review but it confirms the fact that staying away from this pharmacy is a good idea. Since there’s a probability of like 99% that this online pharmacy is scam I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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