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While searching for ED medications I have found another online pharmacy which seemed to be focused in selling mainly ED medications and for someone like me that is of a great interest, therefore I decided to inspect it closely and see what they can offer me. The online pharmacy that I am talking about is and I recommend you to pay attention to the exact domain address as there are a lot of other online pharmacies which I have already encountered with very similar domain address. It is obvious that this is a Canada based pharmacy and it seems that the first activity of this pharmacy has occurred in 2004 when it has opened. On the website I found information suggesting that they are accredited by the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) and also by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). They claim to be rated 5 stars by and also to be approved by CPA. All of these seem to be like big claims in my opinion. The site is user friendly and everything is understandable. You can change the language of the site at your own preference: English, Italian, Deutsch, French or Spanish, this should be very convenient for a lot of people. They claim to sell only high quality medications at affordable prices – hopefully that’s true.

Canadian Drugs 365 Customer Support Service

The first thing I’ve done is to pay attention to their customer support service because in my opinion an online pharmacy that doesn’t have a good customer support service doesn’t care about their customers and an online pharmacy that doesn’t care about their customers – of course, it’s not a good pharmacy, not worth it. So there is an US phone number that you can call them and an UK phone number so people from Europe and USA can easily get in touch with them. Sadly there is no live online chat function but that’s not a very big problem. If you don’t like to talk but you still want to contact them then as usual you can contact them by email.

Canadian Drugs365 drugs selection

What’s the point in browsing an online pharmacy that doesn’t have the medications that you personally need? That’s why drugs selection is very important. So, any online pharmacy that has in their drugstores erectile dysfunction medications are pharmacies of my interest. This online pharmacy doesn’t simply have ED meds – they are mainly focused on providing ED meds to the customers. But besides ED meds there is a big list of other health issues which their drugs can treat. All medications for whatever the conditions (and be they generic or branded, because they have both types) claimable are approved by FDA. Drug selection here is vast and people can buy medications for nearly any human needs.

Is Canadian Drugs365 requiring a prescription?

Even if they do have the medications that you need, you still won’t be able to get them if you don’t have a prescription but they require one for the medications that you’ve chosen to buy. However that’s not the case with and that’s because they don’t require their customers to show a valid prescription. Paying is enough. prices

And lately what’s the point if they have the medications and they don’t require a prescription if the prices are high? Well, they aren’t really high on this website. They are not the best prices that I have seen on other online pharmacies (at least prices for ED meds) however they are still good. that’s because the price per pill of generic Viagra is 0.36 USD, for generic Cialis that’s going to be 0.76 USD and for generic Levitra you would pay 1.2 USD per pill. They also have branded names for each of these pills, however the prices are still good. The prices vary though, depending on the dosage and quantity of pills you order.

So if you decide to purchase, what are the shipping details with

There are 2 shipping options their customers can choose from: faster and expensive or slower and cheaper: air mail standard or EMS. As usual EMS is not available for all countries. But air mail is available to all countries world wide, or at least that’s what they suggest. Standard air mail could cost 10 USD and has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks while the EMS has a delivery time of 3 to 8 business days but it costs 20 USD. Usually the standard air mail doesn’t have tracking but EMS does come with a tracking number. The pharmacy does not accept any type of returns regardless of the reason – if you got it, that’s 100% yours.

Canadian Drugs365 Payment options

USA customers can choose from 2 payment options: credit card or eCheck. All the rest of the world can pay only via credit card. But this pharmacy doesn’t accept any given credit card but only the 3 major ones: Master Card, VISA and American Express. No other payment methods (like Bitcoin which is my favorite or others).

Canadian Drugs 365 is offering some discounts or maybe they have coupon codes?

They do have discounts but sadly they don’t have coupon codes. Coupon codes are, to my opinion, the easiest way to save some extra money. That’s sad but that’s not the end of the world. They do have discounts though – the larger the quantity of pills you order, the biggest the discount. Plus to that, also depending on the amount of pill you purchase (order sum) you are going to get free Viagra pills. Everyone is getting free Viagra pills regardless of the order sum, however the higher the sum – the more bonus free pills. One more discount is a discount number which you can have only if you have already ordered something with this pharmacy. And one last offer is the free shipping that’s given to all customers who are ordering for more than 200 USD from this pharmacy.

Is Canadian Drugs 365 a scam or legit online pharmacy? Customer Reviews

One of the most important part in my reviews are the customer reviews because those are real people who had real experience with the pharmacy and therefore they are people who can judge the pharmacy, who can write real things about the pharmacy. The problem here is that all customer reviews I found are on their own website on “Testimonials” page. But those are not the customer reviews I was talking about as I tend to believe that online pharmacies tend to write fake customer reviews on their own website. That’s why, for me, testimonials on any online pharmacy doesn’t value anything. Customer reviews on independent websites about a pharmacy values a lot, however for this online pharmacy I haven’t been able to find absolutely nothing. An absolute lack of customer reviews on independent external websites usually makes me stay away from the pharmacy!


Everything seems to be fairly good. The website and pharmacy itself seem to offer good prices, good discounts, they have customer support phone numbers, a variety of drugs and so on and so forth and that’s all very good. But this all doesn’t value anything as long as there are no customer reviews to prove its authenticity. And since we’re currently dealing with an online pharmacy that it is hard to have trust in it (especially when gave us a trust rating of 0%) then I personally would rather recommend against shopping here. I rate it 2 out of 5 and that’s only because the website itself looks fairly good and there’s no proof that it is a scam site, but there’s no proof that it is a legit site either and unless there would appear customer reviews on independent websites – I won’t change my rate.

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