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Another Canadian online pharmacy is, an online pharmacy which seems to have an understandable and user friendly interface of the design of the site, however to my opinion it seems to be quite cheaply made and that’s not a good sign, but we can’t judge a pharmacy by its design as we can’t judge a book by its cover. So I went further checking for more information when I found that the website is supporting different currencies, which people can choose at their wish. Unfortunately, there is not an about us page where I could read for how long this online pharmacy has been online or where exactly it is located in Canada (as we can assume that they are located in Canada only by their website name). Generally there’s little to no information at all about the pharmacy and that’s really really sad. This pharmacy doesn’t have any claims, they have not posted any reasons why this pharmacy is worth using and there are no seals suggesting they are having any accreditations at all. All of this mysteriousness is something I don’t actually like too much because I really like when the pharmacy is sharing details about their company/ pharmacy. Not with as much as it seems. Anyway, I checked it all further.

Selection of medications and prices at

The medications can be found by searching via their first letters (first letter of the drugs) or also via keyword using the search function if you know the name of the drug that you’re being interested in. but there’s a page with *all products* as they said and there is a list of like 20 different products. Since it seemed strange I clicked randomly some letters and I did found some medications that were not displayed on *all products* and with this being said, their website is not fully functional and because of this I cannot say whether the pharmacy has a wide selection of medications or not. But there’s also a list of categories on the right side of the website suggesting they have medications for different health needs. Anyhow, among those drugs that were displayed I did have found some ED medications including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and that’s why I am able to say something about their prices. Which goes as the following: 90 pills of 50 mg generic Viagra would cost you 137.91 USD and that’s 1.53 USD per pill. That’s, to be honest, quite a high price. I mean, in general it is a good price, but compared to other online pharmacies, it could have been much lower. I was not able to find a single mention about a prescription requirement on their website and for this reason I can assume that they do not require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options and by using registered shipping you’re able to use this online pharmacy to ship world wide. By selecting the express shipping you cannot ship to all countries. The registered mail has a delivery time of 10 to 21 day and doesn’t usually have online tracking, this method costs 15 USD. The express shipping costs 30 USD but has a delivery time frame of 7 to 10 days and does usually have online tracking. You can also add insurance, but this has an extra fee. Talking about payment methods I can only say that they are accepting only credit cards, unfortunately. There are credit cards such as JCB, Master Card, Visa and Diners Club.

Customer Support Service

As soon as you are entering this online pharmacy you can see on their website there’s: Call Toll Free +1 877 296 8037. So you’re able to use this phone number to get in touch with their customer support service but in case you’re not a talkative person like me then the only other method of getting in touch with this online pharmacy is going on their contact page and there is contact form that you need to fill up and talk with their customer support by email.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

People can have savings by purchasing medications in bulk here and people also can get a 5% discount by using the coupon codes. The pharmacy claims to offer the coupon code to everyone and by entering the coupon number 98212 everyone would get a 5% discount. There is also additional 15% discount but it is only offered to returning customers. These discounts do not seem to stack so you have to use either one of them. There is also free express shipping and free registered shipping in case you have a bigger order sum. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important and I have explained this a lot of times in numerous of my pharmacy reviews. The customer reviews can greatly help us determine whether the pharmacy is worth using or not. But where there are no customer reviews anywhere online on third party websites that’s a big problem since this makes me think that the pharmacy is simply non functional. No customer reviews is a problem but I checked it on and usually, I noticed that online pharmacies with no customer reviews are not getting good rates/ trust index from scam warning websites. This pharmacy is not an exception as the website has been listed as a rogue internet pharmacy by and the website is not from Canada but most likely from China, as has determined. The website is rarely visited and has a trust of only 47%!


This online pharmacy claims to be from Canada while in reality the website is from China and so it seems we are dealing with an online pharmacy which lies. Plus to that they have no customer reviews and they are classified as a rogue internet pharmacy with barely some trust from Plus, the prices for meds are definitely not the best here. with all of this being said I will rate with 2 out of 5.

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