/ Canada Pharmacy 24h Reviews & Coupons is, obviously, a Canadian based online pharmacy which claims that you can get your needed medications from them 24/7 and you can get those medications at really low prices because their drug prices are 70% less than your local pharmacy. The pharmacy claims to be one of the best drug stores that we could ever find and I hope that’s true. The front page of this pharmacy is very familiar to me and I’m more than sure that I’ve seen it in the past, nevertheless, I’ve never been to this domain address and that’s why this could mean the fact that this is another pharmacy. Either that’s another pharmacy or the same that I’ve reviewed in the past I am not sure, but I’m going to make another review about this one here and would try to find out if it’s worth ordering here or not. So the pharmacy is user friendly, with options to change currency and site supports multiple languages. This pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications but they have other products either. They also seem to be mostly oriented in selling generics, but have brands also. Plus to that, claims to have a number of accreditations like CIPA approved, CPA accredited, MIPA accredited and 5 stars from But I checked on to see if this pharmacy is there and that’s what I found: * does not appear in the CIPA Member database.* well, lying isn’t the best thing an online pharmacy can do.

Selection of drugs and prices

As I’ve said it a bit earlier, this online pharmacy does seem to have mostly generic medications and they are mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction treating medications, however they still do have in their drugstore medications treating other conditions than erectile dysfunction, many others like: anxiety, arthritis, antibiotics, heart disease, blood pressure, depression and these are only a few out of all listed there, and they also do have brands. I am not sure if they have branded name of other medications in other drug categories, but they do have brand Cialis, brand Viagra and brand Levitra. For purchasing 50 mg of generic Viagra x 90 pills you would need to pay 105 USD. For getting Cialis 20 mg x 90 pills you would need to pay 151 USD. The prices for a pill are around the prices I’ve mentioned here because they can get much higher or much lower it depends on the dosage and on the quantity of pills ordered. Although prices are not the best, they are really good, exactly as it is the selection of drugs in general. None of the medications that you can find in their drugstore is requiring a valid prescription meaning that you can get anything you can find without a prescription.

Payment methods and shipping methods

This is an online pharmacy which is offering, as usual, 2 shipping methods: regular airmail that costs 15 USD, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, does not have tracking system and they claim to offer shipping world wide with this shipping method. As for the second option: EMS (Express), it costs more and is not available in all countries: 25 USD and available in limited number of countries, however the parcel sent with this shipping option can be tracked and it has a delivery time of up to 14 days maximum. Delivery insurance is available for an extra fee. Payment methods: accepts 2 shipping options: credit cards: VISA and master card. in fact, I would say that this is a single payment method since they accept only credit cards, you just have the option to choose between which credit card to use. Customer Support

For whoever has questions you might call this pharmacy by the 2 phone numbers listed in the online pharmacy’s website. One of the phone is US phone and the other one is UK phone number. If you don’t like talking and you won’t call them then you can contact them via email by filling up a form on their contact page and wait for a response back in your email. Except for filling a form in the contact page and calling them there’s no other way to talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Reviews

This online pharmacy seem to be pretty famous, or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve made by analyzing the number of foreign websites where this online pharmacy is being mentioned and being discussed by people. However, the big problem is that a big number of those customer reviews and people talking about this online pharmacy do not have trust in this online pharmacy AND many of them said that they have got scammed by this online pharmacy. In my opinion, an online pharmacy that has scammed at least ONE person is already NOT worth using it because if it scammed one person, they might scam everyone else. So there’s a big number of customer reviews but majority of which are negative customer reviews and that’s a really big problem. Information I found on only confirms what I said: the website seem to have lots of visitors, however it has no trust and in addition to that, the website, according to is Lithuania based and not Canada based as it is claimed, so that’s another lie. There are simply way too many people saying that is fake and that’s why I can make my verdict now. coupon codes

In my opinion an online pharmacy that scams people around doesn’t really matter what coupon codes it has. But if it would be a reliable online pharmacy it has: coupon codes, free shipping for orders above 200 USD and free bonus pills.


Having trust in an online pharmacy that is having no trust from scam warning websites, have been caught lying about their location and lying about their accreditations AND most importantly, after so many people called it a rogue/ fake/ scam pharmacy who has stolen their money – that would be one very bad idea. There are a lot of different foreign websites where people said this online pharmacy is not worth using and that’s not a big wonder after I caught this pharmacy lying twice and it wouldn’t be a big surprise for me if this pharmacy lies about everything else. I recommend everyone to avoid this pharmacy and I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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