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Trying to find out a good online pharmacy that is reliable and has good prices for quality medications I have continued doing my research for some pharmacies and I have found another one which seems to be worth it, but before actually finding out with certitude if it’s worth it or not we have to check more things about it and then I would try to make a conclusion about it. The pharmacy I’m talking about is named, an online pharmacy which seems to have a user friendly interface which is really important to my opinion because everything is easily accessible and you can easily navigate through it. As much as we can understand from its name, this is a Canadian online pharmacy. As soon as I have entered the front page of this pharmacy I have noticed their seals suggesting that this pharmacy is CIPA approved, IPABC approved and top rated pharmacy. In order to check if these claims are true I went on and to see if this is true and indeed, it does seems to be a pharmacy approved by CIPA and being among pharmacy checker’s members database. This is very good. I have also noticed the pharmacy claiming to be having 100% lowest prices guaranteed, something I would check later. You can create an account here and login into it. According to information on the pharmacy has been founded in 2010 and this means it has been online for 8 years which is good. There’s also an exact address of the pharmacy which is in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

According to the information on both their own website and on pharmacychecker, this online pharmacy is only selling, exclusively, prescription drugs, which means that this online pharmacy doesn’t have any OTC products and they are not going to send any of the products found in their drugstores without showing a valid prescription first. They seem to have a wide selection of drugs of over 500 prescription drugs which is really good. I’ve searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they seemed to have all of them in generic and brand form. Not sure if there are any other medications treating ED but they have these 3 famous drugs and that’s really good. In order to determine the prices I’ve checked these medications prices and I can give example of one since they are all priced in the same range which is quite expensive to be honest. To explain why I think this way I can mention that sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) 50 mg 88 tablets would cost you 177.76 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s quite a high price to be honest.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to be selling medications exclusively only to US customers so nobody else outside US can order here. Also there seems to be a single shipping option since people doesn’t seem to be able to choose multiple shipping options. The shipping fee is 10 USD per order but some additional charges may apply for overweight packages. The average delivery timeframe is around 2 to 4 weeks for the products to arrive. There’s no information if they are offering online tracking or not. Sadly but I have failed to find any information about what are the payment methods and so, I am not able to comment here since no info regarding this could be found on FAQ page or anywhere else. But believing to pharmacychecker they are only accepting credit cards like master card and visa.

Customer Support Service

Those people who are having questions to ask are able to get in touch with this online pharmacy by traditional methods such as email or contact form that can be found on their contact page on the website. Except for this, which is pretty much the same, they are offering fax number (I guess for sending prescriptions) and there’s also phone number as well. Lastly there’s mailing address either, but there is no live chat function, unfortunately. They have a special number for service in Spanish.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

That was a really big disappointment to see that this online pharmacy is not offering anything at all, or at least I couldn’t find anything at all. There are no coupon codes, there is no free shipping offered or free pills exactly as I couldn’t see any information suggesting that they are having discount codes for returning people or anything in this matter. In short – nothing. Either they simply haven’t shared it online (which is highly unlikely) or they indeed do not have any offers (although they already have high prices to my opinion). Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important because with the help of these reviews we can easily conclude whether the pharmacy is worth it since people who had real experience with the pharmacy help us to do so. I was honestly expecting to find customer reviews since the pharmacy, claimable, has been around for the last 8 years which is a lot and plus to that, it is a CIPA, IPABC and approved pharmacy. This all leads to the point that the pharmacy is legit and there should be a lot of customers, nevertheless – there are none. I simply couldn’t find a single customer review anywhere online. Either because people noticed that prices here are pretty high compared to other online pharmacies or I am not sure, but there are no customer reviews at all.


In the end I simply cannot recommend this online pharmacy. As most other people out there I really want to find an online pharmacy that’s worth it but I simply cannot say this about They are only shipping to USA and they do not offer any discounts or anything at all despite the fact that they already have high prices for medications. They are CIPA and IPABC approved pharmacy plus has trust in it, but there is not a single customer review. To my opinion there are more things that are pushing me away from this pharmacy than using it. So I will rate this pharmacy with 2 out of 5.

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