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Another Canadian online pharmacy that claims to be *the most reliable online pharmacy* is or at least that’s the first thing that I have noticed being claimed by this pharmacy as soon as I have entered their main page. Obviously the reason that I said this is a Canadian pharmacy is from its name, but I’m going to try to see if they have shared their location. Also, I have found few other claims which this online pharmacy promises to fulfill and they are: FDA approved pills; quality medications at low cost; free prescription included; fast overnight shipping. The website has a user friendly design and that’s really good which makes it a pleasure to navigate through it and everything seems to be quite easy to understand and that’s really good. I have then tried to search for more information about the pharmacy itself which is why I have accessed the *about us* page where I found information suggesting that it is one of the first online pharmacies operating in the online field since 1998 but yet, I couldn’t find where they headquarters is being located, unfortunately. They just claim to save their customers their time and money by ordering medications from this pharmacy which sells exclusively only good/ quality products. Talking about their products let’s check the following:

Selection of medications and prices for them at

According to the categories of medication that I was able to find on this online pharmacy I would say that their selection of medications is really wide with lots of medications that can be found here such as: anti depressants, antibiotics, meds for cholesterol, anti anxiety drugs, diabetes, pain relief meds and many many other medications. This is the reason why I doubt to be mistaken by saying that selection of medications here is really wide and that’s a good thing to my opinion. There are lots of medications found in Men’s Health category as well including the famous drugs like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra brand and generic. Viagra generic in dosage of 90 pills 50 mg would cost you 1.16 USD per pill and that’s 104 USD in total. Although I have seen online pharmacies with slightly cheaper prices, that’s still a good price to be honest, compared to other pharmacies online. Due to the fact that I was not able to find a single word about this pharmacy requiring a prescription I can assume that they do not require any. And while this can be good news for some people out there, remember that this might be a sign of illegal activity of the online pharmacy. But the problem is that their FAQ page is empty which means that the site, most likely, is not fully functional.

Shipping and Payment Options

I have found information suggesting that they are serving customers all over the world which means they offer world wide shipping. There seems to be 2 shipping methods and as usual, there is EMS shipping option which has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 17 business days and usually does have online tracking and there’s standard USPS shipping which has a delivery timeframe of 14 to 24 business days and usually does not have online tracking. Now a strange thing is that the standard USPS is only with one dollar less expensive than EMS – 28 USD (standard shipping) and 29 USD (EMS shipping). There are 2 payment methods available. The first one is credit cards (as usual, only visa and master card) and the second payment method is wire transfer. No other payment methods available here.

Customer Support Department

There seems to be a number of methods to get in touch with this pharmacy and they include: contact form on the contact page as most other online pharmacies, there’s an email address listed, there is a phone number listed as well but make sure to call them only in the business hours listed on the website and lastly, there is live chat function available either. This is all very good to my opinion. There is English and Deutsche customer support department as well.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

One thing that I have noticed which saves you money is ordering pills in bulk – the more pills you order the more the discounts and unfortunately it seems to be the only thing available making you save money. I couldn’t find coupon codes or any other ways to save money. I also couldn’t even find free shipping or free bonus pills being offered here. Reviews

There are no customer reviews on their website and there are no customer reviews anywhere online. Or at least, regardless of how much I tried to search for customer reviews about this online pharmacy, I failed to do so. There doesn’t seem to be a single person to have written a review and this greatly alarms me making me wonder if this pharmacy does have any customers at all. All the information I could find in google only suggested general ideas about Canadian pharmacies but no information about specifically. I went on searching for more information and I found out that this website has been around only for 2 years, instead of being one of the longest running pharmacy (one very strange thing, how can be a longest running pharmacy not have any customer reviews?), plus it is possibly related to a high risk country (Latvia), and also – high number of suspicious websites on this server and also, the website may be related to a number of high risk sites.


In the end I don’t recommend my readers to order drugs here although the prices seem to be attractive. Besides the fact that they do not seem to have special offers, they also do not have customer reviews, they lied about how much they have been online and there are few other alarming things which make me think that they are closer to scam pharmacy instead of legit pharmacy. Therefore I will put my rate of 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 to

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