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An online pharmacy that I have found while I was doing my research for good and reliable online pharmacies is named, an Canadian online pharmacy (as much as we can see from its name) which seems pretty good from the first impression I’ve got by entering and quickly doing an analysis of the front page. Canada Drugs United online pharmacy claims to be the Canada’s most established and reliable sources for affordable international and Canadian medications. Either is that true or not we’re going to find out later. Also according to the information that I have managed to find there, everyone who is searching for popular brand and generic drugs can find them all at this online pharmacy store. According to the information that I could find on their website, the pharmacy claims to be so good because of the following reasons; they offer medications word wide and they provide only quality brand and generic medications; they have lowest price guaranteed; international and Canadian Internet Pharmacy Service; affordable medications from Licensed Pharmacies and Fulfillment Centers from all around the World. You can read more details about each by going to their website. The website is user friendly and I have seen that people can create an account here and login to their accounts. What I noticed is the fact this online pharmacy claims to be a member of CIPA approved pharmacy and IPABC approved pharmacy as well. But I know that many pharmacies are lying about their accreditations so checking whether is this true or not is a must. So I went on and I checked and it does seems that the pharmacy is indeed a CIPA approved pharmacy. That’s very good but it doesn’t mean that this is the best pharmacy you can find so there are still lots of things to check. Selection of Medications and Prices

According to the information on their website, there are *popular drugs* and a list of about 10 drugs of popular drugs. But there is not a categories list and there’s not an exact number of drugs that you can find here shared on the website. With this being said I cannot say with certitude if selection of medications is wide or not. Nevertheless, since this is an approved CIPA pharmacy, usually, such pharmacies have big selection of medications and with this being said, I can assume this pharmacy also has a wide selection of medications. As in regards to prices, I have checked the most famous ED medications including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and with this being said, I can say that prices here are pretty expensive. That’s because, for example 50 mg generic Viagra 32 pills (max quantity) would cost you 61 USD. Compared to other pharmacies that’s an expensive price. According to the information on their website, the pharmacy requires a prescription for ordering here. Shipping and payment details

As I have mentioned a little bit earlier, this online pharmacy is offer world wide shipping to all countries around the world and that’s good to my opinion as anyone can order here. they claim that the standard shipping has a fee of 10 USD per package. But this fee applies to standard packages shipped to USA. But overweight, oversized or items requiring special handling may require more. No information whether or not they provide other shipping methods. Deliveries in Canada require anywhere between 8 to 12 business days while international orders require anywhere between 16 to 18 business days. Seems that all packages can be tracked. There is no information about payment methods and that’s why I can’t say comment here as I am not sure what they are accepting in terms of payment methods. All I can say is – I can assume the pharmacy is accepting credit cards. Customer Support Service

I have accessed the main page of this online pharmacy and I have noticed that this online pharmacy is having a toll free phone number and toll free fax number listed that you can see as soon as you enter the website. But there’s a contact page where you can see that they are also having an email, and you can see a mailing address to their address (in Richmond, BC). Make sure to call them in their business hours if you want to reach someone.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes on this online pharmacies I have noticed that they are offering a single way (method) to make you save money, or at least that’s what it seems as I couldn’t find any other methods making you saving money. there are no coupon codes, there are no discounts and seemingly no free shipping or free pills. You can save money by telling a friend about it is said that you earn 35 USD for each referred friend, however by reading details it is said that you only make 25 USD for a referred friend. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews online about this online pharmacy I have failed to find any more reviews than just one. I have seen that it has a customer review on and it has a report on but on both sites it is the exact same message which means the person tried to make sure his message reaches someone. The problem is that according to that customer review, this pharmacy is a scam. The person has got no refund and no medications saying that the pharmacy have sold their reputation for 42.97 USD he lost. According to information on, the pharmacy is indeed not worth using. That’s all alarming to my opinion.


This online pharmacy is a CIPA approved pharmacy and that’s very good, plus to that they seem to offer you discounts by referring friends and that’s both good things. But except for these things there’s nothing good, as much as it seems. The pharmacy has a single customer reviews (which is already not good) but it is negative and it has no trust from scam warning websites, with no coupon codes and pretty high prices for medications. These are the reasons making me rate it with 2 out of 5.

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