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Another online pharmacy that is on my list of reviewing is Canada Drug Stop with their domain address and today I’m going to try my best writing a review that would help everyone understand is it a good idea to trust this online pharmacy or better stay away from it. So, as the name suggests this is an Canadian pharmacy which is claimed to have launched back in 2003 and since then, the pharmacy claims that they have already helped hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to get all the medications that they need at some affordable prices that’s since they claim to provide everyone around the world safe and affordable meds that people can save up to 90%. Plus to that, is claiming to be one of the Canada’s most trusted online Canadian as well as international pharmacy as well as administration service providers. They claim that their products are coming from different countries, same countries as from where they process and ship the orders meaning that they have centers all over these countries which includes: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Mauritius and as they claim – this is not a full list. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about where their headquarters is located.

Canada Drug Stop drug selection

All the medications that you can find on their store is claimed to be e approved, with all regulations under CIPA and IPABC as well as other pharmacy checkers. This pharmacy is providing a very big range of high quality drugs and they have Brand names of drugs, generic, as well as over the counter. They are offering all sorts and types of drugs that include medications to treat such diseases and human health conditions as: allergy, diuretics, depression, men’s health and many others. As usual, I’ve checked whether do they offer Levitra, Cialis and Viagra, and they did, each one having their brand and their generic version. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a full list of drugs or at least a full list of categories of drugs because if you go on their ‘find drugs’ page you’re going to be given a search box in which you need to write the drug of your interest. So how many drugs and which ones exactly – I can’t say. But since they have ED drugs – for me that’s fine.

Canada Drug Stop Drug prices

On prices I think that they need to work a bit more and I doubt that they are having the ‘most affordable’ prices online. Although they do not seem to have sky high prices for ED medications that I have checked, unlike other online pharmacies, the prices still seem to be a bit too high, or at least higher than my expectations for ‘most affordable prices’. Like for example the lowest price that I could find for Viagra (sildenafil citrate) generic was 122 USD for 88 pills for a 25 mg pill. That means that the lowest price for their Viagra on site is 1.38 USD per pill and that’s quite a lot. For brand Viagra by Pfizer (I guess) 100 mg 4 pills you need to pay 66 USD which is also not an exaggerated price, but I definitely met online pharmacies which had lower prices. Same thing goes for Cialis and Levitra. Like for example for 10 mg of tadalafil (generic Cialis) 88 pills you need to pay 298 USD and that’s 3.38 USD per pill. Again, quite a big price.

Canada Drug Stop Drug prescription won’t be breaking the law when it comes to doctor’s prescription meaning that if you want to purchase any of the ED drugs or any other medications that are requiring the doctor’s prescription then they are not going to send you them without a valid one. You need to send the prescription either by email or fax. Medications that require a prescription have an RX next to the drug’s name, meaning that the said drug requires a prescription. Here’s their note:* Please note that all prescription products require a VALID PRESCRIPTION written by your doctor to be sent to us to complete your order.*

Canada Drug Stop Payment methods in case you do want to purchase

They don’t seem to have a lot of payment methods but I would say that this is enough for most people. They are accepting Master Card and Visa. Unfortunately there are not e check payment, no bitcoin payment method or anything. Unless you have Master Card or Visa, you are not able to make a payment with

What’s the shipping policy?

What’s the shipping fee for all the countries I couldn’t find out but a shipping fee of 10 USD per package is added for orders in the United States. Since they claim to accept orders all over the world then I think they should have listed a shipping fee for all countries. The pharmacy claims that all the orders needs to be processed and that’s why you need to give them a period of 48 – 72 hours until the order is going to be processed as soon as you have sent the prescription and placed the order. The delivery times in Canada as they claimed is anywhere between 8 to 12 business days, however for the international orders they need anywhere between 16 to 18 business days as soon as the order has been confirmed. Either do they have an express shipping option it is not known. Usually, tracking system isn’t added at regular shipping. Customer Service

You’re able to contact their customer support by email [email protected] at their toll free phone: 1-877-210-3784 which is available 24 hours and they also have a toll free Fax: 1-877-210-3777. There’s also a mailing address for those who need it. you’re also able to submit a form if you like. In addition to that they are also having an live support now available at certain hours, here’s the message on their website: *Our customer support is now available from 5:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM PST Mon-Fri and 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sat-Sun.* so it should be really easy to get in touch with them in case you have questions to ask.

Canada Drug Stop Coupon codes or discounts or anything

Unfortunately, I haven’t found too much discounts or special offers. They are not offering free medications, not offering free shipping or anything in this matter. However they do offer my favorite way of saving money: coupon codes. Upon check out I’ve been given an option to use a promo code which means that I can easily save up some money. I have to admit that even though they don’t offer too much of beneficial discounts (they already listed that you can save up to 90% but judging their prices I am not very sure) the coupon codes I still like a lot.

Is Canada Drug Stop a Legit or Scam Pharmacy?

According to Canada Drug Stop is a rogue pharmacy:

Canada Drug Stop Reviews is one of those sites which is very and very hard to say whether is this a site worth ordering from or not and that’s because it has a lot of mixed reviews. There are people saying that they are really happy with the services and medications that this website offers, but there are others who are calling them liar and thieves. All those positive and negative reviews makes me say that this is a site which most likely is doing its job, but you have big risks that something bad is going to happen. like for example a person said BEWARE because they have slow shipping, bad customer service and short expiration dates on medications while other person said that they are polite, professional and they have delivered exactly as it was promised.

What’s the conclusion?

As I usually say, the customer reviews are one of the most important things (if not the most) because judging an online pharmacy can judge only a person that already has experience with it. The website seem to be fairly good with some flaws, but the biggest flaws it has are the bad customer reviews which is suggesting that this is a bad site which can include even some scams. I would say that with all of that taken in consideration 3 rate from a total rate of 5 is what this website deserves.

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