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I’ve been doing the research for an reliable online pharmacy where people, including myself, can get reliable medications at good prices and by doing my research I have come along which, as the name suggests, is an Canadian Online Pharmacy that is claiming to have its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada. As soon as you enter the website you can see such information suggesting that they are CIPA accredited, they are a top rated pharmacy by as well as a number of other accreditations such as Shopper Approved and Security Metrics accredited. The pharmacy claims that their international products are being provided by a number of overseas pharmacies from a number of different countries like Australia, US, UK, Turkey, Mauritius as well as New Zealand. The pharmacy claimed that has already helped over 500,000 customers to save money while purchasing quality prescription medication from this pharmacy and that’s because they have firstly started the business back in 2006. This is all the information that I was able to find on their about us page and also there you can find their accreditations. You can create an account on this website and then login, the website features user friendly design which makes it easy for people navigate through it and understand everything as well as searching for whatever the customer is looking for. There’s no option to chance the site’s language or currency.

Selection of medications on with prices

You can find the medications that you need as soon as you enter the website by writing the name of that medication in the search box that you can easily find on the top of the website. However you can also access their *Category* page where is shown an extremely big list of drugs and other pharmaceutical products that are categorized by health condition and to be honest, it seems to me that this pharmacy has the widest selection of drugs that I have ever seen on any other online pharmacy. To be honest, there’s such a big category of drugs that in my opinion, they should have drugs for any known health condition. They even have dental products, ear care, endocrine, cancer medications, iron supplements, glaucoma medications and a lot others. Again, I think that this is the largest selection of medications I’ve ever seen. But as usual, I went forward searching for erectile dysfunction drugs. There I found a total number of 6 drugs: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Staxyn, Priligy and Caverject. There you can find the *Type* of the drug where it is a *Rx* sign which means that each drug has the information where it shows if you can get the medications only via a valid prescription or not. Any ED medication requires prescription. What’s important to mention is that this pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription from a licensed to prescribe medications doctor. Also there you can *check the price* and that’s what I’ve done on clicking this for Viagra. There are 5 different forms of Viagra and all of them are only brands but the difference is the country (Canada or Turkey), dosage (25 mg or 50 mg), and Quantity of pills (8, 16 or 24 pills). The lowest price per pill makes the Turkey Viagra of 50 mg 24 pills – 239 USD. That’s going to be the lowest price for Viagra which is 10 USD per pill. Then I realized that there are other sildenafil citrate products, and a lot of generics too. I’ve got to click on *show full list*. And there I was given a big list with different countries, dosages, quantities etc. But I analyzed the prices and still – compared to a local pharmacy that’s a good price, compared to other online pharmacies, that’s an extremely big price in my opinion. The pharmacy works with both generics and brands.

Payment methods and Shipping methods you can choose from on

In order to go further on check out you must login to your account and that’s why I wasn’t able to go to the checkout page. However I was still able to find out that I shipping world wide to all countries with prices of 25.00 USD all over the world for the shipping and 10 USD for US, Canada, UK and Australia. The shipping time also depends on the country listed, in those countries I just mentioned the delivery time is shorter compared to rest of the world which can take up to 3 weeks, and up 2 weeks for those countries. There are no shipping options. As for the payment methods: you can pay via Personal Checks and International Money orders and according to the information on FAQ those are all the payment methods they accept. However according to the information on their front page they also seem to accept VISA and Master Card too. That’s very good that they have multiple payment methods compared to shipping options that’s a single option on this website.

Customer Support that Canada Pharmacy Online has

In case you are still having some questions that you want to ask prior to order and you cannot find the answer on their FAQ page, or in case you already ordered and there is something that went wrong then you can contact their customer support team via their email, telephone, fax or mailing. It seems this online pharmacy removed the old fashioned way to fill a form and wait for a response in your email. But if you still like this method then you can write them directly to the email that you can find on the website. But you can also get a faster answer by calling them. However they have hours of operation so make sure you don’t call them outside those hours. Unfortunately for me, there is no online live chat function and that’s why I never contacted the pharmacy myself. If there is someone reading this who did then please write your experience with their customer support below in the comments.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

What are the discounts, special offers, bonuses and do has coupon codes?

Well, this online pharmacy made a big claim that they have a big number of accreditations and what’s more important is that they have already satisfied more than half a million of customers who need medications, nevertheless, they don’t offer any discounts or bonuses and that’s something very strange for me – an online pharmacy with a big number of customers without offering anything that’s something I can hardly believe in. They do not have discounts for ordering big number of pills, they don’t have any kind of discounts for anyone (returning or new customers), no free pills, no free shipping and generally nothing. And lastly, of course, no coupon codes anywhere. That’s a big minus for the pharmacy and the person responding for marketing should think once again and a marketing strategy. It seems they are thinking the medications they sell there are worth every the last penny, and that’s although the prices are so high that they touch the clouds! Reviews

There are a couple of good things about this online pharmacy. It does seem to enjoy quite a bit of popularity and according to the domain age is more than 15 years. These are 2 extremely good things about this pharmacy. In addition to that, I have checked the customer reviews online which they seemed to have quite a bit and it is also very important that most of them are positive. There are people saying to be loyal customers for quite some years now and they always had good experience. Others saying that they purchased Viagra and it was working really well after they have received the products in less than 2 weeks. This is very good. however another person recommended not to give them the phone number or the email and that’s because this is a spammy online pharmacy that will write and call you daily and multiple times per day. Truth is that although there is a number of negative customer reviews, none of them seemed to call them scammers or fake online pharmacy and that’s really good. What’s not good is that scam warning engines do not have trust in it: scamner has 0% and scamadviser has only 56% which is really a low trust rate.

Is it legit or scam?

According to the number of visitors of this website and to the number of positive customer reviews, I would say that this pharmacy is legit (even though none of the scam warning websites like legit script, scam adviser and scamner had trust in it), but I would still never put too much trust in it and plus, there are other minuses this pharmacy has, unfortunately.


This pharmacy definitely isn’t a perfect online pharmacy and that’s mostly because of 3 factors: it has sky touching prices, it doesn’t offer any discounts or coupon codes to shrink a little bit those prices and there are negative customer reviews online (with no trust from scam warning websites). These aren’t very good things, however the high chance that it is reliable plays its role too as well as the number of customer reviews. With all of that said, I rate it with 3 out of 5 and it would have been better if there would be less negative customer reviews and cheaper prices with discounts and special offers.

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