/ Canada Pharmacy 24h Reviews & Coupons suggests that it is an online pharmacy which is located in, obviously, Canada and that you can purchase here medications 24 hours a day without problems. This is an online pharmacy which claims to be *one of the best drug stores* as their logo suggests and by searching through their site they suggest that their pharmacy is the leader in delivering medications throughout the world. One of the reason why they suggest they are the leader pharmacy is because they are selling medications at heavily discounted prices because their banner suggests that their drug prices are 70% less than the prices for same medications you can find in your local pharmacy. Also through their information on the website I found they have been established in year 2004. This is an online pharmacy distributor of generic drugs all over the world with the best quality and lowest prices. We’re about to find that out. The website is well done in my opinion and it supports 5 different languages.

Canada Pharmacy 24H Drug Selection

Even though this is an online pharmacy which has a very big variety of medications that you are able to purchase from this website, it is very easily noticeable that they are mostly focused on ED medications. their bestsellers (at least according to the information on their website) are ED medications such as Viagra and Cialis plus they have special offer for Viagra and Cialis pack. They have multiple different types of Viagra (like for example Viagra plus, soft, brand, flavored, extra super, female and so on and so forth); multiple different types of Cialis (same as Viagra) and multiple different types of Levitra (same as the both previously mentioned). As for the rest medications you can find them by using the quick search function, searching the drugs by first letter or also by health condition (blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, anti viral, diabetes and a lot others). The pharmacy promises that all the medications are of the best quality.

Canada Pharmacy 24H Prices for the drugs

The fact that I’m mainly focused on ED medications I guess is already understandable and that’s why I am going to compare only the prices for ED meds, simple generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, and their brand versions. I can’t compare the prices for other medications and so here we go. The lowest price that you can find generic Viagra on is $ 0.36 per pill. This is the lowest price you can get this tablet if the pill is 25 mg and you purchase 360 pills at once. The highest price for a single generic Viagra pill is $ 3.8 per pill and that’s if the pills are of 100 mg and you purchase only 10 pills. The lowest price for brand Viagra per pill is $ 3.8. The lowest price for generic Cialis is 0.76 USD per pill and the lowest price for generic Levitra is $ 1.2 per pill. I can assume that all the rest drugs in other categories are having generic and branded versions and most importantly if they are of the same price because these are very good prices for these pills, both their generics and brands.

Canada Pharmacy 24H is requiring a prescription for medications?

This is an online pharmacy that doesn’t require their customers to show any prescriptions for purchasing any medications in any quantity. All the medications found on the website are available to everyone just by paying without additional problems or questions. It just seems that they recommend everyone to consult a doctor before using a medication.

What are the payment options that accepts?

Although they don’t have a lot of payment methods (and unfortunately no cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, at least so far) there seem to be enough as they are accepting Visa card, Master Card, AmEx as well as eCheck. I can assume that eCheck is available only for US customers.

What are the shipping options offers?

As most of the online pharmacies that I have ever came across – there are 2 shipping options available and they are: regular airmail (US customers are calling it US Postal Service) and it has an usual waiting period of 2 – 3 weeks. The price isn’t listed but on checkout there is a price of $ 9.95 for this option but I can’t see the other option EMS Courier Delivery so I don’t know the price. However I did have managed to find out that they have a delivery time of 3 to 8 business days (but because of customs delays they can’t promise a delivery of 3 to 8 days). Usually regular airmail doesn’t have tracking but EMS does have a tracking system. They refund or reship in case the parcel is lost or if items are damaged.

Canada pharmacy 24H customer support service

Unfortunately this online pharmacy doesn’t have online live chat function which is why I haven’t contacted this pharmacy. That was my favorite way of getting in touch with their team. But that’s not a big problem and that’s because if you still have questions you are able to either contact them by writing a form by email or by calling them by the 2 phone numbers listed on their website one of which is US phone number and the other one is EU phone number. Can’t comment if they are real professionals since as I said, I never contacted them.

Is Canada pharmacy 24H a scam or is it legit?

Canada Pharmacy 24H discounts, bonuses, special offers and coupon codes

That’s amazing but this pharmacy seems to have them all and that’s an amazing way of getting new customers and also keeping their old ones. Besides the fact that the prices for medications are getting lower per pill if you purchase larger quantities, you are also getting a 10% discount overall for all orders that are above $200. In addition to that, if you’re purchasing for more than $200 then you are also getting a free regular airmail shipping and that’s an amazing special offer and discount rate! About the bonuses – you’re also getting free pills depending on how much you purchase. There are level 1 free pills which is given to absolutely everyone and it doesn’t matter of how small of an order you have. There are level 2 free pills which is given to orders more than $157.59 and level 3 orders for orders above $257.59. Obviously the higher the level the more and the better pills you get. And in addition to all of that there are also coupon numbers which you can validate upon checking out. One more additional way of saving money.

Canada Pharmacy 24H Customer Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews which suggests that this seem to be a popular pharmacy. Since this is a popular pharmacy then I assume that it should be a good one because I assume that a scam website won’t become popular – but there’s always a risk. That’s why I had to actually go through those reviews. It seems that is a good pharmacy but it still has flaws to fix. Lots of happy customers said that this is indeed a very good pharmacy, some of them saying that they think this is the best pharmacy. They said that they received their medications in the admissible time, the meds were good of quality and they keep their promises. However there are other reviews, some of which written in other languages (like German or French), recommending other people to stay away from this pharmacy and that’s because the medications they have ordered were lost in transit and because the pharmacy’s customer support service doesn’t speak any other language than English and this seem to be a big problem for non English customers of this website. Anyhow, it seems to me that the positive number of commenters is still more than those negative ones.

So what’s the conclusion?

The information on their website suggests that they are a member of CIPA, they are CPA approved, 5 stars from and also a member of MIPA and that’s all very good. They have very good prices and they have enough bonuses and discounts with coupon codes. But nevertheless they still failed to show good reputation on legitscript and scamner and that’s very sad. Plus to that they still failed to make happy some customers which were furious enough to recommend other people to stay away from this pharmacy on independent websites. All of this means that is a 3 out of 5 stars pharmacy meaning that it is fine, but they still have work to do to reach the level of ‘top online pharmacies’.

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