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I didn’t even know that there are so many Canadian drug pharmacies online but it seems that there are truly very much of them. That’s what I thought about when I’ve found one more Canadian pharmacy A few minutes of inspecting the front page of this website it seemed to me that the online pharmacy has *everything it should* as everything is easy to understand and use. Therefore I went further on their “about Canada drugs” page to find out more about this company and so I’ve read that Canada Drugs has been founded back in 2001 by a person named Kris Thorkelson. This website has been created in order to save people’s money on drugs and they claim to be the largest and the most trusted international mail order prescription provider and that they are the absolute leader in prescription drug savings. That’s a really big claim in my opinion and I do hope their words are true. This is an online pharmacy that has gained the trust of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) as well as At least that’s the information on their website.

Canada Drugs selection of medications

They claim to have both generic and brand medications which are coming from the best manufacturers out there from the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand as well as Australia. So you can browse for their medications by firstly choosing either you need prescription products or over the counter products. After you have chosen one you can browse for product alphabetically or browsing by category (health condition) and of course by searching in the search box. I’ve clicked on over the counter products and searched for Viagra just to see if I am going to be given some results. I wasn’t showed anything so I searched for Viagra on prescription products and I was given 3 Viagra types by dosage: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. all of them were only branded versions and they have no generic versions for them. Same goes for Levitra as they do have the branded version but no generic. However another story with Cialis as they have both versions: generic and branded. There seem to be an overall good selection of drugs so I can assume many drugs can be found here. They even have medications for pets.

Canada Drugs Drug prices

For Cialis by Lilly you would need to pay 26.90 USD per pill if you purchase only 4 tablets. However the prices are getting much lower if you purchase 12 tablets of it or more because in such situation you can get it at 19.40 USD per pill. All of this if you choose the Cialis by Lilly 20 mg. if you choose a product of Canada which is manufactured by Mint (tadalafil generic of Cialis) then you would need to pay 15.79 USD per tablet if you purchase 12 or more tablets. If you choose to purchase only 4 tablet of generic Cialis then the price per pill would be 18.04 USD. For Viagra (brand by Pfizer) lowest price is 13.96 USD per pill if you choose to purchase 20 tablets or more. For less tablets you purchase more per tablet. The prices to be honest are *moderate*. They are not really high (except for generic because usually generics are much more lower) but they are by far not the best prices that I have seen on the online pharmacies. All I can say about the prices is that they are just *acceptable*.

Canada Drugs Prescription requirements:

Yes they do require their customers to send them valid prescriptions written by licensed doctors for getting any medications that can be found in their Prescription Products. Without a prescription then you only can get pharmaceutical products found in Over the counter products on this website.

Canada Drugs Customer support service

They have all forms that you can get in touch with an online pharmacy: phone numbers, live chat online, mail address, email and fax (I guess to where you need to send your prescriptions). So you can choose via which method you like to talk with them. I doubt that there is going to be anything hard in talking with’s personnel in case you are going to have any questions. I personally have discussed with a person via Live Chat and I was impressed to see how knowledgeable he is about their products. Plus this seemed to be like a very polite man I discussed to.

Canada Drugs Shipping policy

I’ve carefully checked for shipping details on their FAQ’s page, however I couldn’t find any information about the shipping policy or any other details. However, upon checking out I did have seen that the delivery time is going to be anywhere between 14 to 28 days in order to reach Western Europe as well as North America. The shipping is free for absolutely all orders that are in: US, the UK, Canada as well as Puerto Rico. Couldn’t find whether do they have more shipping options or not. They do have a 90 days return policy and of course the refund or reshipment in case the parcel is getting lost in transit or is damaged.

Canada Drugs Payment options

As nearly all online pharmacies, they, of course, do accept credit cards, only the major credit cards like for example Master Card, Visa as well as American Express. In case you are not having any of these credit cards and you still want to purchase something from this online pharmacy then you still have other payment methods such as Cashiers Checks, Money Orders as well as Wire Transfers so that’s pretty fine when you’re given multiple payment methods to choose from.

Is Canada Drugs a Legit or Scam Pharmacy?

According to Canada Drugs is a rogue pharmacy:

Canada Drugs Coupon codes, discounts or maybe some bonuses?

I’m a firm believer that the biggest reason why do people search for online pharmacies is money. Nearly all drugs can be found on nearly all local pharmacies nearly regardless of where you live so then what’s the point of searching for an online pharmacy? Of course that’s money, everyone is looking to save some money and that’s why, discounts and coupon codes are crucial here. I was happy to see that does offer some bonuses and some discounts with coupons. Like for example you can use a coupon which is going to give a discount of 25 % for first time customers with their first prescription order. another bonus is, as I said earlier, absolutely all shipping orders are for free. Upon checking out you can also apply coupons for getting discounts too. And one last thing is that you can get 5% off for referring a friend and get 2.5% off if your friend is going to have a referral. * Earn 5% of your friends purchases and 2.5% of their friends purchases with the Referral Rewards Program*.  These are some really good ways to save money.

Canada Drugs Reviews

Many people seemed to be happy with using this online pharmacy, however there were other people who said that they are totally disreputable and warned not to do any business with this company. However another person named Garlec said that he has ordered Levitra and the medication is definitely brand and top quality. He does recommend this pharmacy. Customer reviews are really different with someone saying that this is the best pharmacy while others saying that this is a stealing company. I’ve went searching for what does scam adviser tells me and I saw a trust rate of 80% which is really good. but then there’s legit script which doesn’t agree with this having a low trust in this website. As usual – there are 2 sides.


It is really hard to judge an online pharmacy which has so various customer reviews and the opinion of scam adviser sites are also so different. But I’ve also taken in calculation the prices that I’ve seen on this website, their special offers and coupons, the customer reviews, the customer support service and so on and so forth. That’s why I think that this pharmacy deserves 2 out of 5 because of so different and various customer reviews and because the prices could have been lower. Shopping here can be risky, but on occasions you can have good experience with them.

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