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From the research that I have done on the I’ve seen that it is actually not a pharmacy, however it is an international pharmacy referral service, or at least that’s according to its site. But since we have the name of ‘pharmacy’ that’s still how I am going to call it further. As it is being suggested from its name of Canada Drug Pharmacy, it is obvious that it is a Canadian online pharmacy which has its headquarters there. they claim that the pharmacy is being licensed and is being approved by CIPA and therefore, they are selling generic medications from the biggest drug manufacturers that are based in Singapore, Europe, India as well as Turkey. They also say that they drugs are FDA approved and have medications coming from United Stated as well. I’ve tried to find out their experience in online pharmacy business and when I have contacted their staff I’ve been answered that they firstly opened their business in 2003. However, there are no other sources claiming the same. According to the website, they are a pharmacy which helps everyone get the medications they need because of their low prices implying that they can offer up to even 90% low prices on some specific medications found in their drugstore.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Selection of drugs

The first thing you can see on their home page is that their medications have been categorized in 2 types depending on their availability: prescription medications and Over The Counter Products. You are given the option to *quote* Browse for Prescription Drugs and Medication by Letter (A-Z) *end of quote* or also can search by writing keywords in their search box. I’m not a medical professional but it does seems to me like they have very much drugs for very much health conditions. This implies that this online pharmacy has quite a lot of medications and drugs in their store and although I was not able to find an exact number it seemed to me that there are at least a few hundred of different mediations for different health problems. As usual, I was searching for ED drugs mostly and the most popular were on their store (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra) and each of them had both branded version and generic, depending on customers preference.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Price comparison with other pharmacies

The prices I’ve seen listed on their site were quite good. that’s because brand Viagra by Pfizer (sildenafil) of 100 mg x 4 tablets were 76 USD which makes it 19 USD per pill and that’s a fair price. But for Viagra generic (also sildenafil) of 20 mg made by Revatio x 270 tablets they charge you 391 dollars. That’s 1.44 USD per tablet and that’s quite a high price, especially since 1.44 USD per pill is the lowest price for generic Viagra because if you want to purchase only 30 pills of Revatio (generic Viagra) that would cost you 2.1 USD and that’s a lot. Didn’t started to research for other drugs treating other health conditions than ED, but I made my conclusion by searching for these drugs: the prices aren’t exaggerated here, but they are pretty big. Their claiming of saving up to 90%, I guess, applies to other drugs.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Payment options:

The only payment methods that are listed on their site is Visa Card and Master Card. I wanted to find out whether are these the only options I have and the customer service person told me that they are also accepting E check, American Express as well as Check and International Money Order. Too bad they still don’t accept Bitcoins yet, for a Bitcoin lover like me, that would facilitate my payment procedures.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Customer support if you have questions

As I already said it a number of times earlier in my review, I have already discussed with their customer support because I had some questions myself. It seemed to me that the person I discussed to was knowledgeable and it didn’t take too long until the answered all my questions. I decided to go with the Live Chat Support option as it is my preferred one, but if you’re more talkative then you can contact them via phone – Toll-Free: 1-877-275-1525 but they are only available Monday – Friday 5:00am – 10:00pm (PST); Saturday – Sunday 8:00am – 3:00pm (PST), for phone calls, unlike Live Support Online which I guess is online 24/7. Also they have Toll-free Fax: 1-877-558-5459 and they claim: Our fax line is open 24 hours / 7 days. There’s also an email listed: [email protected] Through my discussion with that person, I asked if they have refund policy and they told me that there isn’t one. Anyway, it seems to me that you can reach them if you really need to and their staff seem to be knowledgeable people.

Placing the order, need to wait for the shipping

As much as I could find, they are having world wide shipping which means that they can ship your order regardless in which country you live in. It is said that they are doing shipping via regular Postal Service mail at a shipping fee of 10 USD for a package which doesn’t have tracking number included. I forgot to ask the service what if I am having a need in getting tracking number but I guess this service costs you additional USD. Plus to that, they say that oversized or/ and overweight packages may apply some additional shipping charges. They claim that it takes them anywhere between 8 to 12 business days for the delivery to reach its destination for the Canadian orders and anywhere between 14 to 18 business days for all the rest countries’ orders. It is said that this time starts counting as soon as they are having both the order received AS WELL as the prescriptions (for those medications that do require a prescription). And so, as I’ve got to this moment;

Do Canada Drug Pharmacy require a prescription for ‘prescription medications category of drugs’?

Since they have categorized the Over the Counter products and Prescription Medications I guess it is obvious that they do require a prescription. They are not going to start sending your prescription medication unless you are going to send them your prescription for that medication and I guess this can be done either via email or fax.

Is Canada Drug Pharmacy a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to Canada Drug Pharmacy is a rogue pharmacy:

Is there a chance for Canada Drug Pharmacy to be a scam?

There’s always a chance for absolutely any online pharmacy out there to be a scam. Even those pharmacies that you have had only positive experiences with. There’s always a risk ordering from online pharmacy and this is a thing that everyone needs to understand. But on general lines this site doesn’t seem to be a scam as there are people out there who said that they got their packages and they are happy. Since I’ve got to what other people think about it I must mention;

Canada Drug Pharmacy reviews

There are always 2 sides of the coin which means that there are happy customers and there are unhappy customers. Some of them claiming that they are having only positive experience with canadadrugstore for the last 5 years while others calling it a scam. You can find some reviews by writing the name of this pharmacy in google and adding ‘reviews’ to it. but to be honest, the reviews weren’t excellent.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Coupons, Maybe they have special offers?

They don’t seem to have absolutely any types of discount or anything. The only thing they do have is coupon codes which is good, but not enough.

What’s the conclusion?

I would say that it is a 3 out of 5 because of other people reviews’, because of price, lack of discounts and scam advisor’s statistics which are very low. Buying here might end up with positive experience, but you also have risks of regretting.

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