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Another Canadian online pharmacy that I have managed to find is and it is obvious that the reason I called it a Canadian online pharmacy without even accessing their site, is because of its name. I have accessed their main page of and I have seen quite a user friendly interfaced website. According to the information on their website, this is a men’s health pharmacy and later I am going to check the reason why this is a men’s health pharmacy but it seems to be something obvious when they are having a lady on their website in a *provocative* manner. According to their motto, this is the number one supplier on the internet for ED drugs and that’s really good in case that’s true. That’s because the best online supplier for such drugs should have many customers and to my opinion, should have very good offers and deals, as much as I can think. They claim to be the world’s leading supplier on the internet for ED and Sexual needs. They claim that among their achievements and facts they have serviced more than 700,000 customers from North American, Europe and rest of the world which is a very big number and they enjoy a success rate with 80% of refill levels meaning that people return back ordering more from them! there’s information suggesting that Men’s Health Pharmacy is supplying only top quality pills made from the highest quality ingredients and they are produced by state of the art FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturers under the strictest quality control standards in the compliance with WHO international guidelines! All these promises sounds amazing! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating, however I found exact address. In fact, exact addresses and what’s strange – they claim to be Canada choice but their addresses are in UK, London and in Tucson, AZ, USA! Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, I am going to check why this online pharmacy claims to be men’s heath pharmacy and then I realized why. There is the *product list* and in that list I have seen there are only 7 different medications and all of them are for erectile dysfunction and sexual needs, as it was claimed earlier. You can find such medications: Pro Viagra, Procalis, Max Viagra, Trial Packs, Soft V Softabs and Soft Cialo Softabs. These seems to be al the products you can find at this pharmacy and as much as we can see, there’s a quite limited number of drugs that you can find at this pharmacy. I checked the prices and I have seen that 120 of pro Viagra pills 100 mg would cost you 1.25 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies prices for same quantity and same product, the price is fairly good to moderate. I’ve seen better prices but I’ve seen worse prices as well so I would say the price is good here for ED drugs. There’s not a single mention about prescription requirements and this makes me think the pharmacy does not ask for a valid prescription for ordering drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are shipping worldwide including shipping in Canada, USA, Japan, all of the Europe, UK and Australia. They claim that there are 3 shipping options and the shipping times depends on your location. The shipping takes 2 to 3 days for FedEx, 3 to 6 days for DHL and 10 to 21 days for Airmail. They claim that tracking is available on all orders. Registered mail costs 15 USD while EMS orders costs 25 USD. They claim that they are accepting most major credit cards but you can’t pay with anything else than credit cards. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy’s customer support service there are several ways. One of the most used method is: phone number. They claim that the support number is available 24 hours for everyone. Except for the phone number as I said, you could either mail at their exact address or maybe even pay them a visit if you live nearby. The pharmacy is having contact form available on their site and there also seem to be live chat function available on the site for those who are using this service (like me). Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are extremely important to my opinion and that’s because this greatly determines people to either place an order or not. Like for example, this pharmacy does seem to offer some deals. Like for example, they are offering June Special offer +50% extra free pills with every order which is amazing (they claimed that the price of 1.25 USD per pill is given to 80 pills, but they offer 40 more pills). And they also claim to offer free shipping: 150 USD order and you get free registered mail or 300 USD and you get free Express mail. Other than that – the more pills you order – the less the prices per pill gets. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about online pharmacy and I have seen that it has received quite a good number of negative reviews from some very angry and disappointed customers and it is obvious that they were angry and disappointed because, according to them, they’ve lost the money they sent to this pharmacy and so they recommend people not to have trust in this pharmacy. there are testimonials on the website suggesting otherwise, but to be honest, I trust the reviews on independent sites much rather than the ones I find on the pharmacy’s site as they could be easily faked. According to, using this pharmacy can be indeed very risky in terms of losing your money.


This online pharmacy claims to offer very good medications at very good prices for men’s health and to be more specific for ED treating drugs. Nevertheless, there are customer reviews that said they got trapped in the pharmacy’s offers and now they’ve lost their money. The pharmacy doesn’t seem to be legit according to and has low trust given by all of which makes me rate this pharmacy with 1 star out of the total of 5 stars!

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