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Calmacy is an online pharmacy which sells various medications for various health issues. This site claims to have generic medications from reputable manufacturers which they can guarantee the quality of their medications. This is a site which has different types of drugs to sell, however they are mainly concentrating on erectile dysfunction medications. The research done on this pharmacy shows that the domain age is 1 year and 178 days today but I couldn’t find any more information about this. The owner is claimed to be Amtel Ventures Ltd. It is not actually clear to me from which country they are running this online pharmacy as it is suggested that owner country is Seychelles but the Website Location is Canada and on their site it is written that their Office is in Singapore so I’m not sure how trustworthy this information is.

Calmacy Drug Selection

As implied by their main page, they are selling medications categorized by health issues: men’s health, women’s health, general treatments, weight loss, antibiotics, anti depressants, gastro intestinal, cardiovascular, inhalers, hair loss, skin care as well as topical creams. These are all the health issues that the medications on their site can cure/ treat but as said earlier, they are mainly focused on Erectile Dysfunction medications (different types of Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil) and premature ejaculation (Super P Force and others). I couldn’t find what’s the exact number of medications that you can find on this online pharmacy but it does seems they have a few hundred drugs found in their store.

Calmacy Drug Prices

The prices for their drugs are OK, but they are not the best. Like for example my favorite ED drug is Vardenafil (the brand is Levitra, but I’m generally searching for generic Vardenafil) and the lowest price that I saw on their site is 1.6 dollars per unit and that’s only if you’re purchasing 180 pills. However if you purchase as few as 15 pills then the price for a pill would be 4.33 dollars which is quite a big price. To be honest, these are both pretty big prices if you ask me. The lowest price is like 1.2 dollars per pill and that’s if you’re purchasing 150 -180 pills on other sites, and if you’re purchasing only 15 pills then I guess the lowest price I’ve ever seen was like 3.9 dollars or so. In short, the prices you would find on this site wouldn’t be exaggerated, however they are not the best either. I’ve tried to check for prices on medications that I am not familiar with and it seems that other online pharmacies have lower prices for those medications either, but then again, I can’t say that the prices were exaggerated. So as said earlier, the price is fine.

Calmacy Customer Support

For getting in contact with them online you need to share your email address. I found online that they are having a 24/7 customer support and there’s also a Toll Free Number +1866 – 561 – 5323 and an email address. You are also able to chat with them. I haven’t wrote them because I decided to make a phone call and I discussed with a nice lady which seemed to know what she was talking about as she could answer all my questions without a problem. The impression I got is that their Customer Support is pretty good and they do talk with you when and if you need this.

Calmacy Shipping methods

They are having 2 shipping options – Regular Shipping and EMS (Express Mail Service). They claim that the regular shipping is going to take 11 to 19 business days in order to reach its destination. However they claim that in case the package doesn’t arrive in the first 14 business days then they won’t charge you for delivery. Also they claim that Shipping is free if customers have order that are more than 150 dollars. But for the EMS Shipping you need to have an order that is above 250 dollars in order to get it for free and they are having EMS Shipping only in the following Countries: United Stated, United Kingdom and Australia and it takes 6 to maximum 10 business days to reach the destination. But for the standard shipping they claim to ship world wide with prices depending on your country.

Calmacy Payment options

This is a site with vast payment options that includes: American Express, Bitcoin payment, e check (but that’s for USA only customers), cards: Visa and Master Card as well as Wire transfer. I did have made my order and I paid with bitcoins and I got a little bit shocked to see that they do not offer any discounts if purchasing with bitcoins. Lately, online pharmacies are offering discounts for paying in Bitcoin, but didn’t. I did have received my package within the 19 business days, but they claim to have 30 day money back guarantee, not sure if this is applicable.

Calmacy reviews

Either because this is a new domain and I guess a new online pharmacy on the market – it doesn’t actually have very much reviews on other external sites. They do claim to have testimonials on their own site with many people leaving, obviously, good reviews, but my experience tells me not to trust those sites and to search for reviews on external sites. I did found some (very few though) and they were generally, good, but there were also unhappy customers saying that they had suspicious payments from their cards and that the pharmacy didn’t do anything only after the customer said that they would open a chargeback.

Is Calmacy a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to Calmacy is a rogue pharmacy:

Calmacy offers and coupons

The only offers I found are: free shipping at orders bigger than 150 dollars, 10% discount if you’re signing up for their newsletter as well as you can Use coupon code code8 for a 8% discount. But as I said, strangely no discount for paying in bitcoins.


I found this site to be pretty good which is not scamming you around. The other reviewer I found said that in the end his double payment got sorted out which is a sign of a non scammy site. It is offering some medications and the ED meds that I got weren’t the best but they were average. The prices are average as well. But to be honest, I had a feeling that they are a little bit shady, that’s why my rate is 3 out of 5 for

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