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Constantly searching for online pharmacies I’m finding lots and different pharmacies and among them I also find pharmacies for pets – vet pharmacies, and right now I have found such an online pharmacy which is named from its name we can easily conclude that this is a pharmacy which is specialized in selling pet medications which is why I doubt that we would find human medications here and we can also conclude that this online pharmacy is located in California, but I am going to talk about these points more detailed later. As for now I can say that this pharmacy has a user friendly interface and being a customer of this pharmacy, you can register an account here and login to it, this might be something mandatory to do for ordering products here. analyzing the front page I have seen they are offering a lot of different medications for pets and what’s more important is the fact this pharmacy claims to be certified by bizrate and it is also a .pharmacy-verified pharmacy. also the website claims to be having 256 bit protection, it is McAfee secured as well as Trustwave secured. According to the information on about page, the pharmacy is fully licensed and accredited pet pharmacy based in Hayward, CA, so that’s indeed a California pharmacy. they claim to ship prescription items to all 50 states of USA but they do not ship internationally. They claim to be carrying only products intended for the use in the USA and all those products are FDA and EPA approved. This online pharmacy also claims that you can *connect with them* on social media pages such as facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information for how long the pharmacy has been around. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I earlier mentioned, I doubt that this pharmacy has any human medications and by searching for them I couldn’t find any meaning that this pharmacy has exclusively only pet medications. However, they seem to have a wide selection of pet medications on this online pharmacy. there are a lot of different pet products for different pet needs, like for example there are products for: heartworm prevention, arthritis and pain, flea and tick and other types as well. So I can assume that pet owners can find lots of different pet drugs here. as in terms of prices, I am not able to comment on them since I am not an vet expert, however, at least, I can give an example, so I’ve taken a random product called Metacam (which is for pain and arthritis) and I found out that 30 mL 0.5 mg/ml would cost you 37 USD (but they claim that the price for such a product is usually 48 USD). Either is that a good price or not I am not sure. what I can say with certitude is that this pharmacy does require a valid prescription for ordering prescription drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

In terms of shipping details, I have already mentioned something earlier in my review and it is the fact that this online pharmacy does not sell medications internationally as they are shipping in all 50 states of USA, but only there. they claim that they can offer international shipping but it is not available for rx items or food items. The international shipping starts at 33 USD and has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 15 days. Domestically, they are offering 3 shipping options: 4 to 7 business days (5.75 USD), 2 – 4 business days (7.95 USD) and overnight (which is not available for flammable items) and it has a shipping fee that starts at 35 USD. According to their checkout page, this pharmacy only accepts credit cards and only: Discover, Master Card and Visa. Customer Support Service

Whatever question you might have, there is customer support service that should be able to respond to your questions or listen to your enquires. That’s why customer support is so important. Getting in touch with them you can do via phone number, fax number, email or mailing address. Calling them make sure that you do it in their business hours. There are also fax and phone numbers for professionals as well. No live chat function unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy claims to have special prices for some medications and that’s very good because people can save some money by purchasing medications with special prices. in addition to this, this pharmacy claims to have the coupon codes policy available for customers making them saving some money as well. Except for the special prices and coupon codes there’s one last thing that I have found: free shipping when your order value is 100 USD or more, you can appl for free shipping only by using the standard shipping. Reviews

So far, to be honest, the pharmacy seems quite good, however the customer reviews would greatly help us determining whether it is a good idea to purchase some medications for our friends here or not. While searching for those reviews I could see this pharmacy enjoys quite a big popularity online as I have managed to find lots of different reviews (more than 100 review on each website) on sites as resellerratings, yelp,, birdseye and others. It is obvious I haven’t read absolutely all reviews, but I’ve tried to read as much as possible and make a conclusion which is: the pharmacy seems to be reliable, but there are a lot of disappointed people. In fact, it even has a report on there are a lot of positive reviews as well, but on average, it seems this pharmacy has a rate of 2 out of 5 by analyzing all the reviews.


This does not seem to be a scam pharmacy since there are so many reviews, and especially since there is a good number of positive reviews. This is super good, nevertheless I will only rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 and that’s due to the fact that most people, as much as it seems, got disappointed by using their services and that’s not acceptable as people complained on a lot of things.

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