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The next online pharmacy I will review is and as much as we can see from the pharmacy’s name, they are oriented in selling Xanax online, and later I will determine if they are offering anything else than Xanax. In general lines, this seems to be an online pharmacy that is mostly oriented in selling a single type of product. I have accessed their main page and I have to say that to my opinion, the pharmacy’s site does seem to be really well done, it is all user friendly and a very good design of the site with good features and good options as much as it seems. The pharmacy also claims to have social media pages as much as I see on Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus. In addition, they offer 100% assured delivery to customers! As much as I found they claim to offer approved Xanax alprazolam from an approved store so with the help of their site, you can buy branded alprazolam at the cheapest price. On their main page there is a list of reasons as why to purchase Xanax here and they include: various payment options; packaging and handling; FDA approved Xanax Drugs, bonus pills and discounts, shipping success (96 % success rate), they claim to offer a good customer support, lowest price guaranteed, live tracking and also – refund guaranteed. That’s really good in case they are offering FDA approved Xanax at the lowest price. For those who don’t know what Xanax is – that’s a moderate to severe anxiety reliever but generally, if a person don’t know what Xanax is – they shouldn’t use it. There’s a lot of information about this product (including how to use, side effects, interactions and others) on their main page for those who want to find out more. Unfortunately, no information is given about where this online pharmacy is located or for how long it has been operating. Selection of Medications and prices

As said earlier, I searched through their entire website to see if they are offering any other medication than Xanax and it seems they do not. The only medication available at this pharmacy is Xanax so if you’re looking for something else then you will be disappointed. As they claim – they are only offering brand Xanax and when purchasing it – you should choose the dosage and the quantity of pills. you can choose from 0.25 mg, 0.50 mg, 1 mg, 1.5 mg and 2 mg – from 30 pills to 360 pills. As they claim, the price is less than 1.8 USD per pill and either is that a good price or not, I am not sure as I’m not familiar with this product. The only information I have managed to find about prescription is that they are only a place where they sell Xanax – they do not advice or recommend this pill to anyone, and so they do not fill any prescription to the customers. They claim that all buyers are requested to consult their healthcare professionals before taking Xanax, however I couldn’t find information if they request a valid prescription to order here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on the site suggesting that this pharmacy is providing shipping service to global countries and this means that everyone around the globe can order drugs here. I found information on the site suggesting they are offering RMS (regular airmail) and EMS (Express mail) shipping option – maximum of 28 days for EMS and 60 days for RMS. Tracking seems to be available. Different shipping times for different countries and shipping fee is 40 USD but they didn’t mentioned either for RMS or EMS. As much as I found information on the site, people can pay with echeck, with master card and with western union as much as it seems. Customer Support Service

As I said it earlier, the pharmacy seem to have some social media pages so I can assume that people can easily get in touch with them through their social media pages, but I’m not very sure. Generally, to be honest, I got disappointed checking their customer support service contact methods and that’s because there seem to be only one available – contact form. There are no other methods to talk with them and no ways to get live assist like live chat function or phone numbers.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As much as I have noticed from the information on their website, the pharmacy is offering 10% bonus pills for all orders and that’s very good, in addition to that, the pharmacy claims to offer the best prices for the product. Except for their claim to have best prices and bonus pills I noticed that the more pills you’re ordering – the better the price seem to get so ordering in bulk is another way to save money. They do not seem to offer coupon codes and generally, these seems to be all the methods to save money here. Reviews

I was searching for information on the internet about this website to determine if this safe to use or not. Mostly, I was searching for customer reviews but unfortunately, I was not able to find a single review anywhere. No customer reviews is a big problem but at least, could help me with more information and there I found this: the site looks safe, but this is a new site. It has a trust rate of 90% but it was created a bit less than a year ago. The fact that it has a good trust score by is good, but lack of reviews is quite a big problem.


It is very hard to make a conclusion about the pharmacy that has no customer reviews. However, I personally wouldn’t risk with my money trying to get something from a site that I’m not sure in its reliability and plus, the site is new – and it is even harder to have trust in newly opened pharmacies. I will rate this pharmacy with 3 only because of the high trust rate offered by but I still think the risks are pretty high.

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