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While searching for my ED medications throughout the entire Internet searching for the best online pharmacy that can offer me the best ED pills at the best prices – I have come along a website I wanted to analyze it closely and I wanted to see how trustworthy this website is and all of the information that I would get, as usual, I would write in my online pharmacy reviews that I am writing and hoping that this is in anyway helpful for somebody. But well, the problem is that the website is down and by going on that website I’ve been shown the following message: * The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems or is undergoing routine maintenance.* It seemed that this website used to work properly (at least back in 2013 as the name indicates), but it is not working right now. Whether is it ever going to work again or not, of course, I don’t know.

However I still continued to search for information about this online pharmacy (that it used to be) to find out whether was it trustworthy or not. The reason for doing this is that I did have come along websites which were closed but then they returned back. However the information on other external and independent websites is still a very good way to find whether is the online pharmacy reliable or not.

So I’m now writing this just in case is ever going to get reopened. So well, site analyzing websites like hypestat and suggested that this website didn’t used to be very popular with only a few page views per day. Since it didn’t used to be popular at all this means that it haven’t reached top online pharmacies and therefore I can’t know whether it was reliable or not. And so far, until this moment I was 50/ 50.

But then later I found being analyzed by and this website had a trust of only 2% implying that there’s a high risk of purchasing anything from that website with the following message: * has Very Poor Reputation; May not be Safe to Use*. I tried to search whether is there someone saying anything about this website and I haven’t found a single customer reviews. LegitScript called this website Rogue and unsafe to use.

ScamAdviser had 0% safe rating with no trust implying that it is most likely coming from Russian Federation. There are no software websites that analyzes sites to have trust in this website. There are no customer reviews all over the internet. There’s nothing about it. No good words, but instead there are bad words.


With all of that being said, this makes me want to think that this used to be a scam site and gladly it has got closed. I’m not sure if this site is ever going to get re opened but if it would then I recommend staying away from it. And I’m not sure if it’s legit to rate it since it is currently closed, but then again, if it would have been opened or if it would ever get re opened then I rate it 1 out of 5.

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