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I have big hopes that the online pharmacy I am going to be reviewing now is going to turn out being a trustworthy pharmacy. For finding this out I will need to analyze this online pharmacy as much as it is possible and so, that’s what I am going to try to do right now and in the end I will try to make a conclusion whether it is worth it or not. is the name of the online pharmacy I am talking about and as much as it seems from its name, this online pharmacy seems to be focused on selling one medication named Ventolin. I’m not an expert in this drug but a quick google research could easily find me information saying that this is a bronchodilator which can treat or prevent bronchospasm and a prescription is needed for getting this bronchodilator. I have accessed the main page of this online pharmacy and it seems to be quite well done, with user friendly design of the site. What’s important is their claim: sale 70% off all products! I surely hope this is true. You can register here and sign in to your account. You can also change site’s currency. Some of the claims made by the pharmacy are: they are not selling generic medicines as all their items are authentic and coming from manufacturer, all their medications are fresh and therefore having long expiration dates. These are very good claims to my opinion. Unfortunately, there’s no information about where they are located or for how long they have been online.

Selection of drugs and prices for them at

S it is expected, they are mostly focused in selling Ventolin and I can also assume that they are selling similar-like medications as well. So I checked this out at their *categories* where I could find many other types of drugs as well. There are drugs such as: Prozac, Effexor, Seroquel, Paxil, Cymbalta and others. Although I am not an expert, I do know that many of those drugs they are selling there are prescribed for conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. But unfortunately there are no erectile dysfunction medications. Just to give example of prices I am going to say that Ventolin inhaler hfa 100 mcg costs 20 USD which is for 200 doses. However they seem to have offers, the more inhalers you buy – the more the discount. 10 boxes would cost you 99 USD. Unfortunately I am not able to comment on the prices saying either are these good prices or not. I couldn’t find a single word about prescriptions therefore I assume they do not require one, but I am not 100% sure.

Shipping and payment methods

One big problem of this online pharmacy is the fact that they are not having a FAQ page, therefore many things remain unclear and generally, an online pharmacy without a FAQ page, to my opinion, is a big problem. Besides the fact that there is no FAQ, for going on checkout page, you must have an account with this pharmacy. For this reason I am not able to say a single word about payment methods. As in regards to shipping options I am able to say a few words since they have *delivery page* where I found out that there’s only a single shipping option: registered priority mail. All packages needs to be signed for upon arrival. Delivery times to continental Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland is 8 to 15 working days while for the rest of the world is up to 18 days. However in case you don’t receive your order within 30 days then you can get a refund or they would resend your medications. No information if there’s online tracking or what shipping fees are.

Customer Support Department

For finding out what are the contact methods with this online pharmacy I have clicked on *contact* page because there are no phone numbers on their main page or anything else which would indicate on methods to get in touch with them. Unfortunately, I’ve then realized why. On their contact page there is no other way of talking with them or asking questions except for filling up the contact form which would then require you to wait for their response in your email. Coupon Codes

I’ve been trying to search for coupon codes about this online pharmacy and unfortunately I couldn’t find any and after realizing that there are no coupon codes I have then realized that there is nothing which would make you save some money, or at least that’s what it seems like. The only thing that I can mention here is the fact that this online pharmacy seems to have discounts if you purchase more boxes of Ventolin. But except for this, there’s nothing at all, or at least that’s what it seems. I would contact customer support to confirm this, but this would require quite some time. Reviews

By searching online for customer reviews I’ve found a few of them only but that’s still better than nothing. The problem is that a customer review said the following: they have made the payment a month ago and still has received no answer from the pharmacy although the customer wrote them. Well, that’s really alarming. On I’ve revealed a few more problems: the email they are using is a free one, the website is only a year old and it is operating from a high risk country: Turkey. The mix of these factors all along with the customer review which said that they might be scammers is not a good thing for this online pharmacy and definitely keeps me away from purchasing medications from them.


I have already shared my opinion about this online pharmacy by saying that all the reasons I mentioned earlier keeps me away from purchasing anything here and the reason for that is because I don’t want to lose my money. If you don’t want to lose money either then I recommend to stay away from this pharmacy as well. In the end, is getting a rate of 1 out of 5 because they scam people.

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