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An online pharmacy which seems to have some technical issues but still seems to be functional and, although not 100% functional, still good looking (user friendly interfaced design) is This online pharmacy claims to be the world’s cheapest online drugs selling store and I really hope this is true as I would really like to purchase medications from the world’s cheapest online drugs selling store to save as much money as possible. I said that it is not fully functional because there seems to be something wrong with their signs on the website. Each page like: home, wish list, login, register, account and should have a sign near it but this online pharmacy has some technical errors here which although that’s not a big problem, it makes me wonder if someone keeps track of the website’s functionality. Anyhow, I tried to find out more information about the pharmacy and I found out that they are shipping products from Pakistan but they are delivering medications faster in UK and I am not sure therefore if the pharmacy is located in Pakistan or UK as they haven’t mentioned this. There are few other claims but there’s no information about how much time they have been online either. You can change the currency from USD to GBP only so I can assume they are in UK. You can create an account and login here. And by the way, the signs are displayed correctly on the other pages than the main page. Which is pretty strange for me.

Selection of medications and prices here at

On their main page you can see the *menu* which you can find different categories of medications. You can also find the medications by search function or by all the categories listed on the right side of the page. There are categories of medications and there are meds such as: ADHD/ ADD, anti obesity, hair loss, generic, European stock, injectable steroids, USA stock, UK stock, sleeping meds and many others. Plus to all of this, near each category there’s a number suggesting how many medications are found there. For example in pain killers – 35, weight loss – 9, generics – 143, ADHD – 11 and so on and so forth. The selection of medications on this website to my opinion is fairly wide I would say. As in regards for the prices I can say that Viagra 50 mg 4 tablets would cost you 59.27 USD while 8 tablets – 131.71 USD. With this being said, I have big doubt that this is a world cheapest priced drug store as it is by far not the cheapest. Plus, there are also few other technical issues I found there. I have then tried their FAQ page to see if they require a prescription and their FAQ page is non functional so I am not sure if they require the prescription.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy has a single shipping method and with this shipping method they are delivering medications all over the world. It takes 4 days for delivery shipment in the UK and 7 to 9 days to ship the required items to the rest of the world. The fat shipping rate is 32 USD and I am not sure if they offer online tracking as there’s no information about this. Payment method includes credit cards such as VISA and Master Card only. They are also offering Bitcoin, they accept MoneyGram Money Transfer as well as Western Union Money Transfer too.

Customer Support Team

To get in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via phone calling either USA or UK phone number. Except for calling them you can also use the contact form on their website, they claim to have a Facebook page either but accessing it, Facebook said that the page is unavailable. They claim to have skype or you could also directly contact them via 2 emails: admin or sales email address. These are all the methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes I couldn’t find anything except for this: do you have a coupon or voucher? If you do have either one you can apply the coupon or voucher and I can assume that this way you can get a discount. Nevertheless, I haven’t found anywhere a coupon code or voucher code. To be honest, I would appreciate if the online pharmacy would have offered more things such as free shipping, free pills, discounts if purchasing in bulk (which I truly expected this by checking their domain address name) or something in this matter. Reviews

In the time that I have been searching for customer reviews about BuyBulkMeds.CN I haven’t found a single review about this website, instead I found a lot of customer reviews about BuyBulkMeds.COM and I am not very sure if these are the same websites but it does seems so because if you try entering buybulkmeds.COM you are redirected to Now that I think they are most likely 99% the same website I can say that the reviews are all horrible. I found a lot of customer reviews on,, etc. and all the reviews suggests that this is a scam website which doesn’t look for anything else than to steal your money and with this being said, I guess that’s the reason they changed the domain address, nevertheless the customer reviews on independent websites remained and they all suggests that ordering here would end you up with no medications and no money. Checking information on suggests the same: rogue internet pharmacy and few other alarming things.


Without even thinking too much I am going to strongly recommend everyone reading this review NOT to purchase anything on and NOT to give your personal data information otherwise you will most likely regret it. There are a lot of customer reviews confirming this and saying that they have got ripped off by this online pharmacy. Please be cautious and do not use this pharmacy, go search for some other place to get your medication. No doubts gets the lowest rate of 1 out of 5!

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