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It is no wonder for me why I haven’t found about an online pharmacy that I’m about to review up until this moment and that’s even though I was searching for ED medications and reliable online pharmacies for a very long time now. The website that I’m currently talking about is and simply by its name I was already not having big hopes for this online pharmacy and that’s because of the country where it is located (since a big number, in fact, nearly most online pharmacies from that country are fake/ scam online pharmacies), but then when I tried to access the website I couldn’t because the website is offline. And the reason why I said it is no wonder why I didn’t found it so far isn’t because it is closed, but it is because it is extremely unpopular. In fact, I haven’t found a single mention of this website anywhere online. From the information that I got so far (from the name of its domain address) I can make the conclusion that this online pharmacy used to be located in Pakistan (or maybe it only sold medications only in that country, not sure) and that you were able to purchase prescription medications from them and that’s without having any valid prescription (or at least that’s the information I could get by writing its domain address in google). overview

As I have said it a bit earlier, there is absolutely no mention about this online pharmacy anywhere else and since it is currently closed I can’t say anything more than what is already mentioned above about the pharmacy. I mean, I don’t know the selection of drugs here, I don’t know the prices, shipping methods and payment options that they used to accept and so on and so forth. Seemingly they also didn’t have any coupon codes and that’s not a big surprise.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? reviews

It is near to impossible to say anything about an online pharmacy that is closed and it is so so unpopular that it doesn’t have a single mention anywhere else on other websites. To be honest, I have big doubts that they have ever had real customers who have ever used this website. So since there’s no mention anywhere about it I went on scam analyzing sites and I found the following: had 0% trust, called it a Rogue Internet Pharmacy that is not worth putting your trust in and shocked me they had a trust of 71% and although that’s not too much, that’s way much more than I expected I would see. Some other information that shocked me to see is that this domain age is nearly 4 years now while I was ready to bet that it doesn’t have more than a year or maximum 2. Anyway, suggests that this is a Russian Federation site and that’s something that usually means the online pharmacy is fake.


We can’t know for sure if this online pharmacy will ever get online again but what I do know for sure is that in case it ever would then I won’t ever risk with my money here. All scam warning websites (including although they have 71%) suggests that ordering here can be a big mistake that would make you poorer because the website is fake and scam. Plus, the extreme unpopularity and the high risk country of this online pharmacy just confirm my theory that staying away from this online pharmacy is the best thing you can do with and therefore let’s hope that it won’t ever come back online to snatch people’s money but if it ever would then avoid it. And yeah, 1 out of 5 is the rating it deserves!

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