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My research for a good online drugstore which wouldn’t rip me off and provide me good medications at the best prices have brought me to another online pharmacy which I am going to review it now. The online pharmacy that I am talking about is and it used to be an online pharmacy because the website is currently down.

Buy Meds 247 Online Overview

This online pharmacy used to be among those millions of shady online drugstores which are daily getting offline and online and for this reason, I am going to continue reviewing, just in case this website is ever going to get online again, people should know whether this online pharmacy is reliable or not and that’s based on customer reviews on independent websites and on trust that it has on online scam warning sites. As much as you can understand, I am not being able to comment on the selection of drugs, prices for those drugs, payment and shipping options and on coupon codes or discounts that this website used to have when it was open, of course, because it is currently offline. Instead, I can still find out whether was it a good online drugstore or not by the customer reviews and, as I said earlier, scam warning websites, and that’s exactly what I’m going to try to do. Some of you might question what’s the reason for me writing a review about a closed online drugstore when it is… closed? Well, that’s because online pharmacies often can get offline and online here and there. The fact that I found this online pharmacy during the time it is offline doesn’t mean that it would always remain offline so it might get online tomorrow again. It doesn’t also mean that it WILL ever get online, but since you never know – I will write this review.

Is BuyMeds247Online a scam or legit online pharmacy? Reviews

I guess that you have noticed I mentioned this online pharmacy to be among millions of other shady websites, and I said that because, analyzing the information that is left on the Internet about, it used to be a shady and fake online pharmacy. To me, any website that gets on is already a fake website and yeah, this online pharmacy got there. A person with nickname Played reported that he had a monetary loss of 150 USD when he (or she) placed an order on This person said that has placed an order for birth control and paid the 150 USD which in the end has got no replies from the pharmacy, no order and, of course, no money back.,, and all say the same: no trust rating recommending to stay away from this website because it most likely is not safe to use. And according to the information that we’ve been said by the reviewer on that’s true and that’s exactly what we should do. What’s interesting is that I found their facebook page and it even has some likes there. That’s such a good example of how fake online pharmacies use to work nowadays, trying all the methods to scam around people and steal their money. The last activity on facebook was on august 2016, whether this means that the website got closed back then or later I am not sure, but there’s one sure thing: good thing that it has got closed.

Conclusion used to be a fake online pharmacy that didn’t care about your health or money. In fact, they did cared about your money but not in the *save your money* way, but *steal your money* more. Caring about people’s money was all that they used to care about and seemingly they tried all the methods with facebook pages, twitter pages and etc. just to make people feel as if they’re safe using this drugstore. Nevertheless, those people that did put their trust in scammed and that’s why I said that it is a good thing it has got closed. Let’s hope that it would never get online ever again, but even if it would then I call them scammers, I rate it with 1 out of 5 and I recommend you all to stay away from it in case it ever gets online again.

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